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  1. Good luck with this. If you try the Addicted Facebook Group on FB I'm sure you'll have plenty of takers (I'll be keeping an eye out for example). Some sets are more desirable than others but generally all coins will have *someone* looking for it. I guess from your postage comment that you're not in the US, whereabouts are you (out of interest). I'm in New Zealand so have a very good idea what postage can be like!
  2. Just checked to see if I could help. Turns out I have no 2011 ones at all! Good luck.
  3. I usually just put "game piece". I tried Geocoin once: you should have seen the reaction in the post office! Not easy to explain that "coin" in this instance does not refer to legal tender.
  4. Agree with the above if you'll be showing the coins/sharing the codes. A lot of collectors, if not sharing codes, prefer to keep unactivated. If ever you needed to sell or trade your coins they're more "desirable" unactivated.
  5. A second unactivated one? As in a spare? Interested in parting with it?
  6. Name of Mystery Geocoin: Green Lantern Mystery Geocoin Method Obtained Arrived in the mail Name of Mystery Geocoin: Mia san GIGA herzlich! Method Obtained Arrived in the mail Name of Mystery Geocoin: SSoCA Geocoin ­ The Pink Precious Method Obtained Arrived in the mail Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geo_Leprechaun Pot of Gold Method Obtained Found in a cache (& my first mystery coin) Name of Mystery Geocoin: Great Geo-Pumpkin Method Obtained Arrived in the mail Name of Mystery Geocoin: Harley Quinn Mystery Coin Method Obtained Arrived in the mail
  7. And who has a spare, huh? Still looking for one myself.
  8. The German mentioned is mygeodb. This is my "showroom" - a list of coins I own, with a few at the top that are available for trade/sale and more at the bottom that I'm looking for. It can take a bit to learn to use, but somewhere out there there's a tutorial (I think on the "Addicted to Geocoins" Facebook group page). https://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/abdee23cddf19c448039f66eb5de099c.html
  9. It's not even always photos. Some will write a list of TB codes at big events to log later (some organisers even "helpfully" supply a printed list at the end of the event). These lists are often kept and shared for years after. I recently deleted three random logs on one of mine four years after the last event it had been to. Messaged one of the cachers to tell them and got an apology (but no explanation as to how they got the code).
  10. No chance you'll be placing in in Canterbury (New Zealand), then?
  11. Watching already. Circle of Four looks nice
  12. Hi, I'd be keen on a copy of your list. Thanks. Rincewind3@xtra.co.nz Mike.
  13. Agreed. I used to be an official app user (after migrating from PQ/ETrex) but switched to C:Geo when the partially finished app came out. I now have a list of 700+ solved puzzles on the website but need PQ to get it into C:Geo. I then save the PQ as an offline list. The sticking points: the PQ can't filter out found caches, when I delete a cache from the list on C:Geo there is no way for it to delete it from my GS list, I therefore have to take extra time (& use extra data - it's expensive in NZ) to open the list in my phone browser and remove the found cache - alternatively I need to remember to go to the list at least weekly, search 30 odd pages for found caches, and delete them. If I don't the found caches keep turning up back in the PQ and therefore back in C:Geo. First world problem, I know, but a pain in the neck nonetheless.
