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  1. Hmmmm My paper didn't have the circular from Cabelas. Is there a item # or code or anything I could use to call them and get it at that price?
  2. Anyone know where this is still on sale?
  3. 1. Stay far away from the Energizer rechargables. they are the worse way to spend your money. They don't last and don't hold a charge ( I have a LaCrosse smart charger too) 2. Duracell pre-charged are great. So are Sanyo eneloops. So are Kodak pre-charged. 3. get a good charger and not the junk that comes with 4 batteries for 15 bucks at Walmart. I use a LaCrosse BC9000 for charging batteries for kids toys as well as my toys. The pre-charged batteries are a good thing as they don't slowly discharge when not in use like most NiMH batteries do. They hold a charge for months. They cost a bit more but well worth it for me. I got tired of charging those junk Energizers and having them be completely dead in 3 days just sitting there.
  4. There were threads a long time ago discussing screen re-draw lag. One of the causes seemed to be City Nav NT vs the Non-NT versions. I had the NT version of CN2007 (or 08? I don't remember). I switched to the non-NT version on my 60csx and the re-draw is definitely faster when I scroll around on the map manually. Recalculates routes fasters too.
  5. +1 to the above 2 posts. Exactly what I do and it works like a champ. 'Follow Road' to get close and once out of the car, I re-find the cache again and select 'off road'
  6. I accidentally shot my first 60cx with a 9mm. It was beyond all hope for repair. So I replaced it with a 60csx when Garmin was giving 50$ rebates around christmas time a couple of years ago.
  7. Energizer NiMH are just plain terrible - especially when charged using the Energizer chargers. I trashed most of my Energizers becuase they won't hold a charge. I had 16-20 of them at one point, now I have 4 and they only get used in the kid's toys that make noise. I am having good luck with the Duracell and Kodak pre-charged batteries. I suspect they use the same technology as the Eneloops (ie stay charged for up to a year even if not used). I bought this charger and it works like a champ for AA's. It has refresh cycle that will charge / discharge up to 20 times in a row to maximize the charge the batteries will take (remove the memory effect). Much better than any of the 'quick chargers' you get along with the batteries such as Duracell and Energizer make. But yeah - Energizers pretty much suck when it comes to the rechargeables. Spend the few bucks more and get something else.
  8. Dakota looks like a winner to me - well depends on the pricing too I guess. I'll possibly grab one after the first few updates just to see what level of support it will get. I like my 60csx, but wouldn't mind a touchscreen GPS.
  9. You are correct. They are the same except for the altimeter and the e-compass. I started with a 60cx which as it was cheaper. But unfortunately it died a horrible death so I replaced it. The only thing in stock from where I got it was a 60csx. I don't use the e-compass and have no real use for the altimeter. If the price point is close, then might as well get the 60csx. But for caching, routing, etc, they are the same unit.
  10. 60csx here too. I use the Garmin bike mount and then wrap the lanyard I have on the 60csx around the handlebar as well just in case the mount should fail. So far no issues. Plus the 'beep' on the unit is actually loud enough that I can hear it even with my full face helmet on.
  11. Wad them up and stuff 'em back in. Always carry small scissors or a knife to trim the extra off in order to get the cap back on the micro. Or chew 'em up like a spitwad - works really well when cramming them back into nano. They hold together better and form to the inside space of the nano which in turn alleviates the need for the aforementioned scissors or knife. Oh and if you use one of these methods, please post a 'Needs Maintenance' Log for the owner. :-)
  12. Crime rate is low in SD. Possible reason why? Read the first sentence ;-) or here
  13. Both actually. Out in the midwest you never know when you may come across a meth lab or whatever. Better to have it and not need it.... Typically I don't put it in the bag - too hard to get to. Most of the time its in a holster under my jacket. There was a thread similar to this a long time ago that many people actually carry while hiking/caching. No bears in eastern SD ;-) Edit to add: here's the old thread
  14. OK I'll play. Most of the time I have just my GPS and a pen. But when I make a day of it (which doesn't happen very often anymore) I will grab my bag. It's a knock-off of the Maxpedition Fatboy. (like $16 on ebay) The goodies inside: Water bottle clipped the the bag Couple of pens Compass Folding knife Extra batteries (non rechargeable so I don't have to remember to charge them) Small calculator Couple of extra nano caches and a bison-tube style cache all with new logs Chapstick Lighter Extra log books of various sizes Bug Spray A few bandaids, sunscreen, antiseptic wipes And when I head out of town onto the country roads on my motorcycle, my Glock 20 95% of the time it's just the GPS and a pen though.
  15. I use the 60csx for street level routing as well. Got a Nuvi in the car for the wife, but I typically use my 60scsx. I also got the handlebar mount and have that on my motorcycle - works like a champ. Plus the beep is loud enough that I can hear it while riding and wearing a helmet. I compared the NT vs non-NT maps and the non-NT mas definitely are faster (ie the NT version has a bit of a lag) while manually scrolling around the map. But for caching, driving directions, etc they are identical. I also compared them to the in-car system Hertz rental cars have and it was exactly the same turn by turn on the 60csx. Screen is a bit small, but definitely very functional.
  16. Well I don't know how creative it would have been, but where I live there is a replica Statue of David on which I was going to place a magnetic nano and then call the cache 'Peach Fuzz' But someone used the location for a different cache placement (on the sign in front of the statue). So out of luck on that one.
  17. Beeline GPS, GeoScout, Basic GPS (free) are Windows Mobile software that I have tried and are pretty good. Cacheberry is the only one I know of for the Blackberry.
  18. Another way is to get a windows smartphone (I have a Sprint Mogul) and run GeoScout. It will auto download nearest caches where ever you are. Plus get a phone with a built in GPS and you are good to go.
  19. Window seat and it should work. I used my 60csx on airplanes all the time. Kind of fun to see where you are and how fast the plane is going.
  20. I tried my Mogul side by side with my Garmin 60csx. The mogul got me close enough for caching, but not as accurate as the Garmin. Example: the Mogul said I was within 3-4yards of the cache and the 60csx said about 4 ft. So again, close enough that if you look up and start looking for the cache, it would probably work. Beeline is nice software, so is GeoScout. I tried one other that I can't remember the name of offhand, but it was close to Beeline.
  21. I have a Sprint Mogul (ppc6800 - same as verizon vx6800) and it works ok for caching. The GPS works while out of tower range or with the phone turned off. It just gets a fix a lot faster, usually in seconds, if you are on the cell network. Definitely not as accurate as my 60csx, but will get you close enough. Example: When I compared the two, my Garmin 60csx said I was within a couple of feet, compared to the phone which said I was 2-3 yards away. No big deal for driving, street maps, etc, and when you are that close caching typically you should be looking up at that point at not at the GPS.
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