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  1. I'm not talking backdated 'founds' either We logged the find on this cache a few a hours after it was published... Mark
  2. Looks badly worded to me Perhaps it should say: 'Premium members may request up to 5 Pocket Queries per day!' Mark
  3. The audit log on one of our PMO caches shows that it was viewed by iryshe Mark
  4. On the other hand... would YOU want to give up a great caching name like "Bratwurst"? Even worse that that, giving up the joining date of 15-December 01!! That carries a lot of kudos even with only a few finds Mark
  5. Are there any TRUE 5/5s? The Chiltern Hundred bonus is listed as a 5/5. It might be 5 difficulty as you have to walk about 26 miles but it certainly isn't 5 terrain! Mark
  6. Here's the listed co-ords for the unpublished cache: (decimal degrees) 32.7766, 35.023617 That won't help you at all though as it could be a Puzzle or a Multi and even then there's no way of knowing if the coin is actually in the cache container Mark
  7. Drifting off topic somewhat Hotpod stoves are made from scrap gas cylinders Mark
  8. Not sure about other gas cylinder types but with Camping Gaz you actually own the bottle and they're not cheap either! We're talking £25 for the empty bottle from a pukka supplier...
  9. We saw a couple when doing the uk mega series. I was tempted to CITO them for their re-sale value Mark
  10. This log by thehoomer on one of our own caches Mark
  11. Yes and no... if you're caching away from home then yes, leave it, but if it's on the 'nearest caches from your home coordinates' page then it has to be done no matter how bad it is Mark
  12. Gosh! I never knew that existed That's really neat! I see that only one of ours has been rated and some of the ones we have found have been rated a tad high If it was more widely used it would even out I suppose... Mark
  13. Curiouser and curiouser Perhaps my original diagnosis that problem lies with what Groundspeak is sending to the plugin as it is sending an html webpage containing hidden xml containing the html description - and breathe - was incorrect That's not the point. I personally never use the 'Send to GPS' but I noticed this problem because a cacher was puzzled by some details on one of our caches which should not be visible It simply ought to function correctly or not be offered in the first place
  14. The Oregon handles html ok when it is within a normal PQ .gpx file so I don't believe that is at fault The send to GPS feature converts the html tags into displayable html code eg: <br /> becomes <br /> Whether this is incorrect or whether the Garmin Communicator plugin should convert them back again, I do not know
  15. 'Send to gps' doesn't render html correctly with the Oregon 300 HTML tags are visible and it looks awful I posted on the 'main' forum but no one cares... Thanks for listening Mark
  16. The Moor We Hunt... broke a few UK records during May eg: fastest 1000 (44 days) most in a calender month (792) Probably others as well... Mark
  17. Why do you assume that I am assuming that Groundspeak are at fault? The fault is either a) what Groundspeak send to the Garmin Communicator Plugin or the way the Garmin Communicator Plugin interprets it. I DO know that the Groundspeak developers read this forum and they would be in a better position than me to diagnose where the problem lies.... Mark
  18. How about TPTB saying: "Gosh! You've spotted another bug, we'll have a look at it"
  19. Erm.... I thought live.geocaching.com was only for Germany at the moment which might explain the lack of functionality in the uk I signed up a few weeks ago but was a bit surprised/disappointed that the iPhone 3G isn't supported so didn't progress any further Mark
  20. The second screenshot mentions a notice in the church porch. This is within the html comments (after <!--) so should not be visible at all!
  21. Well that's bizzare! If I do a 'Send to GPS' I get this (as did the previous finder): As you can see, all the html codes are being shown as text
  22. bump How come no one has commented on this??
  23. They are sorted by id Each trackable has four ways of identifying it 1) Its TB code which appears on its web page eg: TB2FCX3 2) Its tracking code which is on the coin/tb eg: WG0DP0 3) Its guid which is the long number which appear in the address box when you log a find etc eg: 2d24f1c1-8a19-4ed2-8f3b-836e89028b59 and last but not least its id number: When you go to log a find on a Geocache the trackables in your inventory are listed in a dropdown box. If you look at the source of the web page you will see another number next to each item. This is appears to be the number by which the items in your inventory are sorted. That answers your first question anyway! Mark
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