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  1. Erm... but it's a public list belonging to someone else...
  2. I expect this has been mentioned before. I just created a PQ from a public bookmark list Observation 1: the page still has the 'eBook Format' checkbox Observation 2: Why aren't the standard Filter Options available on this page? eg ignore finds. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply twolpert.
  4. How can I remove trailing spaces from input? Thanks
  5. OK thanks Any experience on playing sounds in Wherigo cartridges on the Colorado?
  6. Actual cache in hand it's happened once but we've met lots of others whilst out caching. It's great fun trying to spot the tell tale signs and introducing yourself D
  7. I am developing/testing on a Mio P550. Can I assume that if it runs on that it will run ok on a Colorado? Does the Colorado have full functionality eg the ability to play sound files? Thanks
  8. Yeah! we have a battery extender as well. I think we've only had to resort to using it once but it's great for peace of mind - and it's easy just to put in fresh AAs if you are unable to recharge for a long period of time!
  9. Have you specifed the Wherigo cache type in the notification configuration pages? Unfortunately there isn't an 'all cache types' option
  10. Delta68

    Animated GIFs?

    Has anyone else tried using an animated gif? I was just having a play and the emulator goes weird: puts un an error message containing a white boxes with red crosses and the main emulator pda screen does the same. Is it supposed to be able to handle animated gifs? Apologies if this has already been mentioned...
  11. We tried logging a FTF on a cache a few weeks ago using a GPRS phone and it didn't work. The log never showed up on the website so we haven't bothered since. Apart from that, I think a 'first or not bother at all' attitude is pretty sad.
  12. To qualify as a geocache it has to have a physical cache with a log book at the end. There are other Wherigo 'cartridges' available which are just tours or puzzles.
  13. Rather than having the instructions on the web page the information is contained in the 'cartridge'. Our Wherigo is more akin to a multi cache with the user being prompted to answer a few questions en route as the gps unit detects where you are. When all questions have been answered the final cache location becomes active. We also highlight a few points of interest as and when they are in sight. If/when we do another I'll try and push the technology further and do things which can't be achieved with a normal multi...
  14. UK's 5th Wherigo cache has just been published!
  15. So gather from that, that if we're using zones this shouldn't be a problem... Handy bit of code to know though! Thanks
  16. Does this have to be displayed to the user somehow or is it built in?
  17. As we all know, the tutorial has a weak signal message displayed when the gps signal is weak. Is this something that ought to be included? Or is it just a 'nice to have' feature that I can live without? How is it detected? Thanks
  18. Sorry to hi-jack the thread, but is the completion code something that the compiler adds to the cartridge or does it have to be added with script?
  19. What is a completion code? Is it displayed once the cartridge has finished?
  20. Is it OK to use 'Signal' images taken from gc.com and the sample in a Wherigo cartridge? Thanks
  21. Limiting the number of caches a team sets would be wrong! One of our local cachers has over 100 to his name and they are extremely well maintained in great locations and he only uses micros as a last resort in a location that is interesting in itself. If anyone posts a comment about the condition of any of them he will be out checking it within days! Another local cacher has fewer than ten and (despite still logging on to GC regularly) never replies to DNFs or maintenance requests. Being honest in logs about a cache being poor would only work if you never set any yourself as it just attracts retaliatory logs... Edit: typo
  22. Yes! This would be a great idea. We umm-ed and ah-ed about making our new series (published yesterday ) PM and decided to in the end because reading the audit logs adds a new dimension to the cache setting process. We like nerdy stuff!
  23. That's great! I spotted this thread yesterday which is another good news tale. I wasn't aware of the GAGB phone line but we have more recently started writing my mobile number on caches/logbooks and an email address just in case... (when setting a cache that is! ) edit: for clarity
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