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  1. 'Each month from January through October, at least 2,020 hosts will be randomly selected from those who opt-in'

    Is it random or are those of us who hosted a 10! Event excluded?
    How many cachers actually applied to host a 20 year Event?
    (just wondering if if worth getting my hopes up each month....)


  2. In order to view a cacher's profile, you have to register. However, there are no checks on the intentions of someone who registers.


    In case anyone is wondering, this was prompted by a nasty message sent to us my someone who registered yesterday. I  have no idea who this person is and I am not happy with just everyone being able to view our stuff and we have deleted all information for the time being.


    Perhaps making the gallery premium member only as well would be a good idea.







  3. 13 minutes ago, Isonzo Karst said:

    There are guidelines, and they do have a commercial content element - LINK Adventure Lab Guidelines

    That's quite intersting. The Comercial content guidelines for Adventure Labs seem a lot more vague than for normal caches

    Lab Caches:
    Adventures cannot require or encourage players to pay a fee for a product, service, access, or for charitable purposes. Access to Adventures must be free for participants.

    Normal Caches:

    Cache pages perceived as commercial will not be published. Commercial content includes any of the following characteristics

    • Overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion
    • Suggests or requires the finder do any of the following
      • Go inside a business
      • Interact with employees
      • Purchase a product or service
    • Name, links, or logos of the following
      • Businesses
      • Commercial products
      • Competing games or cache listing services
    • Links or logos of agencies and organizations (including nonprofit organizations), unless needed for permission

    This suggests that Lab Cahces DO allow advertising, marketing, or promotion.


  4. The accesskey is missing on these elements



    and duplicated on these two


    Not sure when this changed but it was only in the last week or two.



  5. Does anyone still write Wherigos using Urwigo?

    I cannot say how disappointed I am with it. I from 2008 to 2015 I used the Groundspeak builder but it no longer works on the new computer I have so I thought I'd try to use Urwigo instead.

    I give up!

    It looks nice but I find it virtually unusable for anything but the most simple of cartridges.



  6. Can someone please explain this for me?

    We found this cache on 5th May 2017 as shown on the cache page but the GPX files (both in the cache-page download and the My Finds file) say 6th of May 2017

    I have no idea if this has occurred with other logs - I'd be surprised if this was the only one - but I noticed this one as it broke a run of consecutive days finds.

    The date in the GPX download certainly used to be correct as we had a 368 day run showing in FindStatGen




  7. Urwigo:

    I can't figure out how to use undocumented properties

    b = zoneFinal.CurrentBearing

    and how do I incorporate my own functions and pass parameters to them?

    var_direction = getDirection(b)

    If I create a function using the gui, the only available method appears to be 'call'. I can't see how to specify parameters
    If I paste in the lua code in a run lua code action nothing seems to happen


  8. I'd be surprised if this hasn't been requested already, but how about preventing Attendeds from being logged before the actual event date?
    Why does it bother me?
    I have a PQ which I preview frequently to see what events there are and in order to exclude old events I select the 'have not been found' option.
    This means that events which have been logged by time travellers get missed off

    and cue the tumbleweed....

    Thank you

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