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  1. I worked for Channel 15 here in Phoenix and I lost two dear friends in the news helicopter crash a few weeks ago. I would like to find a company that I can get a hundred or so wooden coins made and number with a pic of our chopper and the names of those killed on the coin. I have the artwork of the TV stations Chopper so would like it colored. Anyone have reccomendations? I know this sounds a bit morbid but the photog and I talked caching and the pilot thought it was a good thing to do. So this is my little tip of the hat to their interest. Greg TV-Dude
  2. one other thing,....it's New Mexico...be on the lookout for alien crash sites
  3. I am a desert dweller and I love it because a terrain difficulty of 4 or 5 really IS 4 or 5. I can go out in the dead of winter in shorts and t-shirt and walk up a sweat, see a sunrise or sunset over the mountains, no cell phone, no car horns going off with people giving the one finger salute. It's a great place to just mentally recharge. The only drawback is I really have to focus on where I walk or I take an 80 foot freefall.
  4. Simple...I work at a TV station and I am a dude..So much for creativiity...
  5. As a former resident of the Louisiana Gulf Coast my thoughts are with everyone down there and hope your lives can return to as near normal as soon as possible. And knowing the folks from there you will rise and rebuild. Cajuns are a hardy people and won't let this run them off..
  6. Simple stuff here...Legend or Vista, The Vista has more memory then the Legend. I ahve a Legend and that works for me. For Good old fashioned geocaching, the 8mb of memory with my Legend is fine. The extra memory of the Vista is good for graphic intense Topo maps. And to me all this Color display is more a fashion statement But some people like it. Just ask yourself how much am I going to be caching at time and will I need to dump the entire maps in the GPS??
  7. I think a rattlesnake next to a sahauro would look cool..To bad I have no artistic abilities
  8. WAAS is a nice little feature and out here in the desert where everything looks like a cache site it comes in handy. The only downside to WAAS is it eats up the battery life on the GPS. As for teh issue rasied on the eBay GPS units maybe being part of a scam, I can't say yes or no..I ahve been an eBayer for several years and haven't had a problem. I lot of the people selling the GPSs New In Box often buy a lot in bulk and get a wholesale or lower price for them so they make a profit there. And make a killing on the shipping. They often charge the same amount of shipping if it is going across town or across country.
  9. To me, it comes down to what you want to use the GPS for. If 99% geocaching then I would go with the eTrex Legend. 8mb of internal memory is plenty unless you are planning of caching the whole world in day It, like most, have the option of being WAAS enabled or not. The WAAS will get your accuracy down to about 6-8 feet. And on eBay you can find new in the box ones for under 100. I have had a Legend for about 3 years now and enjoy it. I would stay away from paying more for a color display. To me that is more for looks then function.
  10. Wanted to give all the cachers out there a heads up..The rattlers are getting out and about again. SO I would suggest whenyou are caching with the kids or pets. Carry a walking stick to poke around suspected caches. Just in case our little fanged friends are napping out of the Sun. Another good tool would be to have a cell phone. In case you get biten it is less dangerous to phone in a airlift then to try to hikeout and speed the venom through your system. I know this is old hat knowledge for those that live here. But we do get a fair share of "foreigners" Coming through and want everyone to have a fun experience. Thus endth the lesson..
  11. Why?? Why not....no really, I got into caching because I am a getting older and wanted a good reason to get out in nature. I've never been good at going out hiking just for the sake of it. And this gives me a goal to go after. And working a 2am-11am shift, it can easily be done alone. And Seeing the sunrise over Phoenix is a beautiful site. Get to see it before the city haze has a chance to obscure the view.
  12. So far, I haven't had any problems with my GPS, but haven't tried to use in in thelast two weeks. I know a few folks that have been hit with the solar flare problems. And we are in the loop for another week of them. So hang in there.
  13. That wasn't the root canal totally, They cut open an artery in my sinus taking out the root. Cheek full of blood..Well the swelling is down and the bruising is about gone...Percoset...Ask for it by name....LOL..I plan to get out next week and give the CO Admin something to do...Look for a new South Mountain Cache in a couple of weeks..
  14. root canal?? been there, done that...and it went south...No way am I climbing the mountains here in 105 looking like this. http://www.members.cox.net/ghogue8/sinus.jpg lol...maybe ina week when this goes back down to normal..
  15. CO Admin....When it is below 100 degrees again, I plan on climbing the rock mountains around here and put out another cache. I'm too outta shape to be climbing now. But in about a week i will have something for you to go track down.
  16. Hi Folks, I have only been caching since the first of the year. And yes i know there are some intense caches to go after and then the lovingly called "so-so" caches. Maybe I am geographically biased because there are more hikeable caches in the Phoenix, Az area then the Bay area, but there is no law that says you HAVE to go after the "so-so" caches. I think a lot of those caches are great for the beginners or those with small children who could get hurt going 400 feet up the side of a mountain. I love caches simply for the hunt, not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And with a few of the "so-so" caches out here I have learned more about where I live then I ever knew was out there. But it is all a personal preference I guess. To me, cache count is not important, so I would rather go in selective hunts and have a low cache find number then hit every little cache just to see my numbers up. Not meaning to **** anyone off and I hope I haven't. This is just the ramblings of a desert heat brain baked newbie cacher...And just remember, the stick you are picking up out here, may have a rattle on the end of it...stick..good...rattle...bad...
  17. not sure where you can find them there, but do a search on the web for army surplus stores and I've seen stores that will ship stuff to you. Not sure how much they will stick ya for shipping but it's a thought
  18. Welcome to caching in Hell....Now is the time of year you go and cache at 5am when it is only 80 outside. If you are going to be in the Phoenix area that is the best time to go. Up north you can go pretty much when the mood strikes ya. I would suggest when you go out make a lot of noise when you hike so you don't surprise any rattlesnakes. I've found that a good investment is one of those hydration packs. And if ya buy one get one that holds as much water as possible, trust me, you'll need it. There are a lot of places to cache and some pretty good vitual caches you can hit in the daytime to learn about this place and the history. And just enjoy it. Here's to not seeing a news story on TV about them having to come chopper you out of the mountians...
  19. Avoiding cacti in Arizona, is like avoiding mesquitos in Mississippi....Can't be done. But it's all part of the hunt. Just take a little tube of antibiotic cream, some little needle nose pliers for the jumping Cholla and watch your step.
  20. I will be doing my part in Portales soon. I am flying to OK next week and plan to stop off on my drive back to Phoenix, AZ and do a little caching in Portales. Try drop off a little bit of Arizona in a cache or two.
  21. I can sympathize with the Washington cachers wanting to plan thier route down here to cache along the way. I am flying to Oklahoma in March and then driving back to Phoenix. Even though I have only been in this caching mode about a month. I have already been working on stops along the road back. Looks like my 2 day drive is going to turn into a 4 day drive. Just have to go get some AZ themed things to leave for the Okies, Texans and New Mexico folks to find. Who knows, I may be givng a travel big or two a ride to our state. This is an evil hobby, but a good kinda evil. My Garmin is getting a workout
  22. I loaded it Saturday, haven't been out much with it yet, but so far, no problems..Didn't have any waypoints in the old version. I hear it will wipe out the old waypoints when you load it.
  23. I just got turned onto geocaching and want to get involved in the hunt. But no wanting to go it alone and have to be choppered out on a stretcher. Would like to find someone that can help me out. If you don't mind going out to hunt with someone new let me know. I am available to go out during the week in the afternoons and all day on Saturday...Thanks
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