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  1. Disagree totally on that point! Yes, Groundspeak and Garmin may have given up on it but it's still going strong with the phone based players and web-based development tools. We've =Wherigo+Cache&hidden_fromyyyy=&hidden_frommm=&hidden_fromdd=&hidden_toyyyy=&hidden_tomm=&hidden_todd=&bml_owner=&bml_guid=&submit=Filter&submitbutton=Filter"]set a few and =Wherigo+Cache&fromyyyy=&frommm=&fromdd=&toyyyy=&tomm=&todd=&submit=Filter&submitbutton=Filter"]found a few and the range of ideas for game play never ceases to amaze me! Mark
  2. I have to agree that it's blummin' heavy handed locking a thread about FindStatsGen! FindStatsGen goes hand-in-hand with caching and if Groundspeak's own stats pages weren't so pathetic there would be no need for anyone to use it! The OP or other cachers might have wanted to comment on the Project-GC link I posted or is that verboten as well? Mark
  3. You can do it using project gc http://project-gc.com/Profile/ProfileStats?profile_name=lathama&getprofile=Get+profile Alternatively, here's a cribsheet I wrote a few years ago for a local cacher http://www6.brinkster.com/coolsite/findstatgen.htm
  4. On an unrelated note, his car's odometer reading recently passed 200,000 miles The fifth time he's had a car do that Mark
  5. I think the 'mileage of Trackables passing through the cache will be reasonably accurate' reason is nonsense. If that was the case Multis would have the same restriction. I think the main reason is that if you are planning to go to an area and see a puzzle, set about solving it only to find that the final location is miles and miles away you'd be pretty miffed. M
  6. Like you say, other major sites. Geocaching.com is in no way a 'major' site! M
  7. Don't worry about it Drop the owner an email if you like then they can then release the copy We've lost trackables in the past and most of ours have been 'lost' I don't lose any sleep over it that's for sure Alternatively just deny all knowledge M
  8. That's a shame In that case, yes Reivers is the oldest original log. (We've found the 14 of the 15 oldest UK caches)
  9. GCF0 (oldest cache in UK) has the original logbook and container Edited to add Oh yeah, I just noticed that you mentioned that cache in your post
  10. Have you tried this? I renewed my PM last week expecting to have to pay £24.99 and I got charged $29.99 I'd say, get and renew asap and set up an auto renewal while it's still a mess! Mark
  11. Heavy-handed moderation on this site is enough to kill it! I only use Facebook for Geocaching related stuff and I use my own name. Whereas this is a joint caching account. For that reason I usually communicate with the reviewers through Facebook as well. Mark
  12. I can honestly say that I have NEVER added a cache to the watchlist and then done ANYTHING with the watchlist other than click 'back' or closed the page I think the only time I remove anything is when I've received one too many emails about a cache/trackable and I click the link within the email
  13. When I click the link to add to watchlist, it then shows me the watchlist. I don't need to see the watchlist. If I am using my iPhone or something with a very slow connection it is piggin' irritating having to wait for a wage to load which I don't even want to see! It need updating so it works like the 'Add to Favorites' link So there! Yes, there is bound to be someone who likes to view their Watchlist each time they add a cache to it but I'm pretty sure they would be in the minority Mark
  14. I think my definitions would be: Meet: Pub etc, no new caches eg Brummie Meets or stanthews's monthly Wiltshire Events where attendees generally just talk about caching Event: Outdoors but where new caches are placed/released and attendees actually go caching eg Coming of age 3. (Camping events would fit in this category ) Mega Event: 500+ attendees Thanks Mark
  15. There's a tripointing site http://www.trigpointinguk.com/ which has nothing to do with Groundspeak or geocaching (although a lot of the user names will look familiar) The other option is the moving Virtual GC45CC which visits trigpoints around the UK. Any previous trigpoints can be claimed and you need to quote the YSM number in your Found It log. Have a look at the map on http://yosm.org.uk to determine what the YSM number is. However, if the trig isn't listed, you can't log it* *yet Mark
  16. All known moving caches are excluded from the souvenir scheme. Bookmark list of excluded caches: click I think these were added over time so some cachers might have souvenirs which were awarded before the cache was excluded (if you see what I mean) We have a stray Kentucky State souvenir and I have no idea which cache triggered it. Mark
  17. Would I be so brave as to suggest it's a male/female thing? I (Mr Delta68) prefer North up on the GPS whereas Mrs Delta68 prefers direction up. I have never been a map turner Mark
  18. Well, for the PQ from Bookmark list I'm CERTAIN that it used to show the distance from from home for each cache! Not so sure about the route PQs because I've only ever previewed those in order to tweak the setting to get the result as close to 1000 as possible
  19. PQ Preview not showing distances for PQ from Bookmark List or PQ Along a Route Still works OK for a normal PQ though
  20. Relogging finds automatically would be fairly easy now using GSAK and a 'My Finds' PQ Relogging all DNFs would be trickier because they are only included in the My Finds PQ if the cache was subsequently found. Mark
  21. Agree 100% with this! If you've got nothing to say, don't say anything. Cut & Pasted essays are the WORST type of log. Far worse than a 'TFTC'! Personally, I wouldn't even log TFTC if the overall experience was negative. Mark
  22. No Indeed there are. 95 caches in the UK have over a 1000 finds: project-gc
  23. It's hardly a major bug. It's always been like that
  24. When I plan to go to an area I'll run a PQ for that area but I then run another PQ for the route to the area or for an overlapping circle if you see what I mean. At the moment I run the first PQ, load it into GSAK, add the whole lot to the ignore list and then run the second PQ (excluding caches in the ignore list) to avoid duplicates What would be really handy is if I could just exclude the results of the first PQ in the 2nd PQ
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