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  1. On closer inspection it appears to be just over a mile out, but it's better than it was
  2. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry4042615
  3. Yay! The homepage search works now for me. Using my exhaustive test of two codes:- home and work It used to return German caches for home and Irish caches for work.... quite a commute! Many thanks Mark
  4. This does not explain why the post code search works fine on the 'Advanced Search' page but not on the home page or basic search The UK post codes used to work fine on all search pages until about a year ago
  5. You have searched using a code for an additional waypoint NOT a geocache You stick any letters or numbers you want in to the 'by GC Code:' box and it will say 'Cache is Unpublished' (unless of course you have entered a valid code)
  6. I know nothing about the reviewing side of things but I have noticed that if you create a cache page but leave it inactive for a few weeks or months, by the time you mark it as active it seems to jump the queue and get approved a whole lot quicker than a new one. We've had a couple on caches waiting for approval since Friday evening (UK time)... and still waiting Meanwhile a local cacher 'activated' cache which had been in her profile for about 18 months and it got reviewed within a couple of hours! Discuss Thanks for listening, Mark
  7. We had planned to set a BPJC but ran out of time. However, our latest caches will be using peach jars. Many thanks for introducing this type of container to us. They are great! Mark
  8. Upload your picture to your cache page's via the 'upload images' link Once uploaded click on the image to view it full size Copy and paste the the address somewhere (a text file for example) it will be something like this: h t t p://img.geocaching.com/cache/1b3cf758-d5c8-4797-8a1a-78b1df74cffa.jpg now edit your cache page and put <img src='the-address-you-saved-earlier'> Make sure the 'The descriptions below are in HTML' checkbox is ticked This will probably make your text go funny though as it will remove new lines so you'll need to add <br> each time you want a new line in the descriptions Mark
  9. Thanks for that. Anyone for any more? I'm sure there must be a few Brownsea Island is one I know of... Mark
  10. Register them in your own name but then grab them with a second id rather than an unpublished/archived cache Having them on a second id makes it easy to drop them into events as you don't have to pull them back out a cache first Mark
  11. I know this doesn't help your current watchlist situation, but we use a bookmark list* instead of the watchlist as it allows multiple removals It has the 'advantage' that the cache owner doesn't know that their cache is being watched *It has limitations though as trackables can't be added to a bookmark list... Mark
  12. I thought so too. I think it stopped around August last year (about the same time that UK post code search got messed up- that was never fixed either! ) Mark
  13. Having bought a year's NT membership in order to save a few pounds on car parking during our recent trip to Cornwall, we're keen to make the most of our membership. So, which caches are on 'pay to enter' National Trust properties? Thanks Mark
  14. Rather than using a cache (archived or otherwise) we use an extra user id. This makes it a lot easier for dropping coins into events etc Mark
  15. Personally I think that rather go out and plan a 'Mega' event, everyone should just be able to hold an event in their own name which is so appealing that enough cachers attend to enable it to reach Mega status. Pirate Megamania anyone? Mark
  16. Gps maze APE cache (only 2 caches left in the world) and the now unobtainable Locationless
  17. We've got a magnetic nano on a pair massive of grain silos and everyone seems to like it... Mind you, the hint is VERY precise otherwise it would just be an absolutely pointless irritation Mark
  18. I was going to set a simple Wherigo - everyone hates them so we've have a 'head start' in being least visited Mark
  19. Just noticed that one of our geocoins was picked up on Jan 3rd by a cacher: Member Since: Friday, December 12, 2008 Last Visit: Saturday, May 30, 2009 Bye-bye geocoin! Mark
  20. We stopped for eight days once.... Although we'll only log trigs that are YOSMs, I can see the appeal in going for trigpoints - it's a finite number of locations and they are there for a reason..... Mark
  21. Yeah that's the one! I've got the builder installed on my netbook now so I can compile and test on the GPSr while 'out in the field'
  22. Pretty sure UK's most found (physical) cache is the aptly coded GCGBGB Last Delivery (London) set 25/6/2003
  23. There used to be thread (about a year ago) with links to old versions of the builder. I can't remember who it was posted by etc. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thanks Mark
  24. Also, a Multi cache with several stages can take different formats: For example a: each stage has the co-ord for the next or b: location of all stages are given as waypoints and pieces of information for the final is given at each waypoint Type 'b' is preferable to type 'a' as it's easier to estimate how long the entire trail will take beforehand and missing a stage probably wouldn't scupper the whole thing... Mark
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