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  1. Grr. I have a Legend that is shutting itself off too. Won't even stay on long enough to find any satellites. Its a few years old, and has never done this before today. I've tried new batteries, and stuffing paper in there to keep them in tightly, but neither works. Has anyone found the definitive answer for this problem?
  2. I was looking for a place name, I saw the coords.
  3. Sorry to everyone it offends, but I'm with gm100guy and Cache Canucks on this one. If nobody tries to stick up for the Geocaches in these parks the decision will be made by people who don't know enough. Also, if there is someone out there who can, please delete all the unrelated posts. Poor grammar and spelling bother me too. I take the time to proofread my posts, and I expect the same of the adults on this site.
  4. Any excuse to have a nice bevvy! I'd love to come if I'm available, and I can probably convince slosel as well.
  5. quote:Originally posted by mikemtn:I'm pretty sure Jeremy's mentioned the possibility of having this feature in the future. Excellent... *tenting fingers like Mr. Burns*
  6. I'd like to see this too! Maybe just a link on the cache page that would take you to a list of all the bugs that have passed through it. That way I could see the ones that have travelled through the cache I placed.
  7. They will be staying at UVIC. I think it will be easiest if I go myself. It was just a thought.
  8. Oh yeah...Sorry! I mean Vancouver Island.
  9. Are there any on the island? My Mom is involved with Guiding and wants to introduce Geocaching to some girls at a conference she is organizing (May 2-4). However, I'm on the mainland and might not be over again in time. Any Guiders out there that could help out?
  10. I don't think its the same container as me, if that's the one you were referring to. It doesn't have any "guts."
  11. I found a container that I thought would be really cool. (Its hexagon shaped.) Turns out its not *completely* waterproof. Oh well. I guess I'll just use it around the house somewhere.
  12. We just moved the bug, we don't own it. I will email the owner though, and let them know.
  13. Sorry if its been said already...(I don't have the patience to read 16 pages!!) Monster SUVs and luxury vehicle drivers who park their behemoths in small car spots! I drive a tiny Suzuki, and that is what the spots are for! If your vehicle doesn't leave a few inches/centimeters between it and the lines on both sides IT DOESN'T FIT! Also, people who are too lazy to use spell-check.
  14. Recently a friend of ours had his cache archived by Jeremy, apparently because one person had decided it was unsafe. Other people had been to the cache and didn't mention it though. I know I'm new, but isn't that what the terrain ratings are for? Not every cache has to be a walk in the park, right? [This message was edited by hilaryipes on February 25, 2003 at 03:36 PM.]
  15. Man, do I ever wish I was over on the island! So many new TEAM caches, and a night out? Crazy.
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