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    • In your mind, what is a high quality geocache?

    This depends on what I'm looking for in a cache.  Some days I'm looking for a simple break from the day where I don't have much time, and a PnG is perfect for me in that situation.  Then there times where I'm looking for a deep woods adventure, wanting to be taken to breath taking landscapes and city lines.  While other times I want to be challenged with a clever puzzle. A quality geocache does one of more of those requirements.

    • In your mind, what is a low quality geocache?

    This is realitive I think to the experience to the cacher.  I remember my first LPC and I was mind blown, now years and thousand of find and miles later I'm not as mind blown.  There should be a standard which is already set.  Clean, safe, maintained and well written.

    • What steps can the community take to improve geocache quality?

    Honestly this is kinda a double edge sword of a question.  I think in order to have quality caches, we need to have quality logs, in order to have quality logs we need to have quality caches.  The community needs to understand that there are two sides of this community. 


    Finders and Hiders

    We all are finders first and I can tell you that when I first found caches my logs weren't the best, it wasn't untill I found a couple hundred (and started to feel guilty for not giving back to a hobbies I feel in love with) I started hiding my own.  I put a ton of work, thought and time into my first power trail. It was also by the grace and paitence of quality reviewers that kept me from making a ton of rookie mistakes.  But to my point, it wasn't untill I seen my hard work, efforts and time rewarded with just a "TFTC" log or even worse just an emoji and how disappointed I was that made me  go back and rewrite all my logs that were lacking. 


    Those people that took the time to share their adventures (good or bad) with quality logs encouraged me to make better quality geocaches.  I grew hungry for the praise and criticism that we're presented in a positive fashion.


    The community needs to give more love to the hideers, both in their logs and ability to inform the CO of any issues a hide might have.  The tools are there, people just need to use them.  COs also must keep that commitment of maintenance.  I will be the first to admit I am far from perfect, but there have been plenty of geocaches I found that where noting more than a ziplock bag with a cloths pin hanging in a tree.  Or 4 containers at GZ  because geocachers didn't want to log a dnf and assumed the the lvl 5/5 caches was missing.


    Another tip for quality caches is making and attending events.  Get to know your local community of geocachers and you become family, the area I live was dead, being one of the handfuls of geocachers to help rejuvenate the hobby I can not stress how important events are, when you become friends with both Hiders and finders you start bouncing off ideas and those ideas become quality.

    • What steps can Geocaching HQ take to improve geocache quality

    While there are plenty of good ideas this can be tricky because you can't force people to write quality logs, nor can you force a person to check maintenance on their cache immediately after a needs maintenance request is submitted.  Really education is the best way to improve both sides of these problems.  


    Favorite points are a good idea, and logs should be a review but they don't work if people don't use them.  Perhaps a 5 Star system that is easy to use may help elivate quality, but unlike the favorite point system, the star system is required.  Perhaps make an online required course to become "certified" hider, and have a minimum character requirement in logs before the find is completed.


    Thank you for giving me voice in this as well as taking the time to read my thoughts!

  1. Name sent: November 14, 2016

    Name received: November 26, 2016

    I sent my gift: December 7 2016

    My gift arrived at destination: Returned?? Resent Jan 13, Received January 18

    I received a gift December 27, 2016 (Can't be activated)

  2. Name sent: November 14, 2016

    Name received: November 26, 2016

    I sent my gift: December 7 2016

    My gift arrived at destination: Returned??

    I received a gift December 27, 2016 (Can't be activated)


    Upon checking the Address, I written it down incorrectly will be resending immediately tomorrow with a bonus because of the error.

  3. I was so pleased with what you were trying to do, I had to share it on a podcast last week. I hope to get the word spread out to get as many people involved have shared on a couple different social media sites to get as many people involved with a positive mission like this as I can. For those wondering what podcast it was you can listen in on Geocaching Podcast.

  4. Has anyone noticed that the 2016 Lackey coin is missing it's icon? I remember reading somewhere that a particular lackey fixes these, but I don't remember what thread it was in. Is there a reset fix for this now, or does it still need to be corrected in house?

  5. Hello all I am just wondering if I am not the only one who has a few Unique Geocoin Icons that are not working.

    Can you post an example?



    I don't know how you did a screen shot, but I can name the coins that should be unique icons that are not showing up.


    http://coord.info/TB7NV6W (aztec coin)


    http://coord.info/TB7JKNH (dutch windmill coin)


    http://coord.info/TB72WDW (Rot 13 Decoder coin)


    http://coord.info/TB7NEGB (The Great Warrior Battle Axe)


    http://coord.info/TB7H8FM (Wooden Nickel geocoin)

  6. It's common practice in my area as well (Bentonville Arkansas) As an event coordinator I see people drop caches in my events to show people what will be their for pick up. Looking at this list ahead of time helps other see what possible TBs they can help move for with perspective missions. This save a lot of time standing around the TB table looking up TB. One of the things I have experienced is that some inexperienced geocachers take the bugs and not log them. Then the TB remains at the event, even if archived. I had a few happen to me at my last event, and after waiting a month of not being logged I log the TB as "missing" so that then event does not show TBs standing in an archived event. Also this alerts TB owners of the current status and help them to further investigate where the TB may be. Since that point I now require all TBs to be logged properly before taken from an event. I hope that this will save much aggravation in the future to missing TBs

  7. I used to think people writing in my logs "TFTC" and that's it. Especially on my extremely creative caches. But I recently experienced a cheater, who had over 10,000 finds just come through with a blanket log saying the exact thing on a 1/1 cache as a 5/5 cache. So I checked my physical logs and there is no signature from this cacher. Integrity is very important to me, people that steal geocaches, and cheat to have big number finds but not actually try on find them, and some of them are simple PnGs I mean common...really How insecure does a person need to be to fake a find...I am left wondering of all those finds, if the cacher even found 100.

  8. I recently found a GPSr left at an event I held, if it were not for the information displayed on the opening screen I would have had to do a lot of emails to try and find the owner. I have also lost my first GPSr and it was heart breaking. It's a hard thing to swallow, but I think that many of us have lost one GPSr for one reason or another...it's part of getting those Geocaching Stripes....it's a hard lesson learned, but hopefully those that have lost theirs put them on lanyards and list their contact info. That doesn't mean there won't be someone not so honest person that will do the right thing...but it definitely ups your odds of getting it returned to you.

  9. It's a useless number, even though my number is higher than average, I don't really put much stock in it. I personally think that if you want to know where your Karma is at, you just need to look at your own actions...do you repair and help maintain cahes that don't belong to you for others to enjoy after you? Do you CITO???? Do you help others less experienced than you? Do you actually trade swag of equal or more value? For me, it is these things that are far more important that hiding caches.

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