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  1. It's not a bug, it was designed that way to prevent something... can't remember what though M
  2. A few years ago, there was uproar when the log icons changed I mentioned how everyone hated the change to a Lackey IN PERSON (at a Mega Event) and the reply was "nobody died" This is their attitude really. Hey, the map has changed and it's unusable but [as far as we know] nobody died! M
  3. Given that it's now three days since the change and no one fron HQ has commented (on issues regarding the map icons), I think we can all assume they are using their usual technique of just holding out until everyone simply gives up complaining. M
  4. True... but most of them are set along tow paths and NOT located so they can be reached from the water.
  5. I'm been watching this thread with interest because it's been a real pain not to be able to use the Montana while charging in the car. Problem solved! Thanks M
  6. Sometimes... EVERYONE knows it's possible to log finds on archived caches which is what your example was. Logging finds on LOCKED caches is rarer Being notified of finds logged on caches nearly 14 years ago was unheard of until very recently. M
  7. That's a very interesting observation! The notification I got for GC5569 (https://coord.info/GL16ZFF) was dated October 26th 2002 but looks like it was actually logged on November 3rd 2002 as the logs either side are (GL16ZFE and GL16ZFG ) are both dated November 3rd! M
  8. I have ALL the old Locationless caches on a bookmark list and set to receive notifications. I received another email yesterday on another cache - GC5569 this time. Once again, it was a log from 2002 logged at that time as well. M
  9. How about reading the ENTIRE thread BEFORE commenting??!!!!
  10. Okey-doke The GL code is GL16YGP The preceding GL code: GL16YGN the following one: GL16YGQ are both dated with the same date which suggests that the log has been in the system for a long, long time. M
  11. If anyone who could check wanted to check they would ask me. I wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience. M
  12. On Saturday 30/07/2016 I received an email notification of a Found It log on an archived and locked cache which I have on a Bookmark List The log was dated 03 Nov 2002 I thought maybe the cacher had found a way to log it and had made a backdated log but this does not appear to be the case because the 'GL' codes immediately before and after it have the same date. Probably not worth investigating but I just thought I would mention it... M
  13. I don't know why Groundspeak are SO reluctant to add a Challenge Cache attribute! :mad: 'Field Puzzle' was added to the system with zero fuss and 'Wireless Beacon' was added virtually overnight when Garmin Chirps came on the market. Relying on 'Challenge' in the cache name is just pathetic. M
  14. What is accesskey used for on the hyperlinks? I use it to identify menu items on my customisable menu greasemonkey script. But I noticed that 'p' is used twice on the home page (but not on others) so I have to do an additional check to identify the correct link. Is this accidental? Thanks M
  15. Everyone's logs for these three Gems were deleted a few months ago http://coord.info/TB2QEKP http://coord.info/TB2QE2F http://coord.info/TB2QENR They were displayed for discovering at an Event in March 2009 but the original owner later sold them by the looks of it and the new owner deleted all the logs
  16. Yeah, I only noticed because I was creating a list of Megas/Gigas we might attend next year and added a couple of normal Events which have the potential to become Mega M
  17. When adding an Event or a CITO to a bookmark list the date gets appended to the Event name but for a Mega Event it doesn't. Not that I care really because the automatically appended date is confusing anyway. I just think it ought to be consistent. M
  18. Drifting off topic a bit now, but a 2002 cache within 10 miles or so of us was one of the last ones to be allowed to be 'forcefully adopted' in 2007 as the original owners had given up. The cache lasted until 2011 but was eventually archived by the reviewer due to neglect. A real pity because many cachers would have loved to have adopted it if they had been given the chance. Although that's nothing compared to the fallout when Germany's first cache was archived by an adopter... M
  19. Unless the caches are either historically significant or placed in a location where new replacements would no longer be allowed, I'd suggest archiving instead. That way all your hard work setting/owning them stays with your profile and secondly, they will be remembered as you intended. On many occasions I have seen caches adopted over to new owners only for them to be changed beyond all recognition (or at least changed in a way the original owner or finders didn't approve of) M
  20. We went to Portugal last year and I never realised just how far West we were! I just had a look, and our most westerly find was only about a 3.5 mile drive from the most westerly point on mainland Europe!
  21. Are the 2015 BlockParty 'Adventures' on http://www.blockparty.guide all logable labcaches like any other labcache? Thanks
  22. https://www.geocaching.com/adopt/
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