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  1. Well done for pulling a temporary plug on challenge caches some of them were getting completely stupid. I live an area where loads of challenge and puzzle caches are published, OK so they go on the ignore list - I've ended up with over 700 on my ignore list all within a 30 miles radius of my home.


    It would have made a bit more sense if the person setting the challenge had actually completed the challenge themselves before actually challenging other cachers to do so. One published a few months ago fairly close to me asked folk to find 100 caches in a day, OK maybe simple thing to do but none of the caches had to be in the UK! The CO had 67 finds...

  2. Don't forget though that the cache was not on land owned by the complainant.


    Rather the complainant didn't like people using the public footpath which crossed his land to get to the cache.


    Thus said landowner had no legal right of complaint.


    I don't often agree with TM but in this case he's quite correct.


    In my opinion the owner of the land crossed by the RoW didn't like it being there in the first place.


    I would still like to know just where and what this cache is that has caused all this trouble.


    Plus why do Americans think they can ride roughshod over English Laws to extent of ignoring them, they don't rule the world... yet!!!

  3. As already pointed out, that is an illegal request ... no one is allowed to stop people using a ROW, or suggest in any way that people cannot use it.

    Since the claim is that GS is becoming too corporate, you'd think that pointing out such a clear legal problem would be a very convincing argument within the company.


    Perhaps they don't have RoWs in the US of A and therefore didn't have a clue what Deci was on about i.e. if they don't have 'em in the US they don't exist!

  4. I've seen this topic on a few FB groups and now here,all I can think of is where are the other UK reviewers in all this?where and what is their stance are they backing their colleague,I remember the fiasco when Lacto and Eckington quit,but at least there was solidarity on that occasion.

    Yes, but I'd hope that is going on behind the scenes, amicably.


    I must admit I was somewhat surprised that everything seems to be normal on that front. I wonder if Dave asked them not to take any action, it would be just like him to think of the cachers.


    I wonder what the situation would be if the owner of the land where the cache placed had a gate to enable a cacher to access the cache. The cacher would, more than likely, have to stop walking to open the gate - would the landowner of the land on which the RoW is situated then complain to GS because a cacher had stopped to open a gate so they could stand on the private land where the cache is placed? Then having found the cache, make their way back onto the RoW via the gate, and coming to standstill whilst they ensure that the gate is closed properly.


    Not all owners of the land which is crossed by a RoW whinge to GS although I have met up with two who objected but one cache was actually placed on the RoW and the owner of the land did speak directly to us and explained why he objected. In the second instance it wasn't a RoW but a Permissive FB with the cache placed on his land. We posted a NA on both caches and it was sorted out at local level and GS was not involved.

  5. Dave it makes me so sad to read this. Thanks for everything you've done for the UK caching community. You will be sorely missed. I only hope that Groundspeak will realise what they've done depriving the UK caching community of a fantastic guy and an extremely helpful reviewer.

    I took in a couple of stray ferrets last week, one I managed to name without much trouble, been wracking my brains trying to think of a name for the other one. As of a half-an-hour ago he's now got one.

    Hope to cache up with you at an event somewhere... all the best for the future Sheila and Apollo Ferret. Thanks for everything.


    I have never attended an event, camping or otherwise, but its always good when cache pages mention nearby refreshment options and especially parking.


    I know when I set out a nice country series in my favourite place to walk ;) (as so many series setters seem to say) I will make sure I give info on local amenities and in particular parking details even if it seems blatently obvious. If it where I walk often and I know the place I want other people to enjoy it too, I don't want them wasting half and hour, annoying the local farmer or spending the walk worrying about whether they will have a mirror swiped off by passing tractors.


    So many times I have driven round in circles trying to find a safe place to leave the car for a couple of hours and end up squeezing it onto a verge only to find when we leave there is a good spot down the road, yes I could have tried harder but if the CO already knows a good spot, let people know, if there isn't one let us know that too, then we can work around it.


    Sorry that ended up being a rant about 'expecting' certain details didn't it, which wasn't what I intended, I don't expect my hand held at all, but all the same - If you have it, share your knowledge, its free and much appreciated especially by those who aren't local.


