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  1. I think it's time Groundspeak ditched the stupid name 'lackey' as well. The name suggests that they do whatever is asked of them and that is clearly no longer the case..... M
  2. Any idea why the subject lines are inconsistent? I was getting some about 5 hours ago which used the [GEO] Notify style, they've now reverted to the awful new guff again
  3. The HTML format email really is pointless and tiresome It doesn't even look nice... Mark
  4. Yay! The old subject line is back! Edit to say: Or not! Watchlist notifications were back to the old format. 'New cache' notifications aren't M
  5. For one reason or another, I have another account with the watchlist sending emails to my works email. My work's email is the ONLY place I've seen where the whole subject is readable as it spans two lines. What email client is it? It's Lotus Notes and if Groundspeak are actually using lotus notes we should feel sorry for them...
  6. One thing that amazes me is how, for years, Groundspeak have refused to implement 'nano' cache size using the excuse that it might break 3rd party apps. How many 3rd party apps are there exactly? And how many of those are Groundspeak approved anyway? Yet changes like this are rolled out on a whim without caring how many THOUSANDS of users it inconveniences. M
  7. Our Geocaching account is a joint account between me and my wife. If it was just mine, I would just mark all these emails as spam and be done with it. This really is the most frustrating change that Groundspeak have ever made! At least the pointless website changes over the years have been fixable with GreaseMonkey and Adblock :mad: M
  8. Agreed 100%! I normally skim through the email subject lines on my phone and I could see at a glance if there were any DNFs This new format is a REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. Jeeze! Those diabetes rings used to be in every other cache. Probably haven't seen one since 2008...
  10. Doesn't work for me either Firefox on XP
  11. It's all down to individual reviewers. A cacher local to me in the UK listed a similar challenge in August 2009 (long before that Danish cache and long before guideline changes) and it was rejected. M
  12. If I try and edit my statistics settings I get this message: This user is in readonly mode. Why's that then? M
  13. I agree with everyone except the OP However, such a challenge does exist in Denmark (we found it last year) Challenge: Own 5 Active Cache Types (GC2HW60) M
  14. Although a many cacher seem to think ammo boxes are the only 'proper' cache container very few of the oldest caches are or ever were ammo boxes. Some even got 'upgraded' to ammo boxes at a later date. Also, they frequently aren't particularly waterproof either. Having said that, they are great and there's nothing quite like finding a 50cal box after a long walk and sitting down to examine the contents M
  15. Yeah that makes sense I suppose. Thanks
  16. Have a look at this. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=52&lng=-1&dist=20&sortdir=asc&sort=lastfound The first cache (which has been found) says last found '08 Aug 10' but if you open the cache page it has been found numerous times since then. So there!
  17. Yeah we did six countries in one day in 2010. Full story here I did G'ebbes last year on a separate day trip so if you wanted to do that I'd advise you to go there first and then do other countries on the way home maybe. A group of other cachers from the Midlands did six in a day last April by finding a cache in UK, flying to Strasbourg or somewhere and finishing up in Bruges an then going to G'ebbes the following day (I think) Mark
  18. 'Play Anywhere' Wherigos: As the name suggests, you play it anywhere and it gives you the final location (or the means to calculate the final location). It would be extremely helpful if these final locations could be plotted on the online map easily.
  19. Any plans to extend this to other cache types?
  20. I used it now and again. The loopholes were good fun Innocent things like posting comments to un-released TBs M
  21. Yes in the filter. Strangely they use Groundspeak's cache icon graphics as well! My Oregon 550 also had the Awesomeness filter but it only showed up once when the gpx file failed to load properly.
  22. Just tried that. It won't go into USB mode. I think it's fubar Thanks
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