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  1. I love all of these swag ideas! Typically what I leave changes up quite a bit. At one point I was leaving handmade paracord bracelets (Which can come in handy when your in a fairly sticky situation), as well as art and craft kits, camping gear (flashlights,lanyards, etc) and cash. So really, I enjoy leaving things that have practicality. Its really nice to come across something that can help you in your geocaching adventures in the geocaches.
  2. Hi everyone! Im a geocacher with some experience, having 39 finds, and am learning to love caching with each find i make! I do have 2 hides of my own, and am really excited about placing one up by a area known as Batchawana Bay, which is about an hour outside of an Ontario town called Sault Sainte Marie, especilly with this place being as wonderful and beautiful as it is! I have not made alot of posts to the forum, mainly just browsing and learning from it to futher my understanding of the game! can't wait for more geocaching adventures in the future!
  3. Narcissa, my last post only talked about about how it irked me when people did not trade up and even. There was no need to to be rude about it. And the only reason that i had edited my post was because i thought of better things that annoyed me when geocaching about that. Please understand that everyone has there own right to their own opinions and thoughts, and their is no need for judgement. Thanks!
  4. I myself LOVE to make handmade swag, and have put together some different things. One of them is putting together little first aid kits, as alot of geocachers may find themselves a little scrapped up from some bushwhacking to find a cache, so these to them maybe a sign of relief! I also made some nice handmade bracelets as well, out of embroidery thread. there are a lot of possibilities out there, so use your imagination! Here are some ideas to get you started: https://geoswag.wordpress.com/
  5. 1. Finding food, broken or disgusting items in a cache once you find it. (I've heard of some pretty interesting stories about this, believe me!) 2. Being in the middle of a geocaching Adventure, when all of a sudden your GPS dies, and you have no batteries!!!
  6. I would contact the owner of the cache beforehand to see if he has any intention of going to repair the cache anytime soon, and if not, then i would go ahead. Before doing so though, try to get details from the creator about the cache (hiding spot, etc) so it can be placed as accurately and can be as alike to the last cache in that spot as possible. Good Luck!
  7. I really like the idea of incorporating your own interests into the cache! I think i might have an idea for my cache!! I'll keep this forum posted for others who need some inspiration!
  8. I would probably contact Geocaching itself, they may be able to contact a CO a little better than a reviewer.
  9. Recently i've been wanting to place a cache in a area of where i'm going camping (I've been going to this spot for years), but want it to be different from others out there. So now i want to know, what are some themes that geocachers find cool?. really any ideas would be great! Thanks!
  10. Wow! That is certainly a interesting find! maybe a replacement container that someone put there due to not finding the cache? I really don't know how that would be a good container though...
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