    I agree regarding parking places, in my case far more useful than where the supermarket is as I drive a LWB Transit and finding somewhere to park that can be tricky.

  7. Simples: I just ask my sat nav in the van to list nearest retail outlets; however, my local Asda is 24 hour so I can call in and stock up with everything I'm likely to need prior to setting out for an event. I always have a check list of the items I have to take with me to ensure that nowt gets left behind.


    Well that is an assumption that people have a Sat Nav, and that their POI's are up to date for that area. Also travelling long distances you do not want to be carrying things like eggs, milk, cheese, meat etc It's far better to get then when nearer, Fresh is Best


    I never assume that I can quickly obtain supplies at the place I'm going to. Eggs, milk, bacon, cheese etc aren't going to go "off" after drive of a couple of hundred of miles, at least I've never had these items go off and I don't use a cool box. I even carry bottles of water with me, saves having to hunt around for the water supply and I can get the kettle on as soon as I reach my destination.


    As Chris states anyone going camping in a certain area can visit the website of their favourite supermarket to find out where the nearest store is to the camp site. If necessary check out the lat/long and use their GPSr to get there.

  8. I don't see why this sort of information needs to be included on the cache page for an event.


    When I go camping (or just head into a unfamiliar area for the day/weekend/week) I either


    1, Research the area before I leave home.

    2, Ask the camp site wardens (or other campers) on arrival (a lot of sites will include this info in their "welcome pack")

    3, Look it up on my phone when i get there.

    4, Have a drive round and use my eyes.

    In response


    1. Research sometimes does not give the best results, and why not be helpful, at least giving a starting point for people?

    2. I'm sure the warden would be grateful for the Event setter to ask, and disseminate the answer, rather than have a string of long calls or letters / emails to answer.

    3. It's foolish to assume you will get a decent signal on any mobile device, especially the further you travel from a large populated area, recent BBC results showed many country areas only had 2G reception if any.

    4. If I have driven a couple of hundred miles, I want to be able to relax, not go on a reconnaissance mission, but knowing where I can just do a quick stop is useful, and helps to a quick end to the journey.


    Simples: I just ask my sat nav in the van to list nearest retail outlets; however, my local Asda is 24 hour so I can call in and stock up with everything I'm likely to need prior to setting out for an event. I always have a check list of the items I have to take with me to ensure that nowt gets left behind.

  9. I hate to 'poo poo' your idea but I just don't see it taking off, why on earth would I want to do this kind of thing when there are really great caches in Supermarket car parks that I can do while getting my shopping ? Walking, pah, it'll never take off. Why WALK to a cache when you can simply open your car door ? I just don't get it, maybe you can explain it to me.


    I'm currently working on a large series of nano's and film pots hidden on the roads around busy urban areas in Lancashire, that hopefully will entice more people to get out in their cars into the great outdoors where they may occasionally see great things such as Tesco, Asda, and McDonalds, further along in the wild you may also get to see awful things like grass and trees, but I will be keeping these to a bare minimum, as far as I can see what you are trying to do who will only redicule my efforts, so with much regret I'm afraid I cannot support this series although I wish you well in your (somewhat foolhardy) venture.





    Please ensure when placing the micro/nano that there is room to park a LWB HiCube Transit van right next to the cache, I really do hate walking :huh:

  10. ...I would have thought that a SE event earlier in the year such as Easter would be an amicable solution?
    I'd like this to be the last time I have to type this, so I'm going to use caps to make the point a bit clearer: IT HAS TO BE CLOSE TO THE DATE OF THE OLYMPICS IN ORDER TO BE REASONABLY ACCESSIBLE TO INTERNATIONAL VISITORS WHO'LL ONLY BE HERE FOR THE GAMES, and not, say, Easter. If someone can spot a hole in this logic, please point it out. We're not blind to sensible ideas and constructive feedback. Thanks :ph34r:


    Have I missed something here, is Geocaching now an Olympic sport? :rolleyes:

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