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  1. I like the design, but I agree with geobrowns about the look of the kids. It looks like the other side of the coin would be for DARE, and say something like real friends just say no or something. [] Also would the other side have more links to geocaching?
  2. Hi, I was trying to buy one of these great memorial coins, but couldn't get the paypal link to work. Is it disabled? I tried at 0725 Chicago time. Thanks Biggeek Ben
  3. Shameless bump.... We sent our 2 promised coins out yesterday, they should make it there tomorrow or Monday. - BGB
  4. Hi Avroair, Team biggeeks can kick down a CCGC CITO (brass) and a CCGC Monterey Bay coin. Just send us an address. Edit: Found the address
  5. All traded calendars shipped yesterday. Thanks! -BGB
  6. Emails sent to everyone so far. Thanks! -BGB
  7. Hi All, So my brother (BigeekJimbeau) had these awesome signature item calendars made up for Team Biggeeks. They're nice checkbook sized 2006 calendars with a biggeeks logo pressed onto the front. We've been using them as our first signature item. However, due to the normal hub-bub of everyday life we haven't been able to get out and get these into too many caches. And seeing as how they're a little time sensitive I thought I'd offer some up for trade 1:1. If anyone is interested in a coin swap for a calendar please let me know, oh we don't really have many coins so feel free to offer whatever (if so inclined). Thanks for looking. Biggeek Ben If you can't see the picture try here
  8. Honestly I don't know how? To post a pic in these forums you need to first upload the image somewhere on the internet. You can just upload an image to one of your old geocache logs if you don't mind the pic popping up on your log for awhile. To get it to appear in a reply: >click the IMG Button while posting a response. >A box with pop-up requesting that you input a URL for an image >Input the URL of your image,(if you don't know it...open the log that you have the pic in, in a different web browser and right-click>select properties...the URL will be in there) >Click OK Here's a pic from your gallery I got by the above method:
  9. Hello geocoiners, I'm hoping to trade a brass CCGC CITO coin for a medium difficult to find coin. Any takers? Please email us. Thanks Biggeek Ben
  10. Hi Trez, First of all I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with Coinsforanything. That sucks. However, I recently had a coin made through them (CCGC CITO), and I found it to be overall an easy process. I ended up sending the artwork back and forth 3 times and they (Rachael) were patient & professional through the whole thing. The price/coin price did change on me too, but both types of metal went down 10c so I didn't complain. I know exactly what you're talking about with the shipping. I was a little annoyed to see a $120 shipping charge. They advertise free shipping on their site, but that shipping is from them to you. It appears that like many coin manufacturer's they send their design to China to actually be made. The $100+ shipping charge ends up being the international shipping of those heavy metal filled boxes from China to them. The gist: That shipping charge isn't advertised well enough, but I don't think they're running a "bait & switch". I was happy with the end result. PS - If you do change coin companies I keep hearing good things about "coins and pins".
  11. Geocache heaven! I like the sound of that! Thanks for the responses everyone. Looks like the GONIL is going to work for us. I'll start posting over there. Is it pronounced GONE-ILL (that'd be cool) or Go-nill. Thanks again everyone! BGB
  12. Hi All, I'm a proud member of the Central Coast Geocachers of California (CCGC), but college graduation is upon team biggeeks, and we relocating to Aurora, IL. However I'll be working in Woodstock, so I'll have a long enough commute to grab a bunch of caches. I checked the pinned groups thread, but found it both convoluded and full of a bunch of deadlinks. Frustrating. So, I know there's got to be a big Chicagoland group of cachers out there. Hook it up! Biggeek Ben
  13. Hi All, I recently hosted a successful CITO event, but I had really wanted to have those bright yellow geocaching garbage bags instead of just a bunch of black ones that didn't let us brag about our clean up efforts. Does anyone know why they are no longer for sale? Thanks BGB
  14. Hi All, This is definitely the last time I will bug you all about these CCGC CITO coins. I'll be giving out the LE Brass version of this coin this Saturday. It looks like we may have a few left over. I'll post here, if that's the case, but I haven't figured out if I'll be trading them or giving them out for outstanding CITO-citizenship. So don't risk missing out on them, by coming on out and getting one Sorry in advance, to all you non-Californians. Team biggeeks will be relocating to Chicago next month, maybe we can throw another geocoin-baited CITO out there. - BGB Natividad Creek Park CITO
  15. Another possibility...(totally different self-promotional )
  16. Here's my last self-promotion No this ISN'T my profile (I wish) - BGB
  17. I like Yemon's, but here's what I came up with. or BGB
  18. I can't believe you've never heard of "Convervation"...It's the latest crave! It's just like conservation, but with more conversing before hand. Can't believe I let that slip through...sheesh.
  19. I couldn't resist sketching up a digi-version. You could have the tower be 3D, and really make it POP! The back I sketched is if you only want metal with a minimum of paint, but if you put a lip around the edge of the coin you could fill it will paint to match your marker. Okay...back to REAL work. BGB
  20. ALL coins have now shipped including the large quantities to the coin clubs. Now I can let all these CCGC coin threads die........RIP
  21. All coins shipped today EXCEPT GBA & Utah Coin Club (had to get more packing supplies). Just about everyone should be getting their coins before the week is out!
  22. Hey guys, glad you like it as much as I do! There are 2 versions, the silver (NICKEL) is the version that was available for purchase, and the brass version is the one that will be distributed at the event. I hope to see both of you there, and not tonight....KEALIA! - BGB
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