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  1. Thanks for the replies... I found a nice program 'watcher' by Clayjar which works very nicely on my laptop. I guess I'll ahve to send me some money.... I wonder if I put it on a travel bug, and in a cache if it will reach him????
  2. Is there enought geocachers in Central PA to get a club together(even if informal). I see Lots of caches south of me, but not too many north of me. yes I know the logical thing to do is create caches. But finding your own cache gets real boring real fast. Robert
  3. As far as I understand the rules of this...it would not be a good idea. too commercial. Besides...those places aren't open 24 hours, so everyone wouldn't be able to take part...
  4. I have found very few areas CLOSED to foot traffic, vehicle traffic yes, but not foot. And in that Case you just have a longer walk.... about 20 Years ago a Ranger from one of the Parks in the NorthWest, wrote about how Pennsylvania's Park Rangers were Eco NAZI's for closing sections of wilderness regions due to wind damaged trees, rouge bears are any other Natural danger. The PA Ranger's said they were protecting the people.... Hey it's a WILDERNESS area...that means it's supposed to be wild. Anyhow I digress..... snow just adds an extra challenge to the search.
  5. Ok I got my GPS, and MY GPSeasy to load my GPS with teh coordinates of the caches.... But I am still printing out copies of the webpages so I have an on-site copy and Description of the location. Does GPX or Ebook give you a description of the cache that is teh same as the Webpage? Thanks Robert
  6. quote: It seems a shame to me that when the person you referred to was getting engaged, his (or her) geocaching activies stopped. It should have been an occasion for training a new geocacher and the bug would have been on track with no delays.Oh well, life goes on. Captain Walker Well it would hope that would be true....but alast, whenever we get married lots of things get turned upsidedown.... I used to go Scuba-diving several times a week, and was even doing this during the entire engagement process. Wintersummer made no difference...after I said "I DO"....well I still own my gear, and that's about it(and yes she was also certified).... Now geocaching....I am glad to say that I can go do, and she has No intentions of following.
  7. I guess it all depends on who's doing what..... about 10 years ago i lived up there. And I did a lot of scubadiving in the Cape Ann Region. I found that from Labor Day to Memorial Day was the best time to go.....Very few other divers except for the HardCore Divers from MetroWest(I was a member), and NorthSHore Frogmen, Best Visiblity of the year.... and Most Important of ALL......You can park in better locations. During the summer most locations are limited to "residents ONLY" and the cops are only too happy to give you a nice Parking ticket(or even tow), but in the off season. AS long as you aren't breaking any laws you usually get a break in Parking. Folly Cove would make a Great Virtual cache....there is nothing like being out on the water under a full moon late at night. Calm seas, no wind, and a Full moon.
  8. Maptech Topo Map is a nice on-line source for finding co-ordinates...I use it to check out unfamiliar spots before going to them.... http://www.maptech.com/index.cfm?BPID=MAP0060030900
  9. Are any of the caches rated??? Like the movies? yeah sure glass can break, but would a responsible adult let a child reach into a cache without checking it first?? Also what about any other dangers? like Rattlesnakes. I know that some of these areas that the caches are in are very active with snakes. I say it's a Judgement call....
  10. How about useing one of those GPS locaters they use for Children? it' designed to be placed in their backpack and you can trace their travels. Not sure of the price
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