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  1. Seeing as the google maps utility is very poor (fact - not open for discussion! ), I ran a PQ and tried importing it into Google Earth. For some reason it doesn't show images for all the caches; any ideas why? I just downloaded the latest version but it made no difference Only about three show up.....
  2. This one is particularly good because it's PAF proof! PAFfers are my pet hate
  3. I'm impressed! I also found (and actually paid for) this which grabs large areas of online maps and pastes them all together into a single image file which can then be used in GPS Tuner
  4. Drifting of topic, but in the same vein as a 'Group DNF': Being paperless, we have access to to the pevious six logs when out on the hunt. A few months ago we did a day's caching in an area where there had recently been an event and virtually all the previous logs just said 'found in the hands of a fellow cacher' or words to that effect. In future we'll stay well away from an event-raided area until the dust has settled and a few 'proper' logs have appeared.
  5. Nah! it wasn't that one. I could probably list a dozen or so which really did have a string of DNFs and no owner response...
  6. I didn't say it had to be resolved! Just a note saying "I'll look into it at such-and-such a time" would suffice
  7. The brilliant A Game of two Halves requires two TBs And gosh it was struggle to get the west one!
  8. ...when a cache has a string of DNFs suggesting that the cache is missing and the cache owner makes no comment even though he/she has visited geocaching.com in the meantime. OK, so it might not be convenient to go out and check on a cache but they could at least pretend they have the intention of doing so Just a note would be reassuring that there is actually someone out there.... [rant over - for now ]
  9. Here: http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong-gridref.html Or if you want a pda version you could probably just hack the page down a bit
  10. I signed up for cotm a few months ago but it looked like too much hassle to collate the data so didn't bother submitting anything. I've lost the password now anyway
  11. We currently use MMv5 1:50,000 on the Mio for UK. We're planning a short trip to Europe next year (not France) and would quite like to use mapping on the Mio in the same way as we do here. Is Memory Map Europe any good? How easy is it to scan and calibrate maps? Is it worth it just for a week or so? Thanks
  12. Too right! We retrieved a much sought after TB recently from a tough puzzle cache a few weeks back. The TB was being watched by about 17 people. A couple of days later we bumped into another cacher who (when we introduced ourselves) knew right away that we had the TB! That was pretty cool! We then placed it in one of our own member-only puzzles where it stayed for a few more weeks The TB was needed to find another puzzle cache - hence the interest
  13. Why doesn't that come as a surprise! There's only three types of physical caches after all!!
  14. They are - sometimes! Have a look at GC45CC and the list of previous locations on http://www.yosm.co.uk/
  15. The '?' TB only wants to visit puzzles and we had it for a loong time before we found an puzzle cache large enough to fit! Personally, unless otherwise stated on trackable itself, any cache type is fair game. The TB owner could alway request a rescue from the cache owner...
  16. I contacted Garmin regarding baggy rubber surround on my etrex. I sent it off for them to have a look at and we received a brand new unit about a week later.
  17. Yup! This is exaclty what we do. We have a daily PQ for our 500 closest. This would keep us going for quite a while if need be.
  18. Yeah on their Shoggie. That's what made me think this one might be a cacher as well
  19. Ours arrived today Thanks to the Cryptik Souls Crew
  20. Just wondered. It would make a good talking point in an interview...
  21. A pair Labradors, but the don't 'alf complain when we try and squeeze them in the rucksack Seriously though (just in case anyone didn't realise I was joking ) the dogs are great cover. You'd be amazed how long we have to spend searching in the undergrowth for that lost tennis ball
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