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  1. I studied with the Gordon West book. I read it through once, took the test, and missed only 4 questions. I think you remember more by the Gordon West books. As for radios, If money isn't an issue, get a Yaesu FT-8900. If money is an issue, get either the FT-1802, or FT-2800. Handhelds are short range except with a better antenna. I hooked my handheld up to a 5/8 wave J-Pole, and from where I am in south Cleveland, TN, I can talk on a Knoxville repeater. Don't get just a hand held, cause sometimes you need that extra power to make long distance contacts. A good hand held is a Yaesu VX-170 (or some of the others like that). They are water proof, the battery last about a week, unless you are using it all the time, and it has extended receive. With handhelds, don't expect the same reception as with a mobile, or base. It won't happen except with a better antenna that the rubber duck! I have a Yaesu FT-1802, and a VX-170. Very good radios! Say your call sign on 147.180 (has a tone of 118.(something)) if you ever drive through chattanooga. Or, I moniter 147.555 quite often. Hope to hear you on the air soon Jon KI4WVW
  2. I need a Garmin etrex vista or etrex vista c, in good condition for $115 or under. Thanks!
  3. Since you are trolling I'm going to reccomend Cobra. Cobra is accurate to within 1cm when used as a plumb bob attachment on survey grade GPS equipment. The maps are always up to date when you use the paperweight option on real road maps. The best part of all is that Cobra GPS are dirt cheap. You can find them on the bargin bin of a lot of retailers. Naturally the hardware options that make them so good are always ready to go, and do not depend on firmware. What about a Cobra 100? I heard that it was trash!
  4. I am new also, and need a gps. Right now, I am looking at a cobra 100. It has 18 channels, and all the other stuff. Is this a good one?
  5. I found basically all the frequencies for east tennessee at this site. http://www.qsl.net/n4yek/tnbiglist.htm That is something!
  6. Is this what you are looking for? http://www.panix.com/~clay/scanning/Freque...ederal/park.txt I didn't see anything for the Great Smokey Mountains national Park, or Cherokee National Forset. But I know they use something.
  7. I'm not planing on using those frequiencies, and my radio only transmits on 144-148 so I couldn't use them if I wanted to. I just want to listen.
  8. I live in tennessee, so I basically hike in the smokey mountains, and the cherokee national forest. Also, one more question. Do the rangers use a repeater? If not, how does their radios (on their waist. I guess you call those a HT to) reach all over the park? Unless, theirs put out way more power then our 'ham' HTs.
  9. I hike alot, and drive through the forest/park. Does anyone know the frequency that the rangers use?
  10. I agree withkitkatt1960. If we don't use them, They WILL take them away. So, lets use them ALL.
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