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  1. You can already do this. Don't forget to include require "math" as well though!
  2. I like this idea! It would keep a series of caches grouped together nicely We don't normally have a problem thinking of cache names. All our early caches were always two words to make them more memorable and have only strayed from this rule when a longer name was more logical. On two occasions they are just anagrams of the location Our puzzle cache names are usually either a clue or deliberately vague....
  3. From the cache description: "Viel Spaß" Yet the attributes warn of hunting, ticks and thorns Doesn't sound like 'viel Spaß' to me!
  4. ..and judging by the pile of fakes we found in one cache last weekend, some must have quite a few coins in their collections which aren't rightfully theirs as well
  5. Hmm... conflicting ideals I think. I suppose it depends what GPS you're using....
  6. When setting a series of caches intended to be done in one go is it best to: A) Use a series name followed by a number Pros: It's easier to see the intended route Cons: If one has to be archived it looks strange Can give the impression that the setter couldn't be bothered Makes it difficult to recall each individual cache when logging finds B ) Individual name for each cache Pros: If one has to be archived, it's not so noticeable Cachers won't feel obliged to do find than they are comfortable with... perhaps Cons: Can take lot of effort thinking up individual and relevant names C) Alphabetically ordered unique names Pros: It's fairly easy to see the intended route If one has to be archived, it's not so noticeable Cachers won't feel obliged to do find than they are comfortable with... perhaps Cons: A major challenge for the setter I suspect Any comments?
  7. Yes! I thought that, although it's the book Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption that springs to mind more than the film though. The part where he is instructed to look by a wall in a field for a stone which has no right to be there. I wonder if it had the official Groundspeak logo on it..... Mark
  8. At risk of drifting off topic here... AND if the owner INSISTS that the cacher has to grab the picture as intended: not just allowing a photograph taken at gz
  9. Losing web-cam caches would be no great loss anyway Is there a list of 'Classic Caches'? Are there any recent classics?
  10. Perfect! It was going to be an Unknown requiring 'Special Equipment' anyway. Thanks
  11. 99% of the time, if one team signs the log book on behalf of another team no one cares. However, if the cache is hard to get to and this fact is reflected in the terr-diff rating, would it be acceptable to ask for proof (photograph for example) that at least one member of the team actually reached the cache? Or is there a better way?
  12. How about if you log a find just before it's due to run and delete it again afterwards.
  13. Whispers spread across the back of the hushed room: "He said the 'P' word..." In the Harry Potter books, no-one mentions Lord Voldermort by name... I'll start by saying you don't need permission to place a cache in your own front garden
  14. I've just submitted our second Wherigo and basically I've created the cache page with hidden final co-ordinates (as you would with a multi) and asked our local approver to have a look and see if it's ok without publishing it. He will then (hopefully) say it's fine and remove it from the review queue. I will then set the Wherigo active and ask the reviewer to publish. This seemed to work fine last time as it was then published within a couple of hours anyway. Even if someone did spot it on the Wherigo site I wouldn't be too concerned...
  15. There is no need to include the .gwc file as this gets compiled on demand when a player downloads it
  16. I agree and I wasn't really wingeing or moaning just asking opinions:) I think this thread can be closed now
  17. We saw this geoclutter in Swan Lake and just left it there. I made a note of the tracking code but what's the point in discovering a piece of laminated paper? I've seen this sort of thing dropped into the TB Graveyard before so I know others think it's a bit of a cheek as well...
  18. It's not just FTFs that people throw their dummies out the pram over; we once received backlash over a geocoin we moved on!
  19. I've only just noticed this thread as I normally only read the Building Wherigo cartridges section. I made our first Wherio pretty open so people can see what it's like on the emulator. I used Ranger Fox's hex encryption for the answers to questions which slows people down but it's still easily crackable. To me it's much the same as PAFfing for the answer on a Puzzle cache... what's the point? For our latest Wherigo, it will not be able to run in the emulator and I've done it so the player has to visit four different zones and input a numerical answer at each one. These answers will be substituted directly to create the final co-ordinates and the current (temporary) location of the final zone will move to these newly generated co-ords. That way there will be no answers whatsoever 'hidden' inside the cartridge. That's the plan anyway Mark
  20. Delta68

    Move a zone

    YES!! You can move a zone! Using the code from the Egg Hunt zoneFinal.Points=GetZonePoints(ZonePoint(52,-1,0)) However, the zone doesn't show in the emulator but is detected OK Strangely, if I add the radius parameter to GetZonePoints eg: zoneFinal.Points=GetZonePoints(ZonePoint(52,-1,0),50) it doesn't work! The zone does not get moved or anything
  21. Create your message box and tick the checkboxes for the two buttons Then click the 'script to run when button clicked' enter a group name as usual now click add IF-THEN-ELSE select 'if a button is clicked on a message box' You can now choose which button you want to do what action
  22. Some muppet would probably just log a 'discovered'!
  23. Delta68

    Move a zone

    Hmm... thanks for the reply. Sleeping on a problem really does work! I woke up this morning with a better idea. Rather than direct the players to where they think they ought to go, I've decided to have a 'check sum' of the entered digits. Not a sum as such as there would be too much margin for error; but dividing and subtracting the digits... that sort of thing and only activate the final location if it all tallies This way it should not be possible to look at the source for the answer Thanks
  24. Delta68

    Move a zone

    I'm working in a Geocache Wherigo where the player has to visit four different zones in any order and input a simple on-digit answer at each point. These will then be displayed directly as the co-ordinates for the final location - no 'equals' in the code for me! These may or may not be correct but I want the arrow to point to the co-ordinates they entered. This means I need to move the final zone to where the player thinks it is. So basically, I want to move the final to a set of given co-ordinates and create a small zone around it. Any ideas? Thanks
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