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  1. hi its hubbys birthday coming up and want to get him a new gps, we have a garmin legend, and we also use an iphone occasionally. budget is approx £300 any help gratefully recieved thanks chris
  2. yep i ment inactive, it only happened to one of the caches so really odd, thanks everyone for replying. christine
  3. we have started using the iphone alonside our garmin and it is great ish !!! we were caching yesterday in the new forest and as we traveled to "under the greenwood trees", the iphone told us it went offline, arrggghh quick change of plan and we found crabhat instead, this was our 200th cache so we wanted to do it then. when we were logging them this morning we have found that Greenwood trees is not offline so not sure why the geocaching app told us it was answers on a postcard please lol piggletfamily
  4. we try to leave piggy items where ever we go, we found some pig trolly coins and are ordering some more so look for them around sussex soon. christine
  5. my mum, in cyprus has just been diagnosed with diabetes, what a great cause. i won't be getting to london but hope that one will soon make its way to a cache near us. we would love to move one on. good luck to everyone who can get there and send some down our way please (west sussex). pigglet
  6. well we have been caching since april and are looming up to the big 100!! we are in west sussex and would like to find something special for our 100th. somewhere within about 50miles anyone got any suggestions pigglet
  7. we logged a comment on a cache and said in the log that we ran out of time so would go back again we logged this as my son who is 10 wanted to let them know we would be back and the cache owner left a snotty not saying it sounds like a dnf and how sad it was that people didnt log them. we have not done anymore of his caches and don't intend to as my son was so upset that the cache owner had been so rude. we still log dnfs if we have tried hard. chris
  8. we hunt with my 2 children the idea of the swaps is what keeps my youngest interested. we try to swop pig themed items and dd likes to colect keyrings and ds is collecting dinosaurs. i have almost as much fun picking stuff as swops as we do geocaching. chris
  9. ok since you all seem so helpful, i wonder if you can help me i have a legend, my dh got me a copy of roads and recreation europe, i downloaded my maps only to find that it is not compatable with my legend. unfortunatly it has wiped my basemap of details like roads and rivers. it still has the outline of countries and london is marked but nothing else. help chris
  10. i have been searching through previous posts but am still unsure. we have a etrex legend, blue. the basemap has been fine and we own a couple of os explorer maps, but we have found if we go further afield we could do with a bit more detail we went to ashdown forest at the weekend and we struggled a little as not all the roads we marked. so we thought we would look at getting some maps on the garmin. help! what do we need? all the sofware is expensive so we dont want to get the wrong one. we would only need the uk as we don't really travel abroad. any advice welcome thanks chris
  11. we have just got back from the new forest where we managed 12 caches, 2 dnf and 10 founds.what a great time we all had. we have a garmin legend and it got us to 1.5ft of all our caches. bot 10 yr old pigglet jr and 8 yr old pigtails pigglet had a ball. we do have to work on the whole keeping quiet especially when we discover a cache !! we are hoping to go back to the new forest later in the year can anyone suggest a mapping program that doesnt cost a fortune? we are now well and truly hooked. thanks to everyone who placed the caches we found. chris
  12. i want to wish you all a happy easter. chris
  13. i think it is too late to be unsure, we are going camping to the new forest next week and piggletdad has been searching and found about a dozen for us to try while we are there. we are only there for 2 nights!!! chris
  14. oh this new hobby is just a little obsessive, we got the legend downloaded easygps downloaded two caches and found them both this afternoon!!! great. chris
  15. thanks everyone, well i finally decided on a legend as i found one on ebay for £89 and that was cheaper than the yellow one in our local shops. i wanted to get a geko but aldi is about 50miles from us so no go. all excited now it should be with us on thursday so look out sussex we are gonna be caching!! chris
  16. hi everyone, we are new to this game. we found our first cache at the weekend how cool!! we managed to find that one cos we live close to it and recognised the place from its discription. we now want to buy a gps but only have about £100 to spend what would you advise? i have found one on a popular auction website a garmin legend for £89 is that what we want??? and do we need to buy additional maps? as this seems to be really expensive. thanks for reading my wafflings and hope someone can help. chris
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