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  1. Does anyone know how to DELETE the pocket queries once they are downloaded?
  2. Does anyone know if there is a way to download ALL logs for a cache?
  3. Thanks. I'm not referring to notifications for new caches. I meant finding out about existing caches in an area without requiring web access.
  4. I'm sure this has probably been discussed before, but I didn't see it in a search. I found myself out in an area I didn't anticipate yesterday, and I didn't have any caches loaded in my GPSr (it only holds 500). I thought, gee, I know where I am, and I have a cell phone. Wouldn't it be convenient to send a text message to geocaching.com and get an automatic response with nearby caches and descriptions. This would be a great premium member feature.
  5. One easy way is to get CacheStats. If you are a premium member you can download a .gpx file with all your finds. CacheStats will create HTML that you past into your profile.
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