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  1. Has no one got a comment on this? If you have an Oregon give it a go. Go to GC12PXZ and do a Send to GPS Compare the cache web page to what you can see on the Oregon. Mark
  2. In the words of Hagrid ,"I Shouldn't Have Said That" Thanks for bumping the thread anyway
  3. I expect this is a known bug.... One of our caches GC12PXZ had to be changed about a month after being set because a notice which had been in a church for thirty years had suddenly disappeared. I decided to comment out the questions rather than delete them so I could refer to it in future or reinstate it if the missing notice re-appeared. Anyway, this was nearly two years ago and we have never had any problem until today when a cacher said he couldn't find the notice. Sure enough, if you do a 'Send to GPS' to the Oregon 300, the html is being displayed as text; comments and all!! Hiding information in html comments is also quite common for some puzzle caches...
  4. Worked for us! We had planned to spend bank holiday weekend elsewhere but changed our plans when we noticed the comment on LOTC's profile. We did the whole lot (50+ miles of walking) over three days and we all had a great sense of acheiment afterwards Incidentally, SimplyPaul's and drsolly's mention of a possible 'Chiltern 100 Death March' on a log on one of our own caches spurred us into doing the Chiltern 100 series a few weeks earlier...
  5. I realise someone would have to book it, any volunteers? Mark
  6. 3½ hours and counting... I hope they've arrived by the time I wake up again in about seven hours time or that will be the day's expedition scuppered
  7. I created two PQs: a standard one and then a route one a few minutes later The route one shows as being generated (still no email though) the other one showed as 'never' despite being scheduled for today. So I deleted that one and created a new one but still nothing....
  8. We use an extra userid rather than an un-published cache. This saves all the hassle of grabbing them out of the unpublished cache just to drop into events etc...
  9. Here's a page I wrote for use on our Mio: (and sent Mr Dewdrop and Lorri) It just uses javascript in a web page but is sized to fit neatly in a pda webbrowser. Just open the zip file and save the htm file somewhere on your pda.You can then open it in your webbrowser http://www6.brinkster.com/coolsite/rot13.zip Mark
  10. Yup! That's the one! Thank you It's on the watchlist now so we don't lose it again Mark Note: This thread can now be closed. Thanks
  11. Some time ago I happened across the listing for a Puzzle (or might have been listed as a Multi) cache where the starting point was a stone claiming to be the source of The Thames. I can't find the cache page and I have no idea what it was called or what the code was. If I remember rightly it was very rarely done so it might even have been archived by now. Any ideas? Thanks Mark
  12. Any news on when the related events in the area will be published? We're trying to decide how long to spend in the area... Thanks Mark
  13. We've done some near Center Parcs De Huttenheugte (Netherlands) Great fun! Handy location to nip over to Germany as well.... Mark
  14. Oversley Trail full details here: GC1F81Z 16 caches in total 13 + 1 bonus in the series + 1 older cache (GCVT7M) + a puzzle if you can solve it (GC140H5) We can usually respond to any maintenance alerts within 24 hours (or sooner if you PAF us!)
  15. Hmm... Thanks for the reply This thread may now be closed Mark
  16. Noticed an oddity yesterday. A cache we attempted was re-enabled by the owner on February 11th but if you look at their profile it says they last logged on January 17th! How can this be? Is it a sign of something amiss somewhere? Cache: GC19R6A Thanks Mark
  17. It uses bb tags with [ and ] (same as in this forum) rather than html Mark
  18. Anyone else spot this tenuous Geocaching quote on BBC1's Mistresses the other night? Trudi (talking to the shopkeeper): "I always go back for the Tupperware"
  19. OK, so if updating a cache co-ords is a no-no, then there must be a better way of navigating through the menus. Consider this common scenario: Create a new waypoint as a final/stage for a multi and navigate to it When you get to GZ you have a quick look around but decide to read the hint. To do this you have to switch navigation back to the original cache and then view the hint So, with the waypoint currently being displayed on the map you have to: Press X press Where to press find recent press cache name press Go press X press Geocaches press show hint You can now read the hint press X press Where to press find recent press waypoint etc Seems piggin' long winded to me!!! With the Mio I have the hint set in the properties for waypoint on MemoryMap so to read the hint it's just prod cache icon with stylus prod properties Done! The Oregon is not all bad though - it's fine for trads and solve-at-home puzzles It's also rugged and the battery life is excellent compared to the Mio
  20. Erm... Oregon 300 (see first post ) Yes, I can do this on our old Etrex as well. It seems like a major omission to me
  21. Groundspeak are obviously closely involed with Garmin as the Oregon and Colorados support Wherigo and use Groundspeak's logos I suspect that GS's voice would be heard louder and clearer than us mere mortals Correct! You can copy it to a waypoint and change that, but that's your lot I don't ... and it is
  22. For the past 18 months our main GPSr has been a Mio P550... We recently bought an Oregon 300 and have found a couple of very annoying limitations 1) You can't change the co-ords of a geocache (eg, when doing a Multi). Creating or copying cache to a new waypoint means that you can't easily switch back to view cache details etc 2) You can't manually enter a Geocache. Yes, I know you can add a waypoint but you then can't mark it as 'found' so it gets added to the fieldnotes - this would have been very handy at the weekend when a few new caches were released an an event we attended These both seem so trivial I can't see any good reason why they've been omitted So, my question is: Can/will Groundspeak put pressure on Garmin to update their Oregon software? I'm considering setting a few Multis, but using the Oregon (quite a few local cachers have them) is very awkward. I can foresee Multis disappearing over time which would be a great shame as most of our favouite finds have been Multis Mark
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