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  1. No! That will add to the cache's gallery You'll need to go to the TB's page and upload an image there
  2. We set an 'unknown size' that was not a micro! Why? Because we wanted to keep the details on the page to an absolute minimum.
  3. The farcical post code search on the HOME PAGE is an embarrassment to the site and Groundspeak ought to be ashamed of it! It's the first thing a newcomer would try and it gives results HUNDREDS OF MILES OUT!!! According to the post code search on the home page, the my nearest cache is: NW 292.3mi from your home coordinates Little wonder that anyone I mention the hobby to hasn't taken it up! M Edited for spelling
  4. At a guess I'd say it means: Don't Let The B*****s Get You Down The 'B' word could be a mild expletive or a slightly stronger (and one letter longer)one
  5. I wonder how many extra hits your holidays website got this afternoon... M
  6. Firstly TBs and Geocoins are NOT swaps. You do not need to leave anything if you take them and you should not take anything when you leave them. I saw a log just today saying: "Left TB, Took Alarm Clock" This is plain wrong! Photos of caches: Unless it says 'No spoliers' etc don't worry about it. Like many cachers, we seldom look at cache pages and photos before hand anyway M
  7. When I told my brother about caching and that the GPS signal gets you to within a few feet of the cache he wasn't overly impressed; he's a surveyor for a company which maintains the railway track and they use GPS for positioning their instruments with mm precision accuracy M
  8. A big 'Well Done John & Isaac' from us too!
  9. And it says "GEOCACHING.COM" across the back Have you looked behind the petrol/derv filler flap?
  10. Well done on finding your first cache!! After months of talking about it we have finally got around to organising an event, why not put it in your diary and come along, here's the link: 'link' It's situated near to the M42 so easy to get to from all areas of the Midlands. M
  11. Yup! Well done from us too! Looks like mongoose's records page needs updating again M [edited for typos ]
  12. I 'won' a 2007 Groundspeak Lackey Geocoin in a raffle at the UK's First Mega Event but soon realised that it was already activated and its page says: All geocoins in this series will remain owned by Signal the Frog. Why's that? I've seen other lackey coins belonging to individual cachers. Why can't the 2007 coins be transfered? Thanks M
  13. We have an unactivated Stonehenge coin that we would like to swap for an unactivated Big Ben or London Eye Thanks M
  14. Being right on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire border, there's no mistaking that our caches are all 'West Midlands' and we have changed them all to reflect this. However, there's a cache 1.7 miles from our home co-ords which is listed as 'East Midlands' M
  15. Personally I wouldn't bother searching by 'state'... I've seen caches listed as totally the wrong area I wouldn't bother searching by postcode either anymore but that's another story. M
  16. *psst!* There's also a new 0-1000 although they probably aren't even aware the records exist: AJIGeo M
  17. We use 1:50k Memory Map on a P550 and it gives a good enough idea of where to go. The tracking is pretty inaccurate actually and frequently shows we are on the other side of a river for example M
  18. I found that people don't realise they have to make a note of the unlock code so I added it to the player's Inventory so it can be viewed again if need be.
  19. The Wherigo description pages use BB tags so you can include a hyperlink by adding: [ url=http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC***** ]Link[/url] (remove spaces though )
  20. Delta68

    Emulator check

    Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but the check for desktop is VERY easy to get around. M
  21. Getting a completion code takes seconds. I do NOT believe that you can get the final co-ordinates. It is simply not possible because they are not there! The best you'd be able to get is 64 possible sets of co-ordinates and then narrow that down by ignoring ones in lakes etc Thanks M
  22. Hmm... perhaps there ought to be a bookmark list of oldest unfound UK caches. PQs only seem to do a 100 mile radius now (I'm sure they used to be capable of more than that before)
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