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  1. On 26/12/2017 at 3:45 PM, Woodbury Walker said:

    Does any Geocacher know of a company who supplies personalized Geocaching decals?

    What sort of size and style do you want?
    We can supply laser-cut ones such as this one on our campervan. There's a slightly smaller one on the rear doors as well.
    (Logo can be vertical with code underneath instead if preferred)




  2. I think that it is safe to assume, that the map (as horrible as it is in my opinion) is here to stay.


    Of course! Why would anyone think any different?


    This is the route they always take. They just stand their ground until everyone gives up complaining. :(


    There is nothing else we can do. Yeah we can threaten not to renew our premium memberships but who will that hurt most?


    Most previous pointless and irritating changes have been fixable with Adblock and GreaseMonkey & Stylish scripts. I don't think this one will be fixable though...


    I hope Project-GC's servers can handle the extra traffic :huh:



  3. Agreed, there is a workaround; However, this appears to be an obvious bug in the code and I expect the fix to be trivial.



    It's not a bug, it was designed that way to prevent something... can't remember what though :)



  4. Settings > System > Interface > Hit: "Garmin Spanner"

    From now on the unit will ask you to go in Mass Storage Mode. Hit No.




    I'm been watching this thread with interest because it's been a real pain not to be able to use the Montana while charging in the car.


    Problem solved!

    Thanks B)



  5. My, aren't we friendly?



    For others who might be reading this thread, and since your early post asked "I wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience.", and since it has happened to me in the past, a positive response with an explanation seemed in order. YOURS is not the only case where this can occur. Those searching for answers that run across this thread in the future might benefit from other possible explanations for such an event.


    EVERYONE knows it's possible to log finds on archived caches which is what your example was.


    Logging finds on LOCKED caches is rarer

    Being notified of finds logged on caches nearly 14 years ago was unheard of until very recently.



  6. I was just notified of a 3 Nov 2002 log on a Locationless.



    Have all the old logs been from 3 Nov 2002? seems like it...


    That's a very interesting observation!


    The notification I got for GC5569 (https://coord.info/GL16ZFF) was dated October 26th 2002 but looks like it was actually logged on November 3rd 2002 as the logs either side are (GL16ZFE and GL16ZFG ) are both dated November 3rd! B)



  7. Yes. Even archived caches can be logged if 'found' if the finder can determine the gc code, and if a newly found archived cache is on one of your lists for which you're being notified, you're going to get a notification.


    Example: I had a DNF that I returned to and found. Turns out the cache had been archived two days earlier. Since it was on my watch list, I got a notification of my own find.

    How about reading the ENTIRE thread BEFORE commenting??!!!! :rolleyes:

  8. Please provide the GC Code, since you are posting in the website bugs forum. It's not possible to do anything with your report without investigating.




    The GL code is GL16YGP

    The preceding GL code: GL16YGN the following one: GL16YGQ are both dated with the same date which suggests that the log has been in the system for a long, long time.



  9. On Saturday 30/07/2016 I received an email notification of a Found It log on an archived and locked cache which I have on a Bookmark List


    The log was dated 03 Nov 2002

    I thought maybe the cacher had found a way to log it and had made a backdated log but this does not appear to be the case because the 'GL' codes immediately before and after it have the same date.


    Probably not worth investigating but I just thought I would mention it...



  10. I don't know why Groundspeak are SO reluctant to add a Challenge Cache attribute! :mad: :mad:


    'Field Puzzle' was added to the system with zero fuss and 'Wireless Beacon' was added virtually overnight when Garmin Chirps came on the market.


    Relying on 'Challenge' in the cache name is just pathetic.



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