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  1. Had the same problem and fixed it. Recent versions of Chrome block insecure downloads (from http-sites) if the link starts from a secure (https) website). The link to the PQ is to an http-site. Your Gmail is an https-site. You can fix this easily by going to: chrome://settings/content/insecureContent On this page, add the following allowed URL and you're fine again: 'https://mail.google.com' For some background info, refer to: https://www.ghacks.net/2020/10/08/chrome-is-blocking-downloads-here-is-why/
  2. Currently, found (mystery) caches are shown on the map at the location of their 'bogus' coordinate. That's nice in case someone has put a lot of effort in making a nice GeoArt. This way, the GeoArt is restored when you found all the caches. But..... For multiple reasons it would be very handy to see the caches on the map at their final location (i.e. at the corrected coordinate's location): When planning to place a new cache, I would like to have an overview of the actual location of the caches in the target area. Since I found all the caches in my neighbourhood, I don't have this overview anymore. When helping out other geocachers it's handy to quickly see the actual location of a cache. etc. Therefor I've got the following suggestion: Is it possible to have a check box in my account settings or on the map itself (panel on https://www.geocaching.com/map/?) to be able to choose whether you want to see found caches on their actual (=corrected coordinate) location or on their bogus location?
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