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  1. Already teamed up with adoY. Just wanted to say thanks to my new friend from the beautiful ‘Venice of the North’. Great job on the challenge cache SJA! Congrats to Madism40 and Da Posse on the FTFs! Dank je wel! Edit - Question for Amsterdammers: Can tourists still go to coffeeshops? ;-)
  2. We're going to GeoWoodStock. Hope to see some from "home" there! After 499 consecutive days without a find, we're caching again!
  4. HeWilldo7 returns after a 499 day "slump" to congratulate the Kwvers and everyone else whose been rocking the cache world since we left... Congrats on 26k Jim and Denice!
  5. Why I otta! you and your Mominal fee...Your Momma![] OOPS! hehe. At least I know what day it is! Feb. 29, right? :-)
  6. For those of you who are not sitting down (or are driving for that matter), Wewilldo7 is posting to the forum! I wanted to find out what we've been missing for 2 years:-( We still love you guys! And for those who don't know it, we are coming to San Diego for a visit in a few weeks. We would love to see everyone. There's even an event planned GC21WWE (thanks Tom!) so we can see as many as possible in our short visit.. Oh, and I just posted the following to your cache page Jim! Let me know if you want me to delete it buahhahah.. "I was just getting re -acquainted with some of the goings on in San Diego and I came across a challenge from the kwvers! in the forum - (visit link) Wewere about to fly out early to claim the reward (again hehehe), but they were clear that it has to be first time finders only! So, if anyone needs help with this, (wewant to feel like we're still part of the wonderful San Diego caching community of which Mr. and Mrs kwvers! are prominent members) we are more than happy to offer any hints or help on this - and wewould do this for a mominal fee - say $20. That's right, weare here to help find this cache for a small fee of 19.99 if you call now! Small print = Weare not responsible for any mishaps resulting from searching for this cache - especially attempts made in the dark. second and third party checks will not be accepted. Thank you. Bill of Wewilldo7 (Laurie does not want to be blamed for any of this Tomfoolery)"
  7. Congrats Trixxter Way to go on 600 Thanks Skillet!! WOOHOO - way to go, Trixxie!! So, now that you've found your 600th cache, you're gonna go to Disneyland, right??
  8. WOW - you guys rock!! Congratulations on reaching 6k!!!!!!!!
  9. Given this, the route suggested by TA should work. Can anyone confirm that it's possible for non-residents to take SR67 to Ramona, SR78 from Ramona to Santa Ysabel, and SR79 from Santa Ysabel to S-2? (This is actually the same route I took last year. It worked very well...) Arrgh. It looks like these are still closed... State Route 78 from San Pasqual Valley Road to State Route 79 in Santa Ysabel. State Route 79 from Route 78 to Route 76. It was a nice thought while it lasted... I think you can take 79 from Temecula out to the S2.... So far, that appears to be the route I'm going to try... FWIW, my parents live in Borrego Springs and they drove to San Diego via Temecula on Wednesday night, with plans to return home tonight the same way. They normally take the first route LLOT mentioned (SR67 to Ramona, SR78 from Ramona to Santa Ysabel, and SR79 from Santa Ysabel to S-2). We're probably going to go via Temecula too, but not until late tonight. We're looking forward to seeing everyone.
  10. Weare so glad to know you're safe, Karen!! We just wanted to extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone - we've been very lucky thus far. Please let us know if we can do anything for anyone. Bill and Laurie
  11. Read the thread, you pinko commie! Good job Tom - gotta keep those publishers in check!!
  12. Solana beach is being prepared for evacuation: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/fireblog/ My folks were evacuated from their home in South Carlsbad because they are on the edge of Olivenhain, south of Rancho Sante Fe Road. They said the wind was still howling when they left to go to my sisters house in Mira Mesa. Thanks for the updates - we are at the del mar horsepark with Traci's horse evac from Sycamore canyon area early this morning. News is sporatic and panic is in the air.having first hand reports is appreciated. Just got internet on the BB. Just heard a school in ramona burned, and a trainer moms nursing home also destroyed in ramona. We are at. 32 58.764. 117 13.889 - any caches close by? Here are a couple that should be within 1 mile of you: On The Border (GC14MT7) , N 32° 59.173 W 117° 14.759 The Egged Gallows (GC14V3F), N 32° 59.266 W 117° 14.678 You guys are in our prayers...so far so good in Tierrasanta!
