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  1. I tool a look at their specs on their web site. It looks promising. However, the receiver has only eight channels. I guess one advantage is that only having an 8 channel correlater would take less power and gain more battery life making it a good match for a solar panel.
  2. For PPC: 1. GPXSonar - to have the cache details with me. 2. Mapopolis for vehicle navigation and getting me "there". 3. BeeLineGPS to find and manage the cache.
  3. The Garmin software works well as a vehicle navigation system and Points of Interest (POI) database. For Geocaching -- I would not suggest it. However. I believe that the M5 GPS engine will output NMEA data, which means you can install third party software. There are lots to choose from. BeeLineGPS - Makes your PDA into a Geocaching search engine and acts like a handheld GPS. Allows you to import GPX files, has lots of navigation features (goto, elevation profile, distance and bearing), can support thousands of waypoints with out degrading your performance. Easy to use. GPSTuner - Looks good, runs kind of slow. However it support GPX files and Bitmap mapping. Loading many waypoints slows it down. The interface looks nice and uses the .Net engine. Vito Navigator - You can load GPX files simple maps.
  4. See THIS POST as well. I posted a comment about map data providers...
  5. The map data problem is an interesting subject. Vendors like Garmin and Thales Navigation (Magellan) buy their map data from Navteq or other sources like TeleAtlas. Actually if you look at any routable map product on a GPS or the Internet (Yahoo, Google, Mapquest...) you will see a Map data source name -- "Map provided by Navteq" or maybe Teleatlas. This is because the licensing requirements by the map data provider and they require their name to be shown some where on the product. Also depends on the type of agreement that has been drafted between the map data provider and GPS vendor. I don't want to say that the map data providers are in control, but try to call them and see if they will talk to you. They will be glad to sell you data for tens of thousands of dollars per year plus royalties. That's raw data -- it will not work in your GPS without "compiling" it into the GPS proprietary format. Nonetheless, they (map data providers) do provide data that is as accurate as their satellite offices can provide and they are constantly trying to improve their data. Also some of these map providers provide Point of Interest data as well. I guess that is why GPS manufactures are reluctant to provide "free" map updates. However, it would be nice…
  6. No expansion slot - only a SD card slot. You could use a SD Bluetooth at the expense of SD memory. For BT and wireless I would suggest one of the HP models. However, you don't get a GPS with it. You could get the Garmin iQue M5 which has a bluetooth. However..... $$$$
  7. I have several PDAs and the Navman PiN (Mitac Mio 168) works well. The unit is actually made by Mitac and Navman somehow buys it. The Navman software does not have a state-of-the-art user interface. Therefore, you will most likely look for different vehicle navigation software like tomtom or Mapopolis. I found the Navman PiN for $350USD (on sale) at a local electronics store here in California. I could not pass up the price. Geocaching Navigation specific software: BeeLineGPS - Very specific to geocaching -- lots of navigation features - GPX GPSTuner - Supports some geocaching - GPX - bitmap maps Other Geocaching software: ( Link )
  8. Take a look at: BeeLineGPS - Very tuned for geocaching -- lots of navigation features. Vito Navigator - Has some navigation features GPSTuner - Have "bitmap" maps and navigation features
  9. BeeLineGPS comes very close to this. However, it will import GPX files which have more detailed information than LOC files. I have over 4000 caches in mine and wherever I go, I can see what's near by. It acts very much like a GPS handheld tuned for Geocaching. There is also GPSSonar - It's kind of like having a the web site at your fingertips. Yes -- very optimum Have fun!
  10. How does the display look in direct sun light? I have an iPaq and it looks perfect. However on the Mitak Mio, it is hard to read.
  11. I'm assuming in hardware, you are speaking of a GPS interface to your Dell. Check out GPS Passion. They seem to have lots of information on hardware. If you don't want wires hanging from your PDA, then the choice is a Bluetooth GPS receiver or some sort of SD interfaced GPS. Check out this klunky thing (review). There are others like GPS sleeves, but they are model specific. There are many bluetooth GPS receivers. If you decide on a Bluetooth GPS, make sure it outputs a standard NMEA protocol. This is a standard language that third party software understands.
  12. This questions was asked a while ago. Take a look at: Pocket Pc 2003 Gps Software Question, Calling all experienced PPC cachers!
  13. Kymus - Thanks! Question - Have you tried third party software on the iQue M5 such as GPSTuner, VisualGPSce or others? TIA
  14. If you are in to details of "why" -- check out Sam Wormley's site. It has lots of information about GPS and accuracy.
  15. Also check out the GPS Passion Fourns. They talk about PDAs and GPS and may be able to help you figure out your new toy.
