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  1. Getting it all setup on a PDA isn't a problem, I've being using an Ipaq for years. I have Lordelfs icons, HTML all linked into MMap, works a treat. It's the flippin Ibone that's the problem, it won't play......progress I suppose!
  2. To lock the marks goto the second page, select marks, then menu, then "Lock all marks". Rgds, Andy Ahh! I hadn't spotted that, cheers!
  3. Cheers for the replies Chaps. It looks like the best I can hope for is to get the hint, difficulty, container size in the gpx export. This then shows up in mmap. Another thing I've noticed is that you can't lock the marks in the mmap iphone app. If you're not careful you can move the waypoints, especially with my sausage fingers.
  4. Hi Chris, thanks for the replies. I've got the paid version of mmap for the iphone as I already have a large map collection. I'm not too fussed about getting the Lordelph icons onto the phone,what I really want to do is a HTML export from GSAK & a MMap export & have the waypoints in MMap linked to the relevant cache page in the offline HTML export. I can't workout how to a, get the HTML export onto the bl***dy Iphone & b, link the MMap waypoints to the exported offline HTML. We use a GPSmap 76 for the actual caching element (mono screen & no fancy twiddly bits, but just keeps on going & is pretty accurate especially when using the "average position" function)
  5. Just resurrecting this thread. I have gone over to the dark side & now have an Iphone (don't fret we still have the trusty Garmin) I'm using the iphone just for Memory Map, we used to used a WinMo Ipaq which worked very well with Lordelphs icons, GSAK etc. I'd like to get something similar set up with the Ibone. I've got MMap up & running but I can't get the HTML export to work on the Ibone, TBH I don't know where to start. It would be great to be able to export the GSAK html & link it to the MMap icons as on the IPaq. I've searched the forums both here & on GSAK & can't find a dummies guide. Anyone??
  6. Ahh! now I see. The only problem with that, is the PQ's ran fine for about 6 months & suddenly without any input from me, decided to go to the wrong address. So I reset them all again & they worked ok for a couple of weeks & then boing! up the swannee again, re-did them, ok for a week or so & then.. you guess the rest. So I have now changed my default GC email address to my Googlemail account & set up forwarding from my googlemail to my Demon for non-PQ messages. Seems to be working ok upto now.
  7. Having just dipped in to the forum & seen the thread which precipitated this debate, all I can assume is that some people have tooooooo much time on their hands & should get out (caching?) more. A veritable storm in a teacup methinks. As far as the moderation of the forum goes, no complaints from Chez BP
  8. I use exactly the same set up and haven't had any problems. Sounds like a case of PEBCAK. Go on then I'll ask & I'm sure to regret it ...."PEBCAK"?????
  9. Make sure the settings are correct in the PQ. I would re-make the PQ if it happens again, just to re-enter it into the system. I've re-done them twice now in the last month, they work OK for a couple of weeks & then suddenly they start being delivered to the wrong address. I even changed my password just in case someone had compromised it & was getting up to mischief. I have now changed my GC registered email address to my googlemail address in an attempt to solve the problem.
  10. I have a gmail account set up to receive pocket queries for importing into GSAK. Twice over the last month my queries have been sent to my Demon account which is the account I have registered for my premium membership. When I look at my pocket query page I see that the output mail address has been changed to "Account default" rather than "alternate email" Is it just me?
  11. I have a gmail account set up to receive pocket queries for importing into GSAK. Twice over the last month my queries have been sent to my Demon account which is the account I have registered for my premium membership. When I look at my pocket query page I see that the output mail address has been changed to "Account default" rather than "alternate email" Is it just me?
  12. This link should give you a full up to date list of the MM series, currently 224! What a monster we created MMayhem
  13. Tap & hold a waypoint on the main screen in MMap on your pda. It should open a drop down menu, select "goto WP" You should then get 2 boxex open up on your screen, a direction pointer & a data box. You can select what data is shown in the data box. I just have bearing & distance. The boxes can be resized & moved to where you want them displayed.
  14. Exactly! Neither did I & many others, but someone did & got one of the best caches around archived.
  15. GSAK is one of those very rare items of software that I dont object to paying for. At the current exchange rate it costs about a tenner & is worth every penny. If you are using MMap it will generate offline html cache pages for you to refer to "in the field" it will also generate Tomtom OV2 poi files. Download the free trial version from here GSAK DaveH
  16. So there's no way that you would object to this then? GCVXC5
  17. Hello Redneon & welcome to Caching, you might want to check out here SY Cachers You'll probably be surprised how many caches / cachers are on your doorstep. Regards DaveH aka Black Pig
  18. 1 Premium Membership 2 GSAK 3 Memory Map 4 Tomtom 5 Lordelphs loverrrly icons Happy caching
  19. Sorry if I'm being a bit dim (the last coffee is wearing off!) but why would you want a complete UK cache database? What do you do with it? My job takes me all over the country, often at very short notice. My current record is Glasgow, Newquay, Cambridge in 3 days in that order! It's handy to be able to interrogate GSAK before I set off & load caches close to my work area into my Ipaq.
  20. Have you managed to get it to work yet Mark? If not, drop me a line.
  21. When I originally had the idea for the MM caches, the concept was indeed to provide a quick off motorway break & maybe include a greasy spoon or cheaper fuel into the bargain. There are no hard & fast rules & I have no control whatsoever on who sets what re, multi, trad puzzle etc. The first cache that I set was a hybrid, where you have to count bridges & do a quick easy sum at the cache site, to find the location. The puzzle bit can be done from the car & maybe keep the kids amused for a nano second or 2 . I'd like to think that cache setters would keep to the spirit of the series & keep them quick, easy & clean without long detours & easy access back onto the motorway. The MM home page is here MM Homepage PS The page is out of date, apologies to anyone who has been missed off the setters list. Also I don't seem to be able to update the searches since Groundspeak altered the format of the main GC website. I'd appreciate any hints or tips in that direction.
  22. As I recall it's MOD Kineton, I did some work there a few years ago. You are right in your assumption about it being an arsenal. Probably getting a bit empty by now. Most of it is underground & the security is VERY tight, we had an armed escort every second we were there. HTH
  23. The Yorkshire geocoin foray is fast approaching it's close. We have about 50 left & when these have sold we will put the project to bed, forever. Anyone still wanting one of these handsome coins had better get their skates on. I am about to go on holiday, so MikeG will be dealing with the sales whilst I'm away. Thanks to everybody who has purchased the coins in the past. Mike can be contacted here mick.grayson@virgin.net Coin details hereGeocoins Regards & cache well DaveH aka Black Pig
  24. I'm not quite sure what you are aiming at here Steve, or am I being thick?
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