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  1. ...We would most certainly try to contact the original owner/s if we could no longer care for them and failing that, would offer them to a wider audience.


    Drifting off topic a bit now, but a 2002 cache within 10 miles or so of us was one of the last ones to be allowed to be 'forcefully adopted' in 2007 as the original owners had given up. The cache lasted until 2011 but was eventually archived by the reviewer due to neglect. :(

    A real pity because many cachers would have loved to have adopted it if they had been given the chance.


    Although that's nothing compared to the fallout when Germany's first cache was archived by an adopter... :unsure:



  2. Unless the caches are either historically significant or placed in a location where new replacements would no longer be allowed, I'd suggest archiving instead.

    That way all your hard work setting/owning them stays with your profile and secondly, they will be remembered as you intended.


    On many occasions I have seen caches adopted over to new owners only for them to be changed beyond all recognition (or at least changed in a way the original owner or finders didn't approve of) :)



  3. Although the replies have all answered the original question, I don't feel the original question was the correct question :)


    The main benefits of Premium Membership are notifications and pocket queries


    With over 170,000 active caches in the UK alone, there's plenty to find without premium member only caches but we certainly could manage without PQs! :)



  4. I found this thread while looking for something else :)


    Anyway, I thought of a neat Easter Egg idea but I want to be able to have a zone which is visible but inactive so it shows on the map but not in the zone list.

    This works in the emulator but doesn't work on the Android with WhereYouGo


    There's no hope at all of it working with the Garmins or iPhones ;)

  5. I've been working on a Wherigo which does this:


    After starting up I display a messagebox with two buttons. One says 'Set up zones'. When I click Set up zones it gets the player's current location and plots 11 zones.

    10 zones are immediately hidden and inactive but one zone (starting zone) is set to visible and active

    The player then has to go to the start zone read a few messages and then the 10 other zones all become active and the the game play continues...


    Anyway, this all works perfectly in the emulator and on my Samsung Galaxy S4 using WhereYouGo. It even appears to work on my Oregon 550 - the 10 zones show in locations.

    When I tried it on the iPhone 5s, the cartridge starts up OK but just crashes as soon as I click 'Set up zones'

    No message or anything.

    I thought I'd look for some clues in the log file but the iPhone doesn't seem to create any. (I have got UseLogging=true)





  6. The WhereYouGo player (and the Groundspeak emulator) shows the shape of the zones on the map and this allows for some pretty nifty graphics.


    A cartridge I am currently working on changes the shape of the zone one it's been visited. If it's being played on an iPhone or Garmin it would be better just to hide the zone completely.

    So, is it possible to detect if a cartridge is being played on WhereYouGo?



  7. OK, here's a simple test cartridge. A zone called 'ladder' and an item called 'ladder'.

    The item is inside the zone. I pick up the item and the zone disappears. The ladder is in the inventory.

    I then move slightly and drop the ladder. The zone has moved and is visible but the emulator thinks the zone is still in the original location and there's no sign of the item anywhere!



  8. The player picks up Tool_A at Zone_A but has to drop it later in the game in order to pick up a different tool.

    I want Tool_A to stay where the player leaves it so it is visible in the locations list and it can be picked up again it necessary.


    My first attempt was to move Zone_A to the player's location and place Tool_A back in it but this didn't work. The zone moved OK but Tool_A returned to its original location. Any ideas?


    I'm using the Groundspeak builder





  9. I've got a timer with a 1 second interval. Each time it triggers it increments a variable and compares it to a maximum allowable value. If the variable is greater then or equal to maximum value I do a call to stop the timer, play an audio file and show a messagebox

    However, my call to stop the timer is being completely ignored (when testing the the Groundspeak emulator)

    Is this a known issue?

    Is is simply that I shouldn't try and stop a timer in the trigger event?


    I've done a work-around but it's not very nice.





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