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  1. Many cartridges I've played on my Galaxy S4 using WhereYouGo have a feature where the phone vibrates when entering a zone. I'd assumed that it did it automatically but when I tested cartridge I'm working on it did not do this. Is it something which has to be coded manually? Is it unique to a specific builder? (I use the Groundspeak builder) Thanks M
  2. At the moment Lab Caches are only available at Mega Events. Not all Megas have them though but this page http://labs.geocaching.com/ lists the ones which are planning to have some. M
  3. Because it will be somewhere with no/poor Internet access. I believe GPX files for new caches will be hosted on a local server and downloadable via a wifi connection. It makes sense to be able to offer the two Wherigo cartridges for download in a similar manor Mark
  4. In what way is that going against TOU? I can't see anything in the rules which says referring to another cacher is not allowed. This cacher obviously thinks it's fine or else he wouldn't do it in the first place M
  5. With all normal cache types the cache owner has the ability [and responsibility?] to delete bogus logs. Is this possible with Lab Caches? We got an email the other day from xxxx asking for lab cache codes he had missed in Spain. He's logged 1 Giga and 2 Megas one of which didn't have any Lab Caches giving a theoretical maximum of 40 yet he has managed to 'find' 171! If Groundspeak want to maintain credibility of Lab Caches there ought to be a way of preventing cheating. M
  6. XP with Firefox, yeah looks like it's not too keen on greasemonkey M
  7. 'Search' still doesn't actually work though. Yes really! Clicking the magnifying glass just doesn't do ANYTHING!! M
  8. Hmmm... still no text only email option If we are going to be lumbered with these html emails you could at least include something useful like an 'Add to ignore list' link! M
  9. No it doesn't! You logged a find on GC45CC in October 2013 when the cache page co-ordinates were in Northamptonshire. Phill100's finds were while the cache page co-ords were in Northern Ireland My theory still holds
  10. The date a Souvenir is awarded is the date you logged the finds on the website NOT the Found It date so maybe you logged your 16th August finds on the 21st Mark
  11. I suspect it's because GC45CC was at Carnanmore in Ulster in August when you logged several YOSMs This shouldn't happen though because GC45CC is on Moun10bike's 'Caches Excluded from Souvenirs and Statistics' list.... Perhaps it's only excluded from stats and not Souvenirs Mark
  12. After some deliberation, I've settled for a Garmin Nuvi 2598LMT-D One of the reasons I've opted for Garmin is that if the unit dies in the same way as the TomTom did (I'm no expert but I suspect it might have got fried by a voltage surge in the Portuguese hire car), I presume/hope Garmin will exchange it for a £30 fee as they do with handheld GPS units. TomTom want £70 to just look at it Thanks for the suggestions Mark
  13. Yeah I saw on the TomTom forums that the GO series were useless. I had looked into the Via series as they seemed to be the closest match to our existing XL but the Via is also discontinued and I couldn't find anywhere which stocked the model I wanted. In the UK we've been making do the built-in TomTom in my Mazda6 but it really is a pain to use. I can enter co-ords manually but I have to type the whole lot right from 'N' every single time. It's not possible just to tweak the last few digits nor add POIs Mark
  14. Feeling strangely underwhelmed... Hmm... notice how this thread was posted under the anonymous 'Geocaching HQ' M
  15. Our TomTom XL died while in Portugal earlier this year so I am looking to replace it. However, it looks as though none of the current TomTom models will take 3rd party points of interest. (Why are improvements always a step backwards? ) So, what can I use instead? Ideally I want it to have mapping for the whole of Europe - like our old one did and must be able to take POIs generated from the GSAK Macro. Thanks Mark
  16. The answer to this question is NEVER The answer to this question is: because it's a substantial technical issue There you go... I know because I asked someone directly M
  17. This email farce sinks to a totally new level though. I mainly view the website through my PC and I can correct all the stupid website enhancements using GreaseMonkey and AdBlockPlus I just came to do my regular deletion of emails and, where I used to be able to filter on [GEO] Notify to select all published cache notification I now have to search for each cache type - a real pain in the proverbial!! Setting up inbound filters is not appropriate because it just isn't, I don't want to and I shouldn't have to! :mad: :mad: M
  18. Is that it then? Fight over? Groundspeak have won again by standing their ground and ignoring us and we are all powerless to do anything Another storming PR success..... M
  19. Perhaps we ought to start flooding the facebook page because the Groundspeak staff seem to have abandoned this ship. https://www.facebook.com/geocaching?fref=ts M
  20. The first line of THIS THREAD might go some way to explaining it... M
  21. By some spooky coincidence, ebay have just changed the format of their emails. Guess what? They've switched to less wordy, more informative subject lines!!!
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