  13. Whoo-Hoo!!! WOOHOO - way to go, Randy!! Man, you're racking up some pretty nice numbers...and FAST!! Congrats!!
  14. 400!!!! WAY TO GO BILL AND LAURIE!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwww...thanks, everyone!! We're having so much fun with geocaching - we're definitely not as fast as most (at finding, logging, hiding, etc....) but the important thing is that we love what we're doing, right?! As others have said, the best thing we've found while caching is new friends!!
  15. Hi Laurie. How are you? My whine for the day is that I can no longer whine here freely, since I now have proof that hubby reads the Forums. (I'll be adjusting his meds so this won't happen again...!!) Other than that, Dick, things are going well!!
  16. I hate posts to this thread that just seem to ramble endlessly. I mean the ones that go nowhere and really don't say anything. You know like that one the other day, it was crazy man! Folks should really say something. Talk about gravity or how we are too far from the sun or something like that. Or how people should wear pink in the jungles to stand out more. Make a statement about something that matters. Don't just ramble on and on. You know? I'm not sure why it bothers me, but I woke up this morning thinking about this, and I lost sleep over it, so I wanted to post here. I didn't want to just rant about nothing like everyone else. And they go nowhere with their logic, none of them! They just keep droning on and on. I hate that! Why can't everyone be like me (or Harmon) and talk about real stuff like I am now. You know? There has to be something important out there to talk about. Not just silly stuff. How about why Wheaties get soggy in milk. Anyone want to talk about that? Or should we listen to people go on and on about nothing. Ok, I'm done. Not one more word from me. Not one. Total silence. Yep, until I have something important to say. That's it. Total freakin' silence PS. I'm posting here to keep up our 10% ratio of posts to finds. (hey, someone should do a cache that requires a post to the forums to log it!) ***disclaimer*** Laurie had nothing to do with this meaningless log. She doesn't even know about it yet. She's the one that says intelligent stuff. Won't she be embarrassed?
  17. WOW, Harmon - absolutely GORGEOUS!! (And that foliage is real purty, too!!) Glad to see you and your bride are having such a lovely vacation...hubby and I are sure looking forward to those days!
  18. Pinky Brain, You're not loosing any sleep over this, are you? To clear up the air with my SD geofriends, I spoke with Spyder (cache owner) via email about the incident and told him I'd replace the cache and he thanked me. If he asked me to change my log, I would have done so in a heartbeat. Carpe Diem!!!!! Amen Randy. Words used against others' good intentions would be better spent towards writing more (positively) to cache logs. Alot of work is put into their placement... Seize the day indeed!... That's all I got to say about that...
  19. Cacher? - MIRAGEE Cache Location? - Darn it...does 4 out of 5 count?? Character mimicked? We couldn't remember. - EDITH ANN Actress? LILY TOMLIN and TV show? - LAUGH-IN
  20. What do you call those thingies that dig into your socks/ankles when you get within 100' of any San Diego canyon...? Foxtails, wethink...? (Caching company excluded, of course!!)
  21. I'm not sure who was more surprised to have company, us or these masked bandits! We had Thunder (Thunder-4's dog) with us and you should've seen this little guy shoot up the tree! This (not so) little guy probably didn't appreciate us interrupting his dinner...or maybe he was looking for a micro there...? Thanks for the great pics, Randy - and kudos on being FTF!
  22. Let us be the first to congratulate Thunder-4 on the big 2-0-0-0 (and 80 caches in one day)!!! Way to go, Randy!!
  23. I'm sure I'll be racing around in the Jeep all over the east county (35+-miles from home) looking for 11 more of those "Historic" caches... As long as you are visiting those caches anyway, would you mind signing my name in the log book? I need ten; I bet TRViolin has them all and he don't even know it. May go out to Blair Valley-Montero Pass on Sunday morning; anyone interested? We might be interested - any more details available? (Cache name, time, etc.)
  24. Wow, great job guys!! Hope to see you out in the field again - you were the first folks we ever met at a cache!! CONGRATS!!
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