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  1. We've found done over 700 Labcaches, found over 1500 Wherigos, placed 17 original Wherigos , found over 570 virtuals, had placed caches within the revevent time period etc and still didn't seem to qualify for anything. I think we must be black-listed
  2. Looks like it might be a partnership thing.... https://mancunian1001.wordpress.com/2019/08/05/bored-this-summer-how-about-some-geocaching-fun-by-bus/ https://aboutmanchester.co.uk/stagecoach-manchester-launches-summer-geocaching-app/
  3. That's quite intersting. The Comercial content guidelines for Adventure Labs seem a lot more vague than for normal caches Lab Caches: Adventures cannot require or encourage players to pay a fee for a product, service, access, or for charitable purposes. Access to Adventures must be free for participants. Normal Caches: Cache pages perceived as commercial will not be published. Commercial content includes any of the following characteristics Overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion Suggests or requires the finder do any of the following Go inside a business Interact with employees Purchase a product or service Name, links, or logos of the following Businesses Commercial products Competing games or cache listing services Links or logos of agencies and organizations (including nonprofit organizations), unless needed for permission This suggests that Lab Cahces DO allow advertising, marketing, or promotion.
  4. That's strange. A cacher friend of mine (who was given access to create a set) said that they have to be approved.
  5. Seeing as we have been deemed not worthy of taking part in the last two swathes of lab cache releases (or Virtual Rewards for that matter), I'd be interested to know what future plans are afoot for this type of 'cache' Are there plans to allow everyone create 'adventures' at some point in the future? Mark
  6. I was under the impression that cachers had to be offered the chance to create a set of Adventures Labs and then the caches were reviewed before being published, so I was somewhat surprised to see a set of Lab Caches placed by a bus company and encourages uses to use their own app to plan the trip! Mark
  7. The accesskey is missing on these elements id="ctl00_ctl30_hlSubNavViewBrowseMap id="ctl00_ctl30_hlSubNavGeocaching2Minutes" id="ctl00_ctl30_SubNavBulkCodes" id="ctl00_ctl30_SubNavGiftMembership" and duplicated on these two id="ctl00_ctl30_hlSubNavLists" id="ctl00_ctl30_hlSubNavTrackables" Not sure when this changed but it was only in the last week or two. Thanks
  8. Have all Lab Caches apart from those set for Mega/Giga Events been published now? Are there any plans to have more set by individual cachers? Thanks
  9. Does anyone still write Wherigos using Urwigo? I cannot say how disappointed I am with it. I from 2008 to 2015 I used the Groundspeak builder but it no longer works on the new computer I have so I thought I'd try to use Urwigo instead. I give up! It looks nice but I find it virtually unusable for anything but the most simple of cartridges.
  10. Can SOMEONE please show me how to call a lua function in Urwigo? Screenshots or a link to a youtube tutorial would be great. Thanks Mark
  11. Yes, that would be the normal way to do things but I just can't get it to work in Urwigo It would help it I actually got an error but no, nothing at all!
  12. It's possible to type my own code in Urwigo but I can't see how to pass parameters to the functions. If it relies on using global variables it would force pretty poor code style. Both these issues were REALLY EASY to do in the Groundspeak Builder . Yes, the one which everyone says is useless
  13. Can someone please explain this for me? We found this cache on 5th May 2017 as shown on the cache page but the GPX files (both in the cache-page download and the My Finds file) say 6th of May 2017 I have no idea if this has occurred with other logs - I'd be surprised if this was the only one - but I noticed this one as it broke a run of consecutive days finds. The date in the GPX download certainly used to be correct as we had a 368 day run showing in FindStatGen Thanks
  14. Can anyone answer my question here? https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/352105-urwigo-how-do-i-use-undocumented-properties-and-pass-parameters-to-functions/ Thanks
  15. Urwigo: I can't figure out how to use undocumented properties eg: b = zoneFinal.CurrentBearing and how do I incorporate my own functions and pass parameters to them? eg var_direction = getDirection(b) If I create a function using the gui, the only available method appears to be 'call'. I can't see how to specify parameters If I paste in the lua code in a run lua code action nothing seems to happen Thanks
  16. I didn't realise the app prevented early logging; I never log Events (or caches) by phone. At least it's a step in the right direction.
  17. I'd be surprised if this hasn't been requested already, but how about preventing Attendeds from being logged before the actual event date? Why does it bother me? I have a PQ which I preview frequently to see what events there are and in order to exclude old events I select the 'have not been found' option. This means that events which have been logged by time travellers get missed off and cue the tumbleweed.... Thank you
  18. So, given the lack of response to this, I suspect no one cares. :( Pity really as I find it really useful (when combined with a couple of greasemonkey scripts to make it usable that is)
  19. It's ancient. It used to be linked from HERE but that link has been replaced now with the new search
  20. CITO Calendar doesn't show all CITOs https://www.geocaching.com/cito/calendar.aspx For example, https://coord.info/GC834DT is on the 16th of March, doesn't show on the CITO calendar page but does show on the Event Calendar page
  21. The Event Calender page is virtually unusable anyway as there are far too many events listed. I created this Tamper Monkey script which I have been using for a while which allows me to filter out countries/states I'm not interested in It would be handy if this sort of thing could be added to the website officially. https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/19388-gc-event-calendar-filter
  22. It's not possible to have notifications set up for the whole world, so instead, I have a weekly PQ listing all caches of one particular type published in the previous month I have a PQ to alert me of any GPS Adventures and I was a bit surprised that the Texas one didn't appear in it. Further investigation showed that this was because I had the PQ set up with all the countries selected and United States isn't one of them. If I select States/Provinces instead, countries like Denmark, Slovenia, Israel etc get missed off becasue they are not listed with states/provinces Obviously this is not a major issue for GPS Adventures but I do actually have a PQ for a different specific cache type and it means that I have to have two overlapping PQs instead Thanks
  23. I was trying to do bitwise ORs so the player had to talk to three characters before proceeding. Returning to a character a second time would be ignored So, talking to the charaters would OR 1, 2 , 4 Probably a bit excessive for this project so I've used three flags instead now Thanks
  24. How do I do this Javascript in lua in Urwigo? Obviously var v will be declared as a global variable. I can't see how to write a function and pass it parameter n Thanks var v=0; function checkV(n) { v = v | n; return(v==7); }
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