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  1. We found two in the Lake District, and like several others we didn't know what they were and thought they were mini-geocoins so we took them home. When we looked at the website we realised what to do, so we decided to put one in another cache and keep one. They make nice supermarket trolley tokens!


    I guess they are 'non-trackable' geocoins, but then they are meant to be collected, not moved on - i.e. yes, they are sig items. I have a Podcacher one :laughing:

  2. we went yesterday having got £10 tickets and had great fun though it is indeed impossible to do and see everything in one day. Having been last year we werent sure if we would be bored with it all but actually really enjoyed it. All the activities are free which makes it well worth it as there are lots of climbing, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, diving etc etc though you have to get there early and book a slot.


    Garmin have a big stand there but we werent overly impressed, only two Colorados and people were practically fighting to get to them -really surprised that they didnt have more there. There is also a caching event with a Colorado as a prize but it wasnt overly great, wouldnt give newbies a real insight into caching plus shame that they didnt link in with geocaching.com and make it a proper event.


    Plus yes there are lots of freebies though not as many as last year, you just need to find them. The best place to get them from is the Fashion show as afterwards they chuck loads of goodies into the crowd however it does turn into a free for all. Best time to go is at the end of the day as most people have gone home.


    I would say its definitely worth going to and well worth the money if you like outdoor stuff

  3. The original point of CacheWalker was to add walks which linked caches. Unfortunately everyone went bonkers and just started making circular series of Caches with the walks listed on the Cache pages themsleves lol, so they never appear on the site itself! :rolleyes:


    In reponse to this thread, I have therefore added a new list of circular Cache walks, which allows you to add the basic details of the Series, plus a link to it, giving far more walks to choose from with less effort (and duplication of data)


    The list can be sorted by County, Hider - in fact by any of the columns, so hopefully will be really useful!


    I encourage you to add your own Series, or others you discover! (Thanks Blockley Blower, who is obviously well on the ball!)



  4. For goodness sake. Do we all vote labour? No. Do we all shop at the same supermarket? No. So do we all like the same Caches for the same reasons? NO


    If you like them, do them, if you don't, avoid them, but PLEASE stop moaning every time someone mentions a micro cache series. Have you not heard the saying 'if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all'?


    Anyway they can't be THAT bad, even the Deltas hid some! :P


    Or is it just that you're all jealous that YOU didn't come up with the idea first? ;):laughing:

  5. Mr B here - I'm in Northampton and certainly felt it, I was suddenly wakened to find the bed shaking...... but is this your first quake? I can claim it as my second, having already had one in Iran about 4 years ago..... anyone else had had the earth move more than once!!




    I felt the one in 84 or whenever - I was a kid and my parents didn't believe me as they felt nothing out in the garden! Then saw it on the news!


    We lived about 8 miles from Dudley when that one went off! Woke up to the house shaking and we thought at first that a plane was on its way in (on BHX flight path!) Schnarff said 'the house is falling down' and I, deeply caring person that I am, apparently replied 'don't worry love, it's just an earthquake' :laughing: Then I went back to sleep. In the morning I thought I'd dreamt it, but no, I really AM that charming :laughing:


    Unfortunately didn't make it to 3 as felt NOTHING this time round - Evesham. I can only theorise that it's the house that makes the difference - my parents felt nothing in the garden, it was appalling in our new build, and we felt nothing in our 1950s house (built just after the war - still worried about bombs?)


    PS Just spotted Blorenge on the Crickhowell OS map lol :anibad:

  6. There are plenty of circular walks/ Cache Series in the Cotswolds, for example by wrighty, Stag Ramblers and Blockley Blower (wrighty's 100th, Cotswold Lions, CacheWalker Five, Hinchwick Valley, Seizincote Stroll etc)


    Also why not check out CacheWalker? Kind of an informal Geohikes. As well as having members who hide Cache series with circular walks (inclding those reprobates above!) we also create & share walks which take in unrelated Caches (for those who can't be bothered to do the map-reading & planning themselves :unsure: ) e.g. Bredon Hill

  7. If you are definitely staying in Conwy then there are at least three there that are ideal for you - almost cache and dashes close to the castle so you can combine sight seeing with caching.


