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  1. I've bookmarked them all so far - thank you for the recommendations! Still looking for some in Pueblo, too - thanks!!!
  2. Hello! My husband and I are planning a trip to Colorado for the first week of July 2007. Can you recommend other must-see caches near "hanging lake trail" cache (GC441A)? We're also planning to visit my friend in Pueblo, CO; what are some good caches in that area? Thanks! Laurie
  3. The big disadvantage to a 55 gallon film canister is where can you hide it? It is a cool idea to make one out of PVC, it would be much easier to hide. any idea what you could make the lid out of? Does PVC come in sizes that would allow you to use the lid from a butter-tub, sour cream container, etc., or some other snap on lid? Paint it silver and voila! Great idea!
  4. What is this strange word thou hast useth...? "Sanity"? Shall have to look that up...methinks we art too far gone...best not to fight it. Just give in to the caching lunacy...especially with the full moon rising!!
  5. Okay, this is our very first post to the forums, so be gentle. ) Hope it's okay to post a picture of a critter near a cache that we couldn't find (the Crow's Nest in Santee, #GCK144). Of course, if the cache had ears & tail, then we did find it!! Laurie & Bill
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