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  1. Hmm... the place I have in mind has open days which are free admission, has no commercial or religious interests. I'm pretty sure it meets all other guidelines. This will probably not come to anything anyway , which would be a great shame, as it would be a great location; unique in many ways but familiar in others
  2. I've got yet a great idea for a cache but it will be on land only accessible to people connected with the place (quite a few people are) or on annual open days when it is open to the public Would this sort of restriction allowable? It would be a film canister micro to prevent any jokers leaving trackables there I will of course seek full permission from the land owners before setting a cache, but I just wanted to check that it would get approval from the mods first Thanks Mark
  3. We just got our first log deletion notice for a DNF: I thought we were being quite kind really Name of cache can be supplied on request
  4. Oh yeah, I hadn't noticed that owners of trackables could see the tracking code. We did email the owner but got no reply/repsonse
  5. A couple of weeks ago we were out caching and lost a bumbag (it was accidentally left on the roof of the car ) containing, amongst other more valuable items, a geocoin we had just picked up an hour or so earlier. We had not made a note of the tracking number so cannot move it from the cache inventory to the UK TB Graveyard. Can this be done by anyone else? What does marking an item as 'missing' (by the cache owner) do to it? Thanks Mark
  6. There's also the 'Station to Station' series by Team Balders
  7. Yeah, zap the first one. Sounds a bloomin' cheek to me! Unless your original one was a particularly unusual container and part of the challenge is to identify an object as being the cache in which case delete all subsequent logs and contact them to explain why Mark
  8. We saw the coin at the Shropshire 2007 event but didn't 'Discover it' as I am unsure what is meant by wheelchair accessible. When I set one of our puzzle caches I originally set the terrain as 1 but changed it to 1.5 when Lactodorum asked me if it was wheelchair accessible. To be honest I don't know if it is or not. Does it just mean that the track to it is accessible by a wheelchair user unassisted? Or does the cache have to be within easy reach of someone in a wheelchair unassisted?
  9. Needless to say, we took a shorter route as Beeline said the cache was only about 8 miles away.
  10. We use TomTom (on the Mio P550) to get close to caches. The thing that irritates me is the choice between 'Fastest Route' and 'Shortest Route' The other day we selected fastest route and it was a good ten miles longer than the shortest route which had an estimated journey time of an extra minute! How about a 'Common Sense Route' option?
  11. Team Caracache's DNF logs make a good read Here's a couple we've happened across: Here and here Strange... they always speak very highly of our caches....
  12. If only everyone thought that way... We went to a cache the other day which had had half a dozen DNFs spread over several months and had still not been checked or disabled
  13. So are they physically placed somewhere or do you just shuffle up to someone and say, "Psst! Fancy discovering a geocoin?" I you look at listings for events that have already happened, there are still TBs listed; why's that? I suppose all will become apparent...
  14. We're possibly going to our first Event Cache at the weekend and there's one or two things that puzzle us. How does this dropping off TBs and Geocoins at event caches work? Numerous trackables have been logged as dropped but ....er... howcome? Thanks
  15. Sorry to hear about your recent loss. We lost a camera out caching and we were gutted! Anyway, to answer your question we use a Mio P550 Software: TomTom 6 (whole of europe edition) to get from 'A to B' Memorymap OS edition - whole of uk , for the final leg Beeline to list waypoints etc and to display the gpx details as a web page. This also has an arrow but we don't use it. 'Switch' an essential little app for switching between apps Port Splitter - So I can run beeline,MM and TT all at the same time I have the three external buttons on the P550 assigned to switch,beeline and memorymap oh and GSAK on the home PC Use Lordelphs Lovely Icons for MemoryMap and this: http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=1483 to export GSAK to TomTom points of interest. It all took a while to set up but it's worth it in the end Good Luck!
  16. Take a Labrador: Perfect cover and great company On several occasions we've pretended to be looking for the dogs' ball while grunging around in a hedge Having a dog is a godsend for service station motorway mayhem caches
  17. It's like you're reading my mind!!! We have had this on our own caches. We go to a lot of trouble to specify a parking area which would then offer the most pleasant/safest route to the cache so it's REALLY ANNOYING when people ignore this, take a shorter route and then complain about flytipping, mud, walking along busy roads etc.
  18. That's a good idea! Thanks for the historical info as well
  19. I hadn't noticed that option had gone. I found them virtually unusable anyway and always just use the GPX files with Beeline.
  20. Surely we're not alone in being irritated by 'calling cards' that get left in caches. A couple of older caches we did yesterday in the Buxton area were stuffed full of them and they just get in the way.
  21. A month has passed now since the last lot of flooding so why there still so many caches set next to rivers/streams that have not been disabled or even checked on? We had yet another fruitless trip yesterday and it's getting tiresome
  22. Hmm....not V5 then. I just need to have an image really - a bit like the OS Map Legend file that is supplied with the MM Mark
  23. OK, I'm highjacking my own thread here but is there a way to load a partial set of waypoints into MM on the pda and transfer more to be loaded in later? Does this make sense? For example, when planning a day out I'll set a pocket query for the destination and surrounding area but also do one for the route. It would be handy if I could load just the route ones for the journey and then just the destination area when we arrive. Is this possible? (Apart from taking a laptop with us )
  24. Naming the chunks is not a problem. I just overtype the default "from 1:50k GB" or whatever it is, when exporting. I normally just call it by the name of whichever town is in the middle. eg, Telford area, Birmingham area but this way I must be getting lots of overlapping and it's still a pain when trying to decide which map to load when stitting at home trying to plan a raid Mark
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