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  1. We use Vodafone gprs with a laptop in the car (laptop is powered by an inverter) PAYG it costs about £1 for the first 1mb and then no extra for the next 14mb (in that day) The connection speed is not fantastic but if we use the webrowser with no images it's usable. This phone replaced a Tesco one which is phenomenally expensive: - £4 per mb We don't use it much but we have used it in the past for logging FTFs while driving to the next location...
  2. Too right! Perhaps Groundspeak could find a bit of spare server space to host it
  3. and just a found... When we were out setting a recent series of caches, son found a mobile phone. The battery was flat but we managed to charge it up to get a home phone number from the address book. We returned the phone to its ever-so grateful owner and son received a £20 reward!
  4. Since starting caching we've lost a camera and (on a separate occasion) a bumbag containing mobile phone and a couple of geocoins we had picked up A few weeks ago Mrs D left her walking boots on the side of the road after a long walk and we didn't realise until the following day. So, after a not insignificant detour we returned to where we were to find that someone had put the boots on a nearby wall and they were still there! Perhaps the luckiest lost/found tale was when we were trying to do Kelly's Birthday Cache(GCVFNH) on Mr D's birthday. We had stormed through the first nine stages but then couldn't find the tenth micro. We searched everywhere for ages and then gave up. We carried on back to the car to have our packed lunch and then decided to do a few other caches in the area. We parked closer to where the caches were and found them with no difficulty. One of them was only a few hundred yards or so from where the elusive tenth micro should have been so we decided to go and have another look. Still no sign of the micro but Mr D did find his brand new phone which must have fallen out of his pocket first time round and hadn't even noticed it was missing! If hadn't gone back and found it we'd have been totally baffled as to where it had gone
  5. Thanks for the replies and it's reassuring to know that the rules hadn't changed. I must admit that the comments (there were one or two more as well) did put a bit of a dampener on things for us but it's nice the see that on the whole the geocaching community are still a friendly bunch and competitive in a light-hearted way.
  6. Son and daughter are 14 and 12 respectively. Although they are quite grown up, it would have been unfair to expect them to spend three to four hours walking in the company of a group of adults they barely know. Although we feel our reasons for not wanting to do a group ramble are valid, not one person bothered to ask us when we met them later at the event. Needless to say, we were quite surprised at the ferocity of the comments on the cache logs. Even more bizarrely, we also nipped out to do yet another cache which was set two days earlier and we were FTF on that one as well!
  7. Here's the story: An event was organised for 13:00 at a pub. A 'group walk' was organised for the same day at 09:00 taking in several existing caches and five new ones. Having kids means we're not keen on caching in large groups/handing round of the box, as son and daughter enjoy the search themselves. That's part of the fun of geocaching. Adding the fact that we had already done all the existing caches in the area, we decided to do a shorter 3.5 mile walk taking in four of the new ones but still starting at approx 09:00. The log note prior to the event suggested that there was going to be Alternative short walk available for those who do not want to do the full walk. There was no sign of the shorter walk so we just invented own The five new caches were published the evening before so basically anyone could have gone and found them. We happened to be FTF of three and this seems to have totally ruined it for the main group of walkers. These logs were taken from two of the caches. Oh, and we NEVER claimed that "9am was far too early to go walking" We actually said "We're hoping to attend but probably won't be there for the 9am start" This was logged by an FTFer on one of the caches:
  8. Thanks for the replies Now I've just got to figure out how to stop tom-tom trying to re-install itself every time I put the SD card back in the Mio
  9. Phew! I thought I was going to upset someone again then! What about MemoryMap data? Can that be loaded directly to a card? Also, when copying files (using ActiveSync), a message box says that it might have to convert things. Is it just making that bit up? Thanks Edited for clarity
  10. I've used some duff software* in my time but I think ActiveSync is just about the biggest pile junk ever. It just seems so fickle about whether it wants to connect or not; and that's using the USB lead! I gave up trying to use bluetooth loooong ago. It's pretty reliable when connecting on my Win2000 laptop but my with our home PC and my work PC ( both XP Pro) it's just a joke! *Lotus Notes for example
  11. I think I had this happen when I renamed one of the Items after it had already been used somewhere else I've just tried to replicate the error but without success. If you have renamed anything anywhere, open your faulty .lua file in a text editor and check that an old item name isn't being referenced somewhere
  12. It's not their TB Correct! No offence intended or meant Look smiles! -> I don't deny it. It's not my fault we only discovered geocaching a year ago
  13. That's impressive stuff with the google maps! Works a treat!
  14. Even if you could see who was watching your cache it would make little difference as you can add a cache to a private bookmark list and get notified of any activity without the cache owner ever knowing
  15. Yes, just click the 'Annual Premium Membership(Does not renew)' and pay through paypal. You will then get an email with the subject 'Groundspeak Subscription Confirmation Notice' In the email it will say 'Your subscription code is: S-*******************' Paste this number back into the 'renew' text field and a whole year will be added to your existing expiry date
  16. *cough* newbe *cough* He/she will see thee error of his/her ways sooner or later
  17. The Polygon search relies on you having all the caches in gsak already does it not?
  18. Create a series of smaller kml files for the route you actually want. Open them in notepad and copy the contents between the 'coordinates' tags of each file into a single file. Save this file and open it in google earth to see it it looks right. I had to do this for a route to Harwich as GE wanted to send us via the M25 instead of the A14 Edit: minor typos
  19. If it was possible it would be pretty nifty. Afterall, our Etrex knows when sunset is depending on where you are and the time of year....
  20. Mainly because I'd like a virtual in our portfolio Oh well, it was worth a try...
  21. The current owner hasn't logged on since last August...
  22. OK, this sort of question gets asked now and again, but this traditional was hidden September 23 2005 which I understand means it COULD have been a virtual originally. The cache I have in mind is at a small monument of historical interest and a reminder our industrial heritage. Or there would be one if it hadn't been muggled thus making currently unavailable. It's not one of ours but I would be keen to adopt it if it could become a virtual Thanks
  23. The Bus Stop series would be pretty good actually if they are all shelters of architectural interest. A quick Google revealed one in Dunchurch (Warwickshire but nowhere near us ) which is a Grade 2 listed building... any takers?
  24. Being able to pick up the required kit relatively cheaply, we found that equipping the yellow Labrador and letting her run off the lead a short way off, enabled even better triangulation when coupled with our own set-up. Unfortunately the Black lab wandered out of range of the wireless connection too regularly to be of any use...
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