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  1. I've replied earlier in the post, thought I'd do it again. I "bought" the same gps of the same guy, "cacountryman". We spoke on the phone several times and he gave me his physical address and signed my certified mail delivery of a money order. I never got my money back. I've filed forms with the USPS and the FBI. I've received letters from the WV State Attorney General saying they will try to mediate; no luck. Letters from USPS trying to mediate; no luck. Letter from the Cali State Attorney General saying sorry about an individuals luck, but if several complaints were lodged, they could look into it. Still no luck. This has been going on for almost one year; April will make it 12 months. I guess you can't trust everybody.
  2. I bought his GPS, or so I thought. I talked to him several times on the phone and he sounded trustworthy (phone lines must scramble intuition). I would also like to receive my money back and will be interested in a class action suit. I have his physical address and phone number, so please contact me with some information on how to pursue this endeavor. Corey Tharp
  3. Anywhere near Charleston is good. I think that would be close for everyone to drive. Coonskin or Kanawha State Forest somewhere. Sorry to use this as a discussion forum, but Mike, I may have deleted your email by accident; could you please send again? Thanks a million!
  4. Geocacher currently living in Smithers WV (close to Montgomery). I would be interested in attending such a meeting. May is good for me. Also, as a side note to MikeDX: know of any engineering jobs around? I'm a Mech. Eng. student at Tech. One year left. You can email me at coreytharp@hotmail.com
  5. I would like to buy this from you. I have emailed you, but if you check this first, email me at coreytharp@hotmail.com or phone me anytime at 304-415-1479. Thanks!
  6. I am interested in purchasing a used Garmin Vista or Legend. I'm a struggling college student, so no big cash. Thanks for info!
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