  14. I've been caching 10 years but only coin collecting for as many months. I'll be one of the vultures circling overhead (well, following this thread anyway). 😈😂
  15. Do you mean to the map rendering itself, or the map page? I haven't noticed any changes to the map rendering style, so I'd be interested to hear if any changes have been made there. That's what I was referring to in my post. The webpage design is a totally separate matter that has been sufficiently discussed elsewhere and I don't intend to bring that up here, since that's unrelated to the usage of the map rendering in the app. Sorry, I didn't intend it to be inflammatory. I only said what I did because I felt that it had been sufficiently explained in previous discussions how the current rendering style can be difficult to use in many scenarios due to missing/hard-to-see features (e.g. no one-way arrows, yellow trails are hard to see in many places, missing "landmark" features that can help orient, etc.). I meant no ill-will by what I said and I apologize. I truly would like to provide whatever feedback can be useful to help improve the map style. It seems I misread your initial question. I had incorrectly assumed you were referring to feedback about changes to map webpage rather than the new map style. My apologies. You are correct that we have not yet updated the new Geocaching/Trails map style in light of user feedback, but we are working on that as well. Progress has been slower than anticipated on that front because we are waiting for updates from the map tile server provider. I hope that we will have some updates in the next couple months and a more regular update cadence after that. And thanks for backing off from the language your original post. My main interest is in maintaining a civil tone so that we can have a constructive discussion. Maintenance and archive logs are likely to be included in our next release. Personal notes are on our radar. I have a couple questions on your other requests. The app does allow you to access/navigate to corrected coordinates added on the web, as well as inputing corrected coordinates in the app. When you say "lack of corrected coordinates" is there another feature you're thinking of? As to the delay you mentioned in seeing logs that you posted, can you help us out by providing the exact steps you go through when you see that result? If that is indeed happening, it must be a bug since there is definitely no delay expected in posting the logs. Is it possible that you've had a weak data signal in some of those instances? I concur with gasbottle's comment on personal notes as well as maintenance and archive requests, but I'd also like to see an ability to build field notes. When I'm out for a day of caching, I use the classic iPhone app to build my field notes and then upload them at the end of the day. When I get online I'll write my logs, add photos and trackable logs while sitting down with in a comfy chair with an adult beverage. I appreciate the updates to the free apps, but they are still lacking what I use consistently in the classic app. Field note type functionality should be available in the next couple months. Unfortunately, since waypoints in the classic app are saved locally on the device - as opposed to saved on your account through the API - there is no easy way for us to migrate that data to the new app. That is a limitation of how we built that app years ago. Although I'm sure it's the last answer you want to hear, your best bet will be to recreate your important waypoints in the new app where they will be saved to your account. As I mentioned above, we are working on updates to the Trails map style. Any time you are navigating to a cache or waypoint in the app, you should see a compass symbol near the top right of the screen that you can tap to see a full screen compass and large font distance. Hope that helps! Not really. When I'm navigating to a cache by car I want to use the map, not the compass. I have perfect vision so I'm not after a major font change (& don't want to increase my phone's font size as that'd make the rest too big). (If it works) I'll add a pic I have of two screen shots of the Classic app and the new one comparing the two sizes.
  16. I'm still lurking too. No popcorn for me though, thanks, it's like chewing cardboard! 😂
  17. Last time I tried to use it I couldn't remember how to bring up the larger map for navigation. I just got the tiny map at the top and the compass line under it. Fiddled with the app and found the compass. Tried again and found I'd backed out of that cache to the main map. Tried again and still only got the tiny map. All this and the distance to go numbers are still minuscule which may be okay on foot, but not if you're driving to a P&G. I find myself having to hunt to find the remaining distance which isn't particularly safe while driving. I ended up giving up and going back to the popular Android third party app that shall not be named. For the record, when the classic app was just the app I was a very loyal user.
  18. Name sent: November 15, 2016 Name received: November 27, 2016 I sent my gift: December 5, 2016 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: December 14, 2016 (NZ Time) I'm afraid I only sent the minimum required (budget constraints this year), but the gift received was SO generous I'll have to join in again next year so I can do better Thanks ou_est_charly, I love them all! We've even got two kittens who curl up just like the ones on the extag. Will edit shortly to add a pic (yeah, I couldn't wait - oops).
  19. Unless there is a way to hide caches from "muggles with apps", removing the ability to make caches PMO will be very unpopular with some cache owners. (I think he meant "presages" or "precedes".) Yes, this would be an unpopular move. A major structural change to the game, and a dirty trick to play on cache hiders, who are the important partners that keep the game going. We've had with someone (possibly two of them) stealing caches but replacing them with inferior containers and a note telling us we've been muggled. Removing PMO caches would open up ALL caches to these scumbags.
  20. Very slow off the mark here! Name sent: November 15, 2016 Name received: November 27, 2016 I sent my gift: December 5, 2016 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  21. That's how I got here. Thanks for the heads-up. []
  22. I'm in too! Name sent: November 15, 2016 (NZ time) Name received: I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  23. I guess it's *possible* to collect all versions, but I'm guessing it won't be easy. You'd have to find people prepared to part with theirs (likely to involve trading some pretty special coins for them). As to activation; from what I've seen online people a pretty split on that. Some activate all their coins as they want to be able to show others and let them discover the coins. Some don't activate any coins as they tend to hold their value more unactivated. Others go with a mix, activating coins they know they'll never part with and not activating ones they plan to trade, or would be prepared to part with in need. I fall into the latter camp (mainly because I activated all my early ones, before realising my collection was big enough that my wife could potentially not see the funny side 😊). Hope this helps
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