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  1. Yeah we did six countries in one day in 2010. Full story here B)


    I did G'ebbes last year on a separate day trip so if you wanted to do that I'd advise you to go there first and then do other countries on the way home maybe.


    A group of other cachers from the Midlands did six in a day last April by finding a cache in UK, flying to Strasbourg or somewhere and finishing up in Bruges an then going to G'ebbes the following day (I think)



  2. Why would you need it on caches that have the correct coords already


    'Play Anywhere' Wherigos: As the name suggests, you play it anywhere and it gives you the final location (or the means to calculate the final location).


    It would be extremely helpful if these final locations could be plotted on the online map easily.

  3. Currently on 144 finds (still only 13 published hides)


    We ALWAYS use more than one type of device

    Between the two of us we have

    Oregon 300,Oregon 550,iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 running WhereYouGo.


    I could add Mio P500 to that list as well but to be honest, I haven't used it for a few years now.



  4. I'm just trying to put the bare bone for a new cache into the system and all ok until I get to choosing the container size. I've tried moving the slider and double clicking on the icon, even tried changing to a size I don't want to no avail. Anyone else had a problem? Suggestions gratefully received.....


    PM sent H

  5. I too am nosey :huh: you never know, it might be something the rest of us do - or might like to do or know how to do?


    OK, I use this GreaseMonkey script


    I then preview the Events only PQ I mentioned earlier and step through each page at a time. This saves the event distance etc within the Firefox settings



    I can then go to the http://www.geocaching.com/calendar/default.aspx page an I get a nicely filtered page like this:




    This might all seem a bit long-winded and cumbersome but compare that to the worse-than-useless normal calendar page.

    Go on, click HERE to see what an unusable mess it is!


    I use it all the time. I have never had any feedback about the script from anyone else despite it having been download 1,325 times!

  6. Apart from having notifications set up for events, I also have a PQ for all UK Events which have not yet been attended. There's always some muppet who logs an Attended instead of a Will Attend but generally it shows me all the future events without having to mess around with setting dates.

    I can then preview the PQ in the map and see if there are any forthcoming events in areas I might like to go to.


    I also use the PQ for something else which is very useful but difficult to explain so I shan't bother because I doubt anyone would be interested anyway...



  7. My guess is that the problem is more straightforward that all those suggestions.


    The Etrex only supports 6 character cache codes so some are being truncated and overwriting others nearby which have the same code once truncated.

    Truncated ones on the etrex will then not appear on the website as they are not valid codes


    The solution is to load the PQ into your etrex using GSAK and the drop2 option to remove 'GC' off the start of the codes


    This thread will now get locked because over zealous moderators say that we are not allowed to discuss GSAK



  8. I had the chance of FTF on a couple of Archived Virtuals last year... I didn't bother in the end though. They are still loggable for anyone who wants to risk it. B)


    I know a cacher who logged a find on a different Archived Virtual last year but his log was deleted and the listing locked.



  9. I tried to play with intercache on my Galaxy S4 and got nowhere.

    On the one occasion the site actually let me log in (it nearly always says the password is incorrect), I was unable to get an internet connection. This was outside in my road not deep in the words etc.


    I think I'll stick with Wherigos (the icon is so much nicer than a boring question mark as well B) )





    Plus we have to remember, this hobby was started by a 0/0 hider, as were many of the first 30 or 40 caches in the world :lol:




    The difference then though, was that the cachers were mainly (if not all) from a technical background with a genuine interest in out-door and GPS based activities.

    They can't really be compared to newbies who discover Geocaching by sitting in their bedroom browsing the iPhone app store looking for a new free app to play with. :blink:




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