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  1. Guess we are old school too. Put them out if we get in your area someday they are the kind we look for.
  2. We just came on to see if anyone is having trouble with notifications. We're not getting any here in Pa. yet.
  3. I think that is coincodes under Leprechaun. Thank you. That worked.
  4. Hi we retrieved a CACHING WITH LUCK O THE IRISH geocoin today in a coins and pins sleeve. When we tried to retrieve the activation code it doesn't come up in thier list. Ground speak says it is not activated yet. Does anyone know if they are the manufacture or is it just in the wrong sleeve? It has a Leprechaun with a rainbow going into an ammo can on it.
  5. I had to change my screen resolution from 1024x768 to 1152x864 to see all the buttons on my profile page. They were covered by the logo and the advertising. Dose anyone else have this problem?
  6. I placed an order almost a year ago. Never recieved it, They did take my payment from paypal, never got a reply from many e-mails I sent.
  7. Try this site. http://www.techblazer.com/
  8. 6:51 am still can't get to our account page.
  9. Yes I do have the USB cable but I have and old laptop that only has serial ports
  10. Can anyone tell me, Will my pc serial interface cable from my old map76 series work with my new 60cxs?
  11. I am trying to go paperless, and not knowing anything adout PDA's can someone tell me if a palm z22 will work with windows 2000 or windows XP using outlook express? Or do I have to buy other softwear to sync the pc and palm together? Thanks for any help I can get.
  12. Thank you all will try and see what happens
  13. really all I did was take the values that were there. thanks I will read FAQ you sent me
  14. Help I am trying to set up pocket querys and get no results my e-mails come back with no results found or nothing comes back at all can someone tell me what i am doing wrong in setting them up
  15. Go to the forum with gps related topics and softwear. I was reading quite a few people are haveing trouble with their 60 series seems that some are say they are off by a few hundred feet maybe that is you problem also
  16. you have to download the waypoint fromt the cache page then it will go to easy gps. You can find the icon just below the distance from your home location on the cache waypoint page
  17. My cache counts are ok and the red check is there did you happen to hit the filter out finds maybe when you searched?
  18. I don't think it is only the cache count I can't find a cache that has been found in the last two days. Everything says either found 2 days ago or later.
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