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  1. Yes, even robots have dreams... Mine is to eventually find every cache in the SF grid. I generally hate going into the city, but maybe with a couple of fellow cachers, it will be more fun (and efficient). So...anyone interested in caching in San Francsico on the weekends of 18Oct03 and/or 25Oct03? I'm mostly trying to get the caches in SF proper (NE corner of SF). Here's an aerial shot of the goals: http://www.lakemercedcoc.org/SF_caches_10Oct03.jpg I'm flexible as to what caches to get (or not get) if someone already has gotten some of them. I just want to take a bite out of the sheer number of caches to start with. If you're interested in coming along, drop me an email and we'll organize something. Dreaming... John (no robot kids on this adventure) The Robot Family [This message was edited by The Robot Family on October 09, 2003 at 10:12 AM.] [This message was edited by The Robot Family on October 09, 2003 at 11:50 AM.]
  2. Hey... has anyone ever volunteered to be a "Phone-A-Friend" for the Bay Area in case someone gets stuck at a cache site? It would be nice to have an "emergency" contact person for those caches that you just can't locate even though they're right in front of your face. I had a close call today and felt a bit helpless. Fortunately the cache fell out of the structure I was under and hit me on the head and I found it! If you'd be willing to let me call you in desperate times (which I've never had in 70 caches so far... but I've been close), can you please email me with your phone number? I'm also happy to give my phone number out to less-experienced cachers who need a hint to a cache that I've been to before. Or if this all sounds like a terrible idea... just let me know. I'll only resent you for a hard cache or two. John The Robot Family
  3. My daughter (7 yo) and I are planning a quick trip down to Monterey to visit the aquarium (this Sun and Mon). We thought we might try to hit a couple caches while we're down there. 1. Can anyone suggest a couple kid-friendly caches ? ... i.e. quick and easy to get to and with lots of toys ;-) 2. We also need a place to stay. Does anyone have an affordable hotel recommendation? Thanks for your help. We look forward to our trip in a couple days! John and Hailey The Robot Family
  4. Greetings from the US! Sorry for the delay to jump in this discussion. I'm actually enjoying not being tied down to my computer every day while I'm on holidays. Thanks for liberating the California Vampire. She was getting a little tired of the same cuisine at the Highgate Cemetery. As Kennamatic and Mr Hedgehog advised, it's always better to grab a TB and move it along even if you can't help it towards its specific goal. For example, Tiger Hawk has a tough goal, but its definitely not going to find any volcanos at Highgate! (Unless something very strange happens). Maybe moving it along will create another "mission" prompted by its movements from cache to cache. TBs are wild cards and their missions and stories are always changing. Sad to say we haven't been geocaching since London, but am planning on it before I run out of vacation days! Hope you guys can make it to San Francisco so we can do some American caching with you. [8D] Cheers! John The Robot Family
  5. We're leaving for London tomorrow and are bringing over 10 travelbugs to start adventures over there. We have a question. Some of the travel bugs are new and have never been "placed in a cache." If we just hand them to another cacher or cache over there, will they track the mileage from our home in California? OR should I pretend to place and retrieve the fresh TBs in a local cache and then take them over? How does the mileage work on a newly activated bug that is handed over to someone far away?! The Robot Family
  6. I've sent an email to Mr. Hedgehog, but it bounced. I tried through the GC site but not sure if it witn through. So...Mr Hedgehog... if you haven't received our email, please contact us. Or for that matter, if you have received our email, please contact us! Kennamatic - got your email and will email you back! Anyone else want to join the fun?! Just let us know (robotman@direcway.com). John The Robot Family
  7. My wife and I will be vacationing in Italy for a few days in July and would like to possibly geocache while we are there. Can anyone suggest any fairly easy and interesting geocaches in Florence or Cinque Terre? Thank you. John The Robot Family
  8. Sherlock 7 missing AGAIN? Oh dear... not too much of a mystery to solve if the final solution is missing. Drat those geomugglers! How do we know if the physical cache is in place or not? The logs say the cache was not found by the last visitor (although they logged a find) which was over a month ago, but noone has really confirmed if the cache is gone or not. Still sounds like a worthwhile series to do even if we can't go to the final cache. The Robot Family
  9. Are all the Sherlock virtual caches (1-6) and the final physical cache locations easily accessed off the tube? How long would people guess it takes to complete the series and find the final cache? And for the dumb yank... supposing that we actually found all the virtuals, how do I know where to go for the final cache? I know I'll have the coordinates, but being totally unfamiliar with the tube stops.. how do I know which one to get off to get close to the final cache locaction? Or is that part of the game? Sounds like a great series to try while we are there. I hope it's all tube-friendly!! John The Robot Family
  10. Chris and Maria's site is a great start. There are LOTS of caches right of the tube! Now we just need to figure out which ones we want to go try and get lost finding! Thanks for the links!! John The Robot Family
  11. Oops... I should have said that we will be staying in downtown London near the Baker Street Tube Station. (Just saying we'll be in England was a bit vague. ) So if anyone would like to meet us in London, that would be fun. We can make the TB drop-off over dinner or even do a cache if someone is up to it. Any takers?! The Robot Family
  12. Yes... we'll be in London. I was a bit vague with just saying we'd be in the UK, eh?! Thanks for the postcode starting point link. The other thread seemed more just to talk about the private land issue about caches, but didn't really recommend any specific ones. What are some people's favorite caches in or around downtown London? There are so many to choose from and so little time. Thanks. John The Robot Family
  13. We'll be visiting England July 1-5 and will have at least four US travel bugs we'd like to place in UK caches or get into the hands of some UK cachers. We're also more than happy to take any UK TBs back to the US for more adventuring. Let us know and we can arrange an exchange! John and Carrie The Robot Family [This message was edited by The Robot Family on June 22, 2003 at 02:10 PM.]