    There are loads of other fab ones in the North Wales region - will you be driving about or travelling by train? My brother is into caching and is based near Conwy so will check with him if there are any others he highly recommends for those people limited on time.


    Also If you havent sorted out accomodation there yet contact me direct as family own a B&B in Conwy.



  8. Oh, back on topic, great idea - we wondered about something like that, might be worth leaving a place for the cacher(s) identity to be added?


    UKGeocachers do t-shirts with your name on, and they'll personalise what's on the back too if you want (I had a CacheWalker one done)...may be easier than starting from scratch?

  9. Just as I will never be able to go for any Caches which require mountain walking, rock climbing or kayaking, so some Caches which might at first glance seem easily accessible WONT be for everyone. For the Twixmas bash I placed a Cache in a kids play area. I did this because several people with kids were attending the event and the play area provided a suitable distraction for any of the kids in case they'd had more than enough of their parents staring at the GPS screen all day!


    Why do we all assume that because a Cache has been placed we have the right to go for it? Use your common sense, and if you don't feel comfortable (as I sometimes don't if the Cache is down a dark alley, or up a mountain...) then just accept this one's not for you! For goodness sake there are plenty out there, and not EVERYBODY has the luxury of being single & childless, so why shouldn't they have suitable Caches placed for thme too?!?!?


    /rant off ;)

  10. Yes congrats you two - and we were very proud you chose the Twixmas bash as your 1000th! Now I just have to work out what to do with the moose B)


    Very lovely to meet you, hope the next 1000 is as much fun (and don't forget to pack me in your bag when you 'pop' back to Canada to stock up on mooses...meese...moose...? ;) )

  11. OhMiGosh! I was already struggling to keep up with them all :D How many Caches can you watch at once? :D


    I look forward to the 'plague' spreading further...we have already 'invaded' 14 counties, and there are 31 hiders so far!


    Some more stats:

    63 Caches (3 archived - 1 of them the WWFM Event)

    over 750 finds logged

    239 unique finders (100th = GillyGill, 200th = Riggy~Wizard)

    8 non-UK finders (that have actually stated it in their log), from 4 different countries (Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic & Sweden)

    Most finds - JimJinks, 50 (79.4%) and pete3 - 31 (34.9%)

    Most hides - Ascenders, 7 (Norfolk)

    Top Counties - Warwickshire & West Midlands, 14


    A more interesting invasion to keep an eye on...http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...02-689650253ad7

  12. I'd be interested to know what others think of these. Personally I find them very uninspiring.


    As are many Motorway Mayhems. But like MMs they're easy to find (most railway stations are well signposted) especially for foreign visitors (foreign to the county AND to the country!) We all play the game differently remember...sometimes, especially on unfamiliar turf, you just want a Cache and Dash. I'm chuffed that we placed Evesham that's for sure:




    JimJinks is getting bored (and wishing he'd never started) - he's found 50 of the 63 already! :D


    They're not all urban micros though. There are some multis, one at an ex-station, and as mentioned we had the event...and the Norfolk ones sound lovely - I definitely fancy a day out there Caching by train - something really different! I expect someone will hide one at a steam station soon...I'd like to do the 3 Lake Bala stations for sure...so, yes, why not do your model railway...there are no strict rules. In fact there are probably lots already at train stations across the country which could be SideTrackeds - what about Paddington Dare, and Silver Train (speaking of steam stations!)? Calling them all SideTracked just makes it easier to search for them, like MMs! (Only, don't go changing them all at once...JimJinks will have a heart attack trying to keep up! :D)

  13. Thought forums were for expressing view not making personal attacks!


    So did I...


    Having had a particularly bad nights sleep


    And how do you think I felt after reading the initial responses to my thread? I suggest you go back and re-read your posts - you might just see why I got upset! I have no problem with people saying 'I wouldn't want to go to this it seems pointless' but I'm afraid that isn't what you typed...


    In fact I mailed the other guys and basically asked them why we were bothering. I then decided to never come on this forum again, because I wasn't at all sure that Geocachers were nice people any more. That was until someone pointed out that actually some people were being supportive, so I came back to see.


    Thank you to everyone who's signed up to come :D and to those who have shown support on here too :D hope to meet you someday out in the field or at another event.


