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  1. I never use that search page but it seems like it might suffice as a workaround. Thanks
  2. At the moment Event Cache includes: Geocaching Block Party, Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration, Giga-Event Cache, Lost and Found Event Cache, Cache In Trash Out Event, Mega-Event Cache It would be really handy if this could be subdivided into sub types or at least three groups: eg: Events Cache In Trash Out Event All other event types Why? I'd like to run a weekly PQ for Mega and Giga events so I can see when new ones appear. Notifications aren't suitable for this because the search radius is only about 50 miles whereas a single PQ can search the whole world. Relying on the Groundspeak Mega Event bookmark list isn't ideal because not all Mega events get added to it. Thanks
  3. Someone on Facebook found it here. https://www.apkmonk.com/app/menion.android.whereyougo/ It's the same version number that I currently have on my phone
  4. Well, I'd made up my mind to print and laminate a Zapcode and fix it at the starting location.... ...then I remembered that a Zapcode would probably be classed as a physical stage and it would then fall foul of proximity rules. Enthusiasm drifting away.... M
  5. I can't see where it says this limit. If the limit is scans of the Zapcode it might be a problem as I can imagine people just playing with it to see what happens. If it's actual target scans, then the limit won't be a problem because I only anticipate about a dozen finders in total... M
  6. Looks like it has some issues Zappar with a 'deeplink' link in the cache page seems the way forward for now
  7. The app would suggest that that's possible as it has a menu with 'Recents' but when I select one it just starts scanning for a zapcode again Testing on Andoid app on Samsung Galaxy S4 I might have to go with Zappar for now as it seems best of a bad bunch closest to what I want
  8. Partial success with YouAugment just now after creating a new login The page loaded and overlay showed but it was very jumpy whereas when I test ROAR for real, the overly 'locked' in place as intended
  9. My first AR attempt is to just go to a noticeboard, scan it and an overlay of final co-ordinates appear. So far I have not achieved this successfully Metaverse Does not seem possible to do what I want HP Reveal (Aurasma) Worst one so far - phone app won't find anything ROAR This works well but the 200 free scan limit means it's a no-no TaleBlazer Have yet to try this Zappar Works well but use of marker code makes it unsuitable The cacher would have to open app , scan marker code then scan target. It is not even possible to scan marker at home, close app, arrive at gz, open app and scan target object. YouAugment I like this one becasue no app download or scanning of marker code is required However, I did a test just overlaying text on a calling card and it was fine but when I tried the target image and overlay I have used in the other tests, it just wouldn't load Any other suggestions?
  10. Anyone had any luck with HP Reveal? I've created the 'Aura', downloaded app to my phone and tried to test it. The app doesn't recognise the trigger image. I thought that perhaps I had to log in to my account on the phone (I had to do this with ROAR prior to making it public) but the HPReveal app just keeps erroring M
  11. OK, so the ROAR 'free plan' is 200 scans in total just to test the platform. Back to the drawing-board again
  12. My ROAR based cache got thrown back not becasue there is anything wrong with using it but just because the reviewer wanted clarification about the 'Free plan' I was using. It says it allows 200 'recognitions' but it's not clear if it's 200 in total or 200 per month. Out of desperation, I had a quick look at Metaverse again but it just doesn't seem to do what I want. I don't want characters and questions. Is it possible just to do a simple image overlay with Metaverse? M
  13. This one is very much a proof of concept. The next one will be more like this: (possibly)
  14. Thanks for finding that! I've just knocked up a test and it works very well. It's a pity the app doesn't scan automatically but I think I can live with that for now M
  15. The AR_ is just for ease of identifying them So was I for about 24 hours then I realised there aren't actually any tool-sets available yet which do what I want I have a container placed and draft cache page but I suspect I will retrieve the container and archive the cache page before long ... I see absolutely no point in using AR for something which could be done better as a Wherigo. M
  16. I had a quick look at MetaVerse and it doesn't seem to do what I want. I don't want characters or questions! I was trying to do a simple 'extra information appears when phone is pointed at the correct object' style thing. I did a quick test using YouAugment just overlaying text and it worked fine. When I tried to make a second one it won't load on my phone. Are there any other options available available which work the same as YouAugment or the GeoWoodstock Lab caches? For simplicity, I'd rather the end user just have a url rather than having to install an app etc. Thanks M
  17. What sort of size and style do you want? We can supply laser-cut ones such as this one on our campervan. There's a slightly smaller one on the rear doors as well. (Logo can be vertical with code underneath instead if preferred)
  18. If I go to this page: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/50-united-states/ I can click on the Northeast, Midwest etc heading links and it goes through to a sub forum but if I click on the links for individual states it goes through to a geocache search page - not as expected as it says 'Talk Geocaching in ' Thanks
  19. Menu items 'Bulk trackable codes' and 'Gift a Premium membership' are missing accesskey tags Thanks
  20. accesskey tags are missing for 'Bulk trackable codes' and 'Gift a Premium membership' I use a greasemonkey script to customise the menu and it relies on the accesskey tags to work correctly Thanks
  21. Wow! London has lots of great Virtuals and the iconic Abbey Road Webcam!
  22. It is only a matter of time before these icons make their way to geocache find page - why else would they have a 'locationless cache' icon as shown in the original post? They aren't visible on maps. At least Greasemonkey or Stylish should fix that
  23. Of course! Why would anyone think any different? This is the route they always take. They just stand their ground until everyone gives up complaining. There is nothing else we can do. Yeah we can threaten not to renew our premium memberships but who will that hurt most? Most previous pointless and irritating changes have been fixable with Adblock and GreaseMonkey & Stylish scripts. I don't think this one will be fixable though... I hope Project-GC's servers can handle the extra traffic M
  24. It's not a bug, it was designed that way to prevent something... can't remember what though M
  25. A few years ago, there was uproar when the log icons changed I mentioned how everyone hated the change to a Lackey IN PERSON (at a Mega Event) and the reply was "nobody died" This is their attitude really. Hey, the map has changed and it's unusable but [as far as we know] nobody died! M
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