  16. A PDA (PocketPC) with a GPS receiver can. Check out BeeLineGPS Other Software resources: Other software Hardware: GArmin MIO PDAs with built-in GPS and Complete PDA Nav Kits
  17. This is an interesting question. I know the magnitic pole changes. You can actually find out the position by visitiong a few sites like: Geological Survey of Canada or Woods Hole Marine Magnetism Group . I suppose you could mark one of these coordinates as a waypoint and perform a goto to verify the calculation. Could this be a virural cache?? LOL!
  18. Speaking of battery life -- does the Garmin M5 (PocketPC version) have a removable battery?? I use an ipaq and carry an extra battery. It seems to serve the purpose. However, I do carry an extra GPS as well.
  19. GOSH! Forgot to add GPXSonar -- brings the cache details from the web site to your PDA
  20. There are several items that I like to see when using a PDA (PocketPC) when caching. Here are some of my experiences: 1. The Garmin M5 does support the NMEA protocol. What does this mean? You can run third party software. This will augment your caching experience by allowing you to run programs that are specific to caching thus moving you closer to paperless. 2. Screen in sunlight - I have several PDA from the MIO 168 to the ipaq 5455. The MIO screen looks very good indoors or in a car with very good contrast. However, in sunlight, it is harder to read. The ipaq uses a different screen technology where the contrast is not very good (colors look more washed out) but you can read it in direct sunlight. 3. Integrated GPS - Having an integrated GPS with the PDA is very convenient. There are no wires or other devices to worry about. Big plus. 4. Ruggedness – PDA’s are fragile animals. Dropping one can end its life. There are manufactures that make hard cases for these devices and it is recommended to use them. 5. Software is very important for finding and managing a cache. There are lots of different choices of software. Garmin built in software – review BeeLineGPS (discussion)- Manages caches, reads GPX files, make the PDA act very much like a handheld GPS receiver. Works very well for finding caches. GPSTuner– Downloads GPX files, has nice graphics presentation, uses scanned maps Vito Navigator (review) Mapopolis– Very good street level mapping software http://www.mapopolis.com/ The list goes on... PDA Hard Cases That's my $0.02
  21. Hi "The Neverlanders", BeeLineGPS (other GPS software as well) uses a serial connection to gain access to the GPS receiver. A standard communication protocol called NMEA (NMEA web site) allows third party applications to communicate to the GPS. Bluetooth can be considered as a wireless serial port when communicating to the GPS receiver. There are specific commands within the NMEA protocol that GPS software looks at. BeeLineGPS requires the following: GPGGA - Global Positioning System Fix Data - reports time, position and fix related data GPGSA - GNSS DOP and Active Satellites - reports which satellites are being used for navigation and DOP (dilution of precision) values GPGSV - GNSS Satellites in View - reports the signal to noise ratios (signal strangth) for each satellite tracked as well as the azimuth and elevation of each satellite GPRMC - Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Data - Reports position, speed over ground, date and year There can be many different ways of connecting a GPS receiver using the PPC. Your question was specific to bluetooth. On the pocket PC, the bluetooth manager will start when connected to the serial port associated with the bluetooth device from the GPS application. Select the GPS bluetooth device shown in the manager and the connection will be complete. You could use a cable from the PPC to the Meridian, but you will be living with cables dangling. If you do use cables with the PPC and GPS, then again, you would connect using the serial port. In most cases serial port 1 on the PPC is the external port that a cable connects to. This is somewhat a techi answer. Hope it answered your question. Have fun caching! RumJungle
  22. My $0.02.. I would have to agree that Mapopolis is a good street navigation program. The best thing of all, if you don’t like a particular program for the PPC, you can always get another one. When I bought my MIO 168 that came with Navman software and found that the user interface was not to my liking, I did some research and found something else. There is lots of discussion about using a PDA for geocaching and no software to support it. There is. BeeLineGPS It supports thousands of waypoints, tracks, GOTO waypoint (shows distance to and direction), has a compass, altimeter, speedometer, altitude profile and it even imports GPX files. There are also 10 waypoint icons and geocache states to support our addiction. The map allows you to orientate it so it faces North up or Track up. There are other options like "Palm Books" (OQO) which is another discussion.
  23. We have good success in using eBook reader to view detailed information about the cache and BeeLineGPS to change my PDA into a hand held GPS to search for the cache.
  24. Hi Azark, Take a look at BeeLineGPS. It will allow you to mark waypoints, display tracks, create a go to, altitude profile and a number of other functions. Also it has features specific to Geocaching and support for the GPX file format. It acts simular to a hand-held GPSr. There is another utility you may be interested in at, GPS Passion and the direct download: WinCE Monitor. It will allow you to setup the Navman's SiRF chip set. Hope this helps! RumJungle
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