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  1. I was going to say GC120XE Broseley Red Church but I've just noticed it's been archived. Shame really because it was a unique location and VERY creepy..... Mark
  2. Still no uk postcode fix on the home page then! We use three GPSs... only one can go on the profile
  3. Although we have always been fairly active, we do considerably more walking than in pre-caching days. (We do a lot more driving as well though ) Mark
  4. Wow! Some interesting history lessons in those replies Can't help thinking it's a shame as trackables just aren't the same... even with their own icon like the diabetes and Jeep TBs Why travel halfway across the world when if you wait long enough one will probably appear in your neighbourhood... Now if Garmin had some set some special caches rather than the geocoins that would have been er... interesting! Mark
  5. Will there ever be another series like Project A.P.E.? ie. a small series of 'must-do' caches with their own unique icon thanks Mark (I suspect the answer will be: "Yes, if someone is willing to pay buckets of dosh to Groundspeak")
  6. I find that if I re-schedule an existing PQ it takes a lot longer to to arrive than creating a new one from scratch... Mark
  7. OK, here it is: Forgotten Caches Drop us a line if you know of any which can be added to it... (UK only) Mark
  8. Rather than archiving 'forgotten' caches perhaps someone could start a bookmark list of caches which haven't been visited in the last nine months/year or whatever. Similar to the 'I'm a TB get me out of here' list.... Mark
  9. 22 active and 3 archived at last count We've set two and done four. I have a few ideas for more Wherigos but I'm in no rush to develop them because no-one seems bothered once they've got the icon. Ours haven't been visited since last August.... Mark
  10. We didn't actually get the co-ords for it. I presume they were in the another cache we did but we forgot to look Mark
  11. Yay! The orange fire engine! We chatted to you at the 'Mega' Camping Event
  12. Too right! Especially the classic 'splittys' We saw a couple of junk T2s driving along the road a few weeks back one had 'Death-trap Dubs' daubed on it and a massive Maltese cross painted on the side... 100% cool! (This post was Mark's opinion)
  13. This was a hint for a cache hidden in a hedge: "A small brown round container." Mark
  14. I was slightly surprised to see "Garmin Oregon" & "Garmin Nuvi 500" as well. I haven't touched our cartridges or pages for months and only came to try downloading the other day because we had an email from an eager cacher saying he couldn't download it. Maybe the site change to include the two new gps types also included a change which objected to my bb code hyperlinks.... Mark
  15. The Wherigo description pages use BB tags so you can include a hyperlink by adding: [ url=http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC***** ]Link[/url] (remove spaces though ) This no longer works (corrupts the download) but if you just include the link text in the Wherigo description it converts it to a link automatically. eg: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC*****
  16. I would start by eliminating everything in the long description and see if works then. If it does, then sart adding back in the pieces until it breaks again. Yours is not that lengthy so it won't take long to find out. YAY! FIXED! It looks like it's because I had a hyperlink in the Long Description linking back to the actual cache page! This IS possible but I must be doing it wrong somehow. Thanks
  17. Have the server-side compilers changed then? Our two cartridges (GC161DA & GC1B9MZ) used to download fine but now won't I haven't changed or updated anything for months I'll have no choice but disable both until I get a chance to look into this...
  18. I get this error when trying to download our own cartridges from the Wherigo site But I can download others OK Any ideas why this is? Thanks
  19. Congrats etc to Messe on reaching 2000 on Size Mento (GC15YNN) You must have surely run out of mobile phone signal boosters by now
  20. Can't Stand Christmas (GC180VK) has a Christmas theme
  21. Can the mio see the wireless network? no Does it show up on the list of available networks? no Is the wireless networking even turned on? yes is the mio turned on? yes Our 'netbook' connects to the wireless router with no problems whatsoever. So at least I know the router is not blame
  22. Is that with a secure [wireless] network?
  23. RTFM! (past tense) Don't hold your breath Stokesy Maybe a bit - still no joy. Thanks anyway Hmm.... Mark
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