    BTW, Sarah. May i suggest you DO go and organise a Flash Mob. You think it's SO simple? We will be using the full 4 weeks (and plenty of personal expense, especially our fab sponsors [please visit aforementioned hideous commerical page if you want to know who they are. I am SO sorry that I feel it neccessary to thank people who are giving up profits and time to support our sport]) that we have to get this ready - I just hope those of you that DO attend enjoy it. And if you don't, let me know. Chances are (especially after this thread) I will never bother to waste my time organising an event for ungrates again anyway, sorry I thought I was giving SOMETHING back to Caching (BTW have I mentioned that mine & schnarff's hide ratio is 22%? :D ), but I would like to know what you think. I think it could be fun (and it looked like no-one over here was gonna do one, so I figured 'if you want something doing, so it yourself')...however, we won't know until we try it!


    As for it not being a true Flash Mob because we're meeting up afterwards, then I assume that the Swindon Science Event wasn't a true event because I went Caching afterwards with some people I met there....? People will gather from nowhere at 5pm. People will leave at 5:15pm. Flash mob endeth. The muggles wont know we've met again in a pub half a mile away, ergo the mob will have flashed (no JimJinks, I don't mean LITERALLY, you'll scare the children...) :wub:


    Dorsetgal, I'm so sorry you & Caesar can't be there, we had all Victoria Sqare's steps flattened so we could get the 'Wheelchair Accessible' Attribute specially for you :( Would have been good to meet you - love your I Pledge coin, it's an awesome project!


    ONC be good to put a face to the name, seeing as we seem to play FTF tag all the time, so if you can make it that's great!


    mongoose? I said a LITTLE chaos. We deliberately aren't holding it IN a station because it could cause concern! The public will be bemused, not afraid (as long as JimJinks observes my warning above) :D


    BTW, If anyone's train IS late? We'll be in the slug and lettuce afterwards...come find me. BUT don't try to log the event because you were in the square that day, by accident, but no-one saw you. The event is a Flash Mob. If you don't MOB you werent really contributing to the event, were you? As someone said, that's like driving into an event, signing the log and leaving...we'll be there a bit longer than that, and doing lots of stuff you would traditionally do at an event (even more so than most Flash Mob GCs which DON'T have new caches released or coins and bugs for spotting)


    Right. /Rant off. Please don't bother to have a go back at me, I really wont be bothering to come back to read it. Thanks to all the ne'er do wells for the publicity, and thanks again for everyone's support.


    See you on the 10th



  14. Free country blah blah blah...try something new blah blah blah...mega event taking place across the world blah blah blah...(including some serving soldiers in Iraq, South Africans, Canadians and Yanks!)


    YES the 'official' event lasts 15 minutes, the idea is to cause a little chaos and confuse the heck out of the muggles (not hard!) The fact that it only lasts 15 minutes explains why you need lots of poeple to organise it - no one person has time to deal with handing out log sheets, cache details, food, collecting raffle tickets & drawing the raffle, taking photos, looking after coins & TBs etc etc!


    BUT we are meeting BEFORE to Cache (as can anyone else who wishes to) and AFTER in the pub! Plus, as I said and MJ has repeated we are also releasing new caches for the event which people can also do afterwards.


    Not to everyone's taste, I'm sure, but if we were all called Rachel it would just be a Multi-Rachel society wouldnt it? :mad:


    Why not give it a go? It will probably be the most packed 15 minutes of Geocaching you will EVER do! You might even have fun...


    Oh, and if someone points out what is commerical, I'll gladly remove. One link is to GC.com, the other to more info about the event on my chat site - neither of which is commercial?

  15. (If I'm not allowed to promote events here, please delete or whatever!, and apologies!)


    Hi Folks


    Just to raise a little awareness of this event, as it's not too far in the future!


    The guys from PodCacher (who may or may not have come up with the concept of Flash Mob Caches) are arranging another for 10th November. There will be simlutaneous Flash Mobs all around the world at the same time. I'm hosting one in Birmingham City Centre with an awful lot of help from my friends, ZoomLens, mumbo jumbo, JimJinks and Tizzie!