  14. We're planning on vacationing in the UK next week and would love any recommendations for a cache or two while we're there (July 1-5). I've never been to England before so we thought geocaching may be a good way to explore a bit. Any cache recommendations that would show us the sites or take us somewhere interesting would be great. We are also limited to tube transportation, so I guess any recommendations should be accessible with public transportation. Also if anyone would like to meet in person for a cache, that would be fun. Let us know! John and Carrie The Robot Family
  15. We're planning a trip to England and Italy next week if anyone would like to have a TB jump the big puddle. You can drop off a TB in "Friendship Cache" or "Counting With Grace" in Pacifica and I can pick them up. Or drop me a note and we can make other arrangements. The Robot Family
  16. I'll have to check out J&S next time on my way to Monterey. I ordered 10 boxes from Cheaper Than Dirt and I am a little disappointed at how dirty they arrived. They all came in covered with sand / dirt (now I get the name of the store) and some of them have a little rust. All are intact and probably will be fine after cleaning. I was just expecting to receive them in "cleaner" condition. Maybe I have too high of expectations for used ammo boxes. Also, they made very little, if any, money on the order. It took two very heavy boxes to ship them and then only charged me $10 which no way covered the UPS charges. At $5 per box delivered to your door... it's still a good deal. The Robot Family
  17. Oops... my fault on not reading the Skydiver shipping page all the way through. I just saw the cheapest rate as $5 in the first table and didn't scroll down to see the "Sticker Shipping" rate lower on the page. I see you also have the rate on the sticker page itself. I was so focused on looking at the stickers, that I didn't bother reading anything and I scrolled right past the shipping description when I was looking at the stickers. Maybe you can make the font a little bigger or put "SPECIAL SHIPPING RATE" in big letters next to the paragraph about shipping on the sticker page. Thanks for clarifying things. I'll definitely order some Skydiver stickers next time I order! John The Robot Family
  18. I just called GPSCity.com and told them that their website said 10 stickers weighed 7 lbs. They were surprised and took my order over the phone. The cheapest UPS shipping you could get online is $4.50, but over the phone they were willing to put the stickers in an envelope and send it normal mail for only a couple dollars. Kudos to GPSCity.com! The Robot Family
  19. Thanks for the info. I don't think spraypaint and stencils would get along with me. I'm too messy. ;-) The Skydiver link has some good alternatives, but their shipping is still high at $5. Either all these stickers are much heavier than I think, or someone is making a lot of money on shipping! It's too bad no one can just ship the stickers in an envelope for $1-2. The Robot Family
  20. Where is the cheapest place to get the 5x10" geocaching stickers for ammo boxes? I see that the stickers are all about $2 each, but the shipping is ridiculously expensive! I want to order 10 stickers and there is $7 shipping from Geocaching.com store and over $9 shipping from GPSCity.com (that says the stickers weigh 7 lbs)! Why is shipping so expensive?! Any cheaper alternatives for the same stickers? Thanks. The Robot Family
  21. Thanks for the info. I posted in the general forums and people also recommended CheaperThanDirt.Com. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ctd/product.asp?sku=ZAA%2D095&AID=10279846&PID=1275160 The ammo boxes are only $3.97. I bought 10 and with shipping they came to about $5/each which is the best I've ever seen. They also have >15,000 in stock. Should keep cachers well stocked for a while. Thanks again! John The Robot Family
  22. Wow... CheaperThanDirt is a great deal! The same ammo containers are $15 on some other internet sites. I don't know about the goverment trying to get rid of these but CheaperThanDirt has over 15,000 in stock. I just ordered 10. Thanks for all the tips!! The Robot Family
  23. I posted a similiar inquiry on the general forum, but thought I'd try the West forum in case there are some SF cachers reading this... __ Can anyone suggest the best (aka cheapest) place to get ammo boxes on the SF pennisula? I live in Pacifica (just south of San Fran). I've checked a couple Army outlets and they have told me that the ammo boxes are hard to find. Something about a goverment conspiracy to destroy them. I like the ammo boxes for their weather-proofness and camoflauge, but I can't find them! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. The Robot Family
  24. Can anyone suggest the best (aka cheapest) place to get ammo boxes online? I live near San Fran if anyone knows of any stores, too. I've checked a couple Army outlets and they have told me that the ammo boxes are hard to find. Something about a goverment conspiracy to destroy them. I like the ammo boxes for their weather-proofness and camoflauge. Also can some one suggest some of the various online resources to get Geocaching stickers to label caches? And I guess... also microcache labels? Logsheets? Etc. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks. The Robot Family
  25. Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried GeoCode and it was right on. My house is on a little culdesac on a hill and never lines up, but GeoCode got it. Pretty impressive. Does it really track when you use it 25 times or does it just request you buy it if you use it more than 25 time? I really don't want to spend $50 just to do the occasional address look-up. The Robot Family
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