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  1. We tend to choose an area where there is a trial of six or so and then do whatever else is in the area. Caching is our main leisure activity and the car (diesel Mondeo estate) does 45-50 mpg so we're not overly concerned at the moment. Public transport would be out of the question from where we live - the cost for four of us and two dogs just doesn't bear thinking about! It's nice to get a good twenty or so on a day out the area though...
  2. Our son and daughter tag along without complaints. Son (14yo) likes the 'secrecy' of it all and enjoys the final hunt but never asks to go caching nor expresses any real interest in deciding where to go or even having his own user id. Our find count would be a lot lower if he wasn't helping the search and as such probably deserves greater recognition as part of the team. 12yo daughter can't usually be bothered to join in the search but is happy to keep look out though
  3. Thanks! Erm... , which output would I need in order to display a track in Memory Map?
  4. Is it possible to somehow convert a google earth /google maps .kml route file into a track in Memory Map? Thanks
  5. But wait! I assumed that the original was an ammo box. If this is the case, I don't think it should be replaced (unless it's for another ammo box of course )
  6. I'd have thought just a bit of tidying up would suffice. Remove the ruined tat and dry the box. There's no need to restock with goodies etc at your own expense We visited one of our own caches last night and read in the log book that one cacher had tipped out some water and dried the box. It would be a sad state of affairs if you weren't 'legally' allowed to do that!
  7. Now what would be REALLY useful would be the ability to click on MemoryMap and send an instruction to Tomtom to go there! (Yes, yes, I know I can export POIs from gsak but this is of limited use when most parking locations are called 'parking' )
  8. We bumped into Dr Solly on Saturday at M1 J15: Trainspotting He seemed surprised that we knew of him
  9. Erm... you're under no obligation to actually log your finds on the GC website We came across a log by a 'cacher' once who only writes notes: A log by Hose502 No idea why...
  10. Sounds impressive! Any idea if/how this can be done?
  11. Our original Etrex (not a H) was excellent. When the rubber surround went all saggy, Garmin replaced it with a new one which is AN ABSOLUTE PILE OF JUNK! It is always at least 40-80ft out and Garmin just said 'Tough!' Yes I am pretty bitter about it
  12. I thought for a minute it was going to be a tool that converts .GPX to .mmo so they can be loaded directly onto the Mio. (Unless of course it IS possible to load .csv files straight into MM on the Mio )
  13. Just Memory Map (and HTML exports from GSAK) will be fine! TomTom helps as well
  14. Just out of interest, how come you've been a member for nearly five years and haven't found any caches?
  15. Our longest walk for one cache is 10 or 11 stage multi probably 6 to 7 miles in total. OK, so we picked up two more during the walk but we hadn't planned to do them so they don't count. The walk was also longer than it should have been because we couldn't find the final micro, carried on back to the car had lunch, parked a bit closer to the elusive micro and walked back for another look but to no avail. We then returned a few weeks later to do finally find the final yet another ¾ mile or so round trip. Not too keen on long there-and-back walks. A circular walk would be preferable...
  16. Just a thought, but does using such an old code mean that the cache queue-jumped somehow?
  17. I think we can all help by slowing down and maybe telling those that don't frequent the forums the situation. Perhaps I shouldn't make like of it but... That scene from Bruce Almighty springs to mind... the scene where he's trying to answer prayers
  18. This is what we've done up 'til now but it's just sooooo slow to copy the html files to the Mio. More often than not, the Active Sync connection would fail halfway through missing off half the files
  19. Yay! Thanks for the replies. I'd added the \ and it works a treat now! Thanks
  20. I've just bought Cachemate and I am trying to get the link in Memory Map to work When doing a MemoryMap export from GSAK I've specified cmate:%code as the link but when I load the .csv file into MemoryMap this changes to include the path. In this case, when I view the properties of a waypoint it says C:\Geocache stuff\cmate:GCVWD4 for example. C:\Geocache stuff\ is where the .csv file was when I imported it into MM Neeedless to say, this link thne won't work on the Mio. How can I stop it from changing? The .csv file has it correct.
  21. OK, It's not exactly straightforward. Create your variable and assign a value to it where you want it to be a random number. 0 will be fine. Save and close cartridge Open the .lua file in a text editor and put this sort of thing in the Author Function area -- #Author Functions Go Here# -- function throwDie(k) return ( math.random(1,6) ) end -- #End Author Functions# -- find where your variable was being assigned a value and replace the 0 with a call to the function eg: dieValue = throwDie() Save the file and reload into the builder Done! ps. You don't appear to need to include require "math"
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