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  1. Our TomTom XL died while in Portugal earlier this year so I am looking to replace it.

    However, it looks as though none of the current TomTom models will take 3rd party points of interest. (Why are improvements always a step backwards? :mad: )


    So, what can I use instead?

    Ideally I want it to have mapping for the whole of Europe - like our old one did and must be able to take POIs generated from the GSAK Macro.





  2. Could you, on the other hand, provide us with any estimate of how likely it is that this issue will ever get fixed?


    The answer to this question is NEVER


    And if it doesn't, at least explain us the real reason why not?


    The answer to this question is:

    because it's a substantial technical issue


    There you go...

    I know because I asked someone directly :blink:



  3. I guess we've learned from this that Groundspeak can break some part of the website, and everyone will complain for a week or two before accepting that this is just par for the course.


    This email farce sinks to a totally new level though. I mainly view the website through my PC and I can correct all the stupid website enhancements using GreaseMonkey and AdBlockPlus


    I just came to do my regular deletion of emails and, where I used to be able to filter on [GEO] Notify to select all published cache notification I now have to search for each cache type - a real pain in the proverbial!! :mad:


    Setting up inbound filters is not appropriate because it just isn't, I don't want to and I shouldn't have to! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:



  4. For one reason or another, I have another account with the watchlist sending emails to my works email. My work's email is the ONLY place I've seen where the whole subject is readable as it spans two lines. What email client is it? It's Lotus Notes and if Groundspeak are actually using lotus notes we should feel sorry for them...

  5. One thing that amazes me is how, for years, Groundspeak have refused to implement 'nano' cache size using the excuse that it might break 3rd party apps. How many 3rd party apps are there exactly? And how many of those are Groundspeak approved anyway?


    Yet changes like this are rolled out on a whim without caring how many THOUSANDS of users it inconveniences. :huh:




  6. Our Geocaching account is a joint account between me and my wife.

    If it was just mine, I would just mark all these emails as spam and be done with it. :mad:


    This really is the most frustrating change that Groundspeak have ever made!

    At least the pointless website changes over the years have been fixable with GreaseMonkey and Adblock :mad: :mad: :mad:




    I just noticed the same when I received three new logs for my caches. I'm extremely unhappy about this change.

    This is a big step backwards and very annoying.


    Agreed 100%!


    I normally skim through the email subject lines on my phone and I could see at a glance if there were any DNFs


    This new format is a REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


    Someone will have to come up with the date the "new" challenge guidelines were released, as that one is definitely Grandfathered, and would not be published today.


    It's all down to individual reviewers. A cacher local to me in the UK listed a similar challenge in August 2009 (long before that Danish cache and long before guideline changes) and it was rejected.



  9. Although a many cacher seem to think ammo boxes are the only 'proper' cache container very few of the oldest caches are or ever were ammo boxes. Some even got 'upgraded' to ammo boxes at a later date.

    Also, they frequently aren't particularly waterproof either. :(


    Having said that, they are great and there's nothing quite like finding a 50cal box after a long walk and sitting down to examine the contents B)



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