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  1. Great script! It's the first time I've seen this script. Pity the thumbnails aren't coded show as standard in the web pages, it might encourage more people to add photos to their logs... Mark
  2. I thought as much! Lend me your user id for a couple of hours and I'll write you a Greasemonkey Script to do it for you
  3. I have found that if you draft a cache page but leave a month or two before setting it as active it gets reviewed much quicker - once you activate it - than one you publish straight away. This might just be co-incidence but I think they must hit the review queue sorted by their GC code (or more likely the ID number) We activated three new caches at once one time, one of which had a six month old code. It had already been found by the time the two with new codes got published Mark
  4. That's not a problem You can change the date afterwards Mark
  5. You can get a lanyard which threads through the two small holes on the bottom. That way the GPSr is the right way up We had one but the plastic clip on it broke after only a couple of months so now I just clip the carabiner to my back-pack strap while walking and unclip it as required Mark
  6. If someone has logged a 'Needs Maintenance' then log it as 'Owner Maintenance' in order to clear the 'Needs Maintenance' attribute otherwise just put a note.... Mark
  7. I'm guessing this was the 900,000 the cache...
  8. I'm guessing the cable required looks like this: USB plug one end, square lump of plastic the other. That's the one we have for our Etrex anyway... Mark
  9. I think the problem only occurs when installing greasemonkey AFTER installing Firefox 3.5.x I had this problem on a new lap top the other day. The way around it is to install an older version of Firefox, then install greasemonkey and then upgrade Firefox to 3.5.x Mark
  10. I've just installed the current set of icons on my new laptop and I don't like it! Why has the Multi cache icon changed to a single 'tub'? It looks too much like the traditional cache icon now. Mark (edited for iffy spelling)
  11. If it's as good as you say just let it be.. We were recently 26th to find (and last as it's soon to be archived) on a Multi which was set January 2005 Mark
  12. Personally, I think the time has come for Groundspeak to start charging for listing caches. A small listing fee would: - reduce the workload of our wonderful reviewers - improve the quality of caches being placed - prevent owners archiving caches on a whim Mark
  13. Additional Logging Requirements I presume you mean Puzzle rather than Virtual. Sounds a bit like this one Mark
  14. That's a bloomin' old code though! GC1C*** codes are from around May 2008. They sometimes get withdrawn if there are serious permission problems (minor problems would just get archived but still remain visible) Mark
  15. Agreed! Except I think you mean the left hand side Mark
  16. Delta68

    What is...

    It's been there for ages I think it was something that was planned but never got implemented
  17. In general, caches are no longer allowed to have Additional Logging Requirements The rules now say that as long as the cache log has been signed, the found log must stay. There are a few exceptions to this: Webcams, Virtuals, Earthcaches, (obviously as there is log to sign) Wherigos and 'Challenge Caches' Spot the odd one out. Yes! They are all specific cache types apart from the last one We recently tried to set a couple of Challenge Caches but there are definite guidelines to adhere the main ones being: the cache must be at the listed co-ordinates and a reasonable number of the community should be able to complete the challenge I reckon this is different enough to a Puzzle/Unknown to warrant its own cache type. Discuss Thanks Mark
  18. GCYK23 Got a Light Boy ? Lizard Lighthouse Park in the NT car park by Lizard Point and follow the coast path round to the cache. It's about a mile each way but it's well worth it. This reminded us of what caching SHOULD be like This is also the most southerly cache on mainland UK Mark ( but Donna agrees )
  19. We use field notes on the Oregon and post them as full logs when we get home. If we leave trackables we'll enter the code(s) in the field notes and I have a greasemonkey script which then automatically selects them from the dropdown list. I wrote a second greasemonkey script which adds the find count to the end of each 'Found' log Works well! Mark
  20. Tunnel of light has 306 watchers...
  21. Ah yes! I'd forgotten about the weather map... Thanks Mark
  22. The neatest way is using http://coord.info followed by the GC code eg http://coord.info/GC1H87Z
  23. Apart from itsnotaboutthenumbers Do any other websites use the My Finds PQ for anything? Thank you Mark
  24. Is it just me or is there something strange about that statement? I've re-read it a few times it concluded that it doesn't actually make any sense I presume 'performance standard' means the standard at which they perform And yet they exceed standard that continuously which can only mean that the standard is getting better all the time... by doing nothing. Wowser! Mark Edited for spelling
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