    We have been very kindly sponsored by UKGeocachers.com, so I can promise some excellent prizes in the raffle :mad: They are also coming all the way up for the event itself, and will be bringing along their extensive coin collection for everyone to spot!


    The event is SideTracked themed (yep, gotta dress up as a trainspotter!) and 3 new SideTracked Caches will be released for the event! (No, we don't expect you to grab all 3 during the 15 minute event, but if anyone wants to try, it'll make a great story!)


    Cache listing is here:


    More info here:


    So far we're the only UK one, but the more the merrier!



  16. The two caches I mentioned originally were just two that I had happened upon that week. I could have post other examples.


    This one for example has only had two visits and I wouldn't be suprised if this was partly due to that fact that it's listed as a puzzle rather than a multi.


    We quite often go to an area with two or three caches in mind and then see what else it in the area when we get there. Looking at the icons on MemoryMap, we'd more than likely skip over an unknown and do a multi or traditional instead


    I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with them - just that they more often than not require prior planning.


    ...which would maybe put you off doing a series if it's 'bonus' was marked as a mystery rather than a bonus...


    I am beginning to wonder if we need a new category purely for PUZZLE Caches, as there seems to be lots of discussion about Multi/ Mystery! Our Salford Seven Series is marked as a Multi, as all you have to do is find the other 7 to find number 8...but as someone on my forum pointed out, if they looked on MemoryMap they would be well cross if they went to the co-ords for the Multi and found nothing there...then again they'd be going round and round a roundabout, so they'd get the message eventually *lol* and also hopefully the BONUS in the title (and the other 7 caches VERY nearby) should give it away! So there is a differnece between BONUSes from series and Offset Multis...neither of which, in my opinion, is a mystery!


    Personally (being a control freak!) I don't leave home without having read the listing page, checked Google Earth, read the listing page, checked the OS website, read the listing page, checked out all the TB listing pages, read the listing page, bought the paper map, read the listing page....get it? *lol*

  17. LQ:Warwickshire -Percy's Bored, submitted for review.

    Our first hide, we have our fingers crossed!





    First To Find around here will be from;




    Delta68 (in there somewhere)

    and suspect bikermel76 & schnarff will be in there to!

    Ooops, and Feathers McGraw


    (NOT in expected order!!!)


    :yikes: Muhahahaha!


    Do you have a crystal ball? ;)


    Finders in order, so far:

    bikermel76 & schnarff (WoooHooo!)




    Must admit I thought those two would beat us to it - but sometimes there are advantages to starting work at the crack of dawn!


    *lol* TFTC - what an awesome start to a Monday morning! (not sure my poor colleagues agree though - that hill made me quite sweaty :sad:)

  18. You are in luck, it is already a feature.


    Access the bug listed in your cache and under Trackable Item Options you will see an option to 'Mark Item Missing', just click go.


    Keep in mind that there should be careful confirmation the bug has gone missing and enough time has passed so that whoever did take the bug has had a chance to log it out.


    Edited to add that when you mark a bug as missing the bug owner does not get email notification so please remember to post a note so they are made aware of your actions.


    Nice one BlueDeuce! Obviously its not happened to me yet, but I get so frustrated when I read log after log saying 'this bug isnt here' :laughing: Maybe many more cache-owners are unaware of this feature too!!!



  19. Sorry if this has been suggested before, the forum seems to crash when I try to search it ;)


    Seems to me lots of TBs/ GCs go missing, but are still listed on cache pages. It seems even by e-mailing the owner (which I assume people do, at least by the 10th time someone has noticed it's missing...) the bug doesn't get marked as 'location unknown'.


    Would it not make sense to allow the owner of the cache to mark a TB/GC as 'missing'? Obviously the ability to do this would be strictly limited, as only the owner of the cache where the bug is supposedly residing would have the power to do this, and as it is the cache owner who automaitcally gets the alert e-mail when the cache is discovered (sans bug!) and not the bug owner (unless you physically go and contact them...) this is more likely to get acted upon!


    I imagine it's pretty frustrating as a cache owner to keep getting log after log saying 'this bug is missing'...it would be far nicer to receive logs which comment on the cache itself not the missing bug!




    My other cache's a Micro...

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