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  1. We picked up a TB last night with the final co-ords for the as yet unfound puzzle cache: GC13434 Just having the co-ords is not enough though, you need to drop the TB (one of 30) as well... M
  2. Still no UK postcode fix then M
  3. Click the 'My Controls' link at the top of the page and then 'Board Settings' (on left hand side) you can then change your time zone setting to whatever you want M
  4. And confirmed to be a TB still as well! We've come across a stones and things in the past with tracking numbers on them which bore no resemblance whatsoever to the original long lost TB
  5. Here's one bookmark list that I know of: True Cache And Dash Caches (vix92008) M
  6. Hmm.. PM me the final co-ords then! M
  7. Bet you can't crack our Brueton Park one! I've even uploaded the entire source code (see separate thread) M
  8. I've decided to make this available to everyone as someone might find it useful. Feel free to use any of it... What I did for this cache, Brueton Park (GC1B9MZ), was to have four zones and multiple choices at each zone. Each answer assigns a value to a variable and a flag is set to show that that zone has been visited. When all four zones have been visited, the final co-ordinates are constructed from the numbers depending on the answers chosen. Give the wrong answer - get the wrong final co-ordinates There is also a four digit code in the cache log book which has to be entered to mark the cartridge as complete. This has to match the digits derived from the zones. All instructions are given as images so they can't be read in notepad. This is probably excessive. I've removed the hint and spoiler images so the cache cannot found by just knowing the area... To get it to play fully in the emulator, edit the if Wherigo.NoCaseEquals(device,"Desktop") then statements Enjoy! Mark Brueton_Park_Demo.zip
  9. Saving progress during a game usually involves exiting and reloading the Cartridge. I added 'Save Button' to one of our cartridges to make it easier to save progress. The save button is an item and is moved to the player on start up A recent comment on one of the cache logs made me think that others might find this useful to include in their own Wherigos so here is a simple demo of how I did it. Copying the text straight into your lua file would be possible but you'd have to do a bit of re-numbering on the callback functions M Save_Button_Demo.zip
  10. With our Breuton Park cache (GC1B9MZ) I made it so the game is 90% playable in the emulator and is hack proof as there are no 'right or wrong answer' checks in there. I would have made it totally playable but there is a hint and spoiler photo which would make it obvious to anyone who knows the area where the cache is hidden. But is it a quality Wherigo?
  11. Looks like there's only 11 left on eBay now
  12. Jaysus!! £35 is a bit harsh! We noticed that the sign made little or no sense... The free-for-all parking turns into taxis only or something like that
  13. Anything else you'd like to mention Stuey? We walked from the hotel down to Pizza Hut on Sunday evening and passed a couple of traffic wardens showing interest in your car M
  14. If you are lucky you might be able to find someone who registered on the same day as you (or the day of his first find) but never used their account and is willing to let your son have it. (thus having the correct start date) The name can then be changed to something of his choice Over 1000 people signed up the same day as us and most of the accounts have never been used! M
  15. We had a brilliant weekend in Harrogate, the event was just amazing, arrived home today and still buzzing from it all , great to meet so many cachers from further afield that we'd never normally bump into..... there were so many people we didn't get round to seeing - maybe next time !!
  16. We all had a great time, fantastic weather, great caches, good to meet lots of other cachers, thanks to Mark & Liane for all their hard work, can't wait for Piratemania 2009 Arrrrrr!!
  17. Ach! The whole thing is fit for the bin! If I drop the last two digits of the postcode it becomes more accurate although still about a mile out When facebook.com updated their website earlier in the week they offered a link called 'use old version' Perhaps we could just have one of those! M
  18. If I enter my post code on the home page (or the search page which loads when you click on 'Hide & seek a cache' on the left hand side) it comes up with Ireland On the 'advanced search' page it's about two miles out
  19. Just been flicking through the banner archive. Amazing photos! They really make you want to go out there and find something worthwhile. Strangely, there doesn't appear to be any photos of roadside micros... M
  20. We have a list in our profile of cachers we've met while out and about. We decided not to bother adding cachers near to or at events as there would be too many. However, this means that there are quite a few cachers we know well (from events etc) but are not on the list because we have not actually bumped into them while out caching! This post adds nothing to the discussion M
  21. Search by postcode no longer works: putting in my works postcode produces a list of caches in Germany and our home post code produces caches in Ireland. I only work 16 miles from home!!
  22. Has anyone mentioned that the search for by ZIP/Postal Code: produces the wrong results on http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ THIS IS POTENTIALLY VERY EMBARRASSING as it is the first thing a newcomer will search by! Although it seems OK on the advanced search page Advanced search still looses its cache type filter on subsequent pages - I'd have thought that would have been near to the to of the 'to do' list
  23. The 'new' look of the pages looks very old fashioned to me and the profile pages are a mess! But wait! Did anyone notice this: Does this mean that they are no longer adoptable? M
  24. TB19AF5 by any chance? Personally I wouldn't worry about it if I'd placed the TB or if I was the owner TBs can spend ageeeeeeeeees in Multis and Puzzles It's just the luck of the draw If the TB owner is keen to get it moved, they can always ask the cache owner to move it on... M
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