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  1. 8 finds Would do more but MrsD isn't a big fan of them


    13 hides

    9 of those hides are all one series packaged into one cartridge

    I could easily plug in a new set of waypoints and roll out another multiple-cache series but I like to use new ideas each time really and I've always got plenty of ideas!


    I had to archive our Shakespeare themed Wherefore art thou Wherigo? (set in Stratford upon Avon) because the final cache went missing and so did an ornate lamp post which was key to one of the stages. :(




  2. Interesting use of quasi-binary, by the way.


    Going off topic here but originally I had nine zones which had to be visited to unlock a final tenth zone. The zones could be visited in any order and the player would pick up a piece of a treasure map. In order to display the 'completed map so far' I had to have 512 images - one for each of the possible variations of the map.

    The quasi-binary was in order to select the correct map image.


    It worked fine in the emulator but was virtually unusable in the Oregon so I scrapped the idea. :)



  3. Something else I noticed was this:


    I might be mistaken but the values of variables don't appear to be being restored on a resume.


    Why do I think this?

    The cartridge has eight flag variables which are each set to true when each zone is visited. The the cacher can choose to hide each zone when it is finished with.

    When all eight zones have been visited it un-hides the ninth zone.


    The cartridge automatically saves after each time a zone has been visited so if it crashes the cacher doesn't have to start from the beginning again.


    The test version I was playing with has 'status' comments to help debugging and I accidentally exited after zone two

    When I resumed the game and reached zone three I'm pretty sure the status messages didn't show for the previous two flags states suggesting that they were false however, zones ONE and TWO did remain hidden :blink:


    The function checkZones() is called after each zone is visited.

    'total' is a numeric variable declared as a normal cartridge variable ie: not locally


    function checkZones()


    total = 0


    if(Z1Visited == true) then

    total = 1




    if(Z2Visited == true) then

    total = total + 2




    if(Z3Visited == true) then

    total = total + 4




    if(Z4Visited == true) then

    total = total + 8




    if(Z5Visited == true) then

    total = total + 16




    if(Z6Visited == true) then

    total = total + 32




    if(Z7Visited == true) then

    total = total + 64




    if(Z8Visited == true) then

    total = total + 128





    if total == 255 then

    Wherigo.ShowStatusText("total == 255")






    Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[Well Done! You have caught all the reindeer.

    You must now take them to Santa's Grotto]],}







  4. This is my latest http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=80927e16-2264-4b86-94bd-a8a903e0254e


    This might not be a good example though because it wasn't working 100% even on the previous version of the iPhone player - although the items were working fine in the zones


    It's got a block to prevent it being played the the Groundspeak emulator as well... :)






    Edited for spelling :rolleyes:

  5. I'll try to remember that when I have a meeting with Groundspeak later this week. I don't know if you're just supposed to contact the developer, spstanley, directly or what. (On a side note, it appears he's on a one-a-day streak since May.) I cringe when I think of submitting bugs to Groundspeak because there have been times I've done so and later had to badger them repeatedly before they were addressed.


    Thanks Ranger Fox!

    I knew he was on here somewhere but I couldn't remember his name and the search didn't help much ;)



  6. That's exactly what our latest cartridge does.


    I've had so many problems in the past waiting for zones to trigger that I wrote the whole lot based on On Proximity. This works great on the Oregon.


    The caches themselves are several miles away so I have I have a test version of the cartridge with waypoints closer to home. With the Oregon I can play though the whole thing (nine zones) at walking pace without even have to slow down. If only I can somehow get the iPhone to work this well...




  7. There's really not much point in 'unlocking' a cartridge.


    I didn't event add the code to mark as completed in our last few cartridges - I forgot all about it! :rolleyes:


    Sorry, that doesn't answer your question :)



  8. I had another play this morning and it seems that although I can see the items in a zone when in Proximity range, I have to actually be in the zone for the commands to work.


    This is a major problem and I'm sure that it wasn't that way with the previous version of the player.


    I had to spend a good few minutes at each zone waiting for the commands to work whereas previous tests using an older version of the player have been no trouble at all :(

  9. Thanks for the reply bretina


    It sounds like you might have diagnosed the problem. I've had so much trouble with zones in the past that this current one I've fairly small zones (20 feet square) but has everything happening 'On Proximity' and proximity is set at 50 feet


    I'll try increasing zone size and see if that improves things

  10. My latest creation works fine on the Oregon but has this strange "Nothing available" error on the iPhone (3G)


    It pops up when a command is called.


    I have an item with eight buttons on each with a command and that works fine but I have other items with commands which produce the error. The first item is loaded to the Player on startup but the other items are positioned in zones

    The zones are active from the start. Not sure if that is significant.

    The items in the zones show up in 'you see' on proximity


    I never had this problem with the previous version of the player but I have tweaked the code a bit since installing the latest player


    I found a Czech forum where someone has the same problem but I'm not sure they resolved it here here's the same page translated through Google


    Any ideas?




    Interesting that a newer, high spec Garmin unit does not support Wherigo!

    Dakotas don't either


    I think it's since Garmin had a lover's tiff with Groundspeak


    Or it could be that Garmin would rather try and promote their Chirp stuff instead.


    Talking of which, anything a Chrip can do you can do with a simple Wherigo (as long as you are outdoors)

    Not only that, you get a great looking icon, it will run on more than just Garmins and saved yourself £20 in the process!



  12. ...until the H/W compatibilities are sorted out and it's a more stable/reliable platform I don't think I'll be releasing one myself.


    I'd say bite the bullet and get it published. You might be pleasantly surprised just how many platforms it will run on.


    Make it clear on the cache page that it has only been tested on certain hardware and hopefully other cachers will try it on other systems anyway and confidence will grow as successful reports roll in...




  13. I understand Delta68's comments, I have tended to report issues, in the past. But it felt at one stage a while back I wasreviewing the reviewers due to new caches, most of which were due to issues on the cache page, including things such as: hidden in a black plastic bag, behind the gravestone of xxx, remove the odd stone (in a drystone wall.) A couple of traditionals which were obviously virtuals. Another opposite a school gateway. So I have stepped back and tend to let someone else report them now if they know any better :( as it just seems to much aggro.


    Just seen one go through yesterday which obviously has an error on the coords as the cache mentions a museum and standing in the street to get it, the coordinates put it in the middle of a nowhere without even a footpath.


    To make it clear I have the upmost respect for the reviewers and errors will happen, but I feel its not down to me to review their work?






  14. Perhaps there could be a category for those who have found the ten oldest active uk mainland caches B)


    It would look like this:


    10 caches found:



    9 caches found:


    Mario McTavish


    7 Caches Found:




    6 Caches Found:





    5 Caches Found:

    Grumpy Ant

    Maple Leaf



    Rocky Balboa

    Simply Paul


    Team Hippo

    The Haywood Hornet

    The Moor We Hunt...



    B) B)




    You can put 'question to answer' stages in the woods, but not physical stages, which are anything physically placed there by the owner. This would include tags.


    This is impossible for reviewers to police though.


    I've seen Multis with physical stages listed as QTA stages to avoid proximity problems and it could no doubt be used to place a starting location in an otherwise prohibited area.





    It's a pity you didn't review my cache which I tried to set with exactly the same idea a couple of months back.


    I had it reviewed by Lindinus...


    There is very little consistency amongst the reviewers.


    Our local reviewer is refusing to publish a