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  1. This is just about doing my head in! The other day the mio was left switched off but with Tomtom running (yes - it still runs when switched off) When I came to switch the Mio on the battery level warning showed and it didn't want to switch on even when I'd recharged it again. This sounded just like the symptoms requiring the Mio P550 Power Patch So I installed it and things have now gone worse! It all seems to run fine on the battery but if I plug in a power lead it switches off after a couple of seconds. If I'm using TomTom , however, it stays on OK but anything else, it switches itself off. I have none of the power-saving settings set and this is really irritating me. Has anyone else had this problem? It does not seem possible to uninstall the patch either...
  2. OldNickCov Here today only! Starts just over two hours in
  3. And the new one is complete rubbish! It is nowhere near as accurate as our original unit. 40ft or so out AT BEST! I complained to Garmin and they basically said "tough" If our first Etrex had been as bad as the replacement, I think we would have given up after the first week. We don't use the Etrex so much now anyway but when we were standing next to a cache site yesterday, the Mio was saying about 5ft away, while the etrex claimed we had another 80ft to go!!! What good is THAT?!! I can't help feeling somewhat bitter about it.
  4. It's nice to meet other cachers at events and have enjoyed the ones we've attended, but I/we find geocaching as a group somewhat lacking - standing in a queue to be handed a logsheet to sign is far removed from the geocaching we love So, events: yes Geocaching as a large group during an event: no thanks!
  5. Will they be under your username... or a different one?
  6. We were too busy caching yesterday to add our congratulations - so we'll do it now... CONGRATULATIONS WRIGHTY an excellent and enjoyable series - here's to the next 100
  7. Thanks for the advice Moote! Being able to put all of memorymap on one card would be handy but 'm not sure I can justify spending that much... Thanks
  8. Was that an SD card or SDHC? You can get non HC 4GB SD cards through ebay
  9. The Mio P550 takes SD cards up to 2GB. I presume that 2GB was just the largest capacity available when the P550 was first designed. My question is: will larger capacity cards work? I suspect that 8 and 16GB SDHC cards might not work but what about 4GB SD cards? Anyone tried using one? Would it just be a matter of a driver upgrade or something for SDHC cards to work? (I contacted Mio and they said, "We only support the use of a standard card up to 2 GB.") Thanks
  10. We use a Mio P500 with Memory Map (and TomTom) The cache details are stored on it using the GSAK html export which will include clue images if they are in the page (as opposed to being hidden in the gallery) I used to use Beeline but now I only use it for the average waypoint utility when setting a cache. We take our Ertex yellow with us as well as it is a lot more robust and rainproof so the Geokids running on ahead with it. Is our setup any good? Well, yes it certainly does the job although the Mio has to be 'reset' more often than I would like probably do to the fact that it's running a Micro$oft operating system.....
  11. Anybody know of any 1:50k online maps for Europe? More precisely, Ordnance Survey style maps for Netherlands and Germany Thanks [edited for clarity]
  12. We've visited at least two caches which have been hidden in 'fly-tipped' tyres. At first thought this would seem precarious locations as they could be cleared away at any time so didn't leave any trackables How naive of us eh? One pile of tyres was covered in moss and had obviously been there for years and I doubt many muggles go rummaging through old tyres...
  13. We set a series of four caches in a circular walk once and the first three were published but then unpublished when there was a problem with the fourth and it was obvious it was a series.
  14. Moderators: please feel free to lock this thread before it turns into another anti-micro battle
  15. Zoomlens did one a bit like that... can't say which one that though as it might spoil it for others
  16. A WANTED just appeared on our local(ish) freecycle group:
  17. Thanks for the reply OpinioNate
  18. I think you mean a defunct night cache in Warwickshire which needs archiving. I emailed the owner a month or so ago asking if it was still possible but got no reply (although he has since logged onto geocaching.com)
  19. Yup! That's the one Or at least get a good reason why it can't be done!
  20. I just noticed this has been asked before and has failed to get a satisfactory response...
  21. Why aren't the search options on the 'advanced search options' page available on the pocket query page? I was trying to set up a pocket query which automatically* lists all caches hidden by a specific cacher but this doesn't appear to be possible *using a bookmark list would not be 'automatic'
  22. Can anyone recommend a wifi hotspot sniffer for Mio p550? Preferably free or donateware etc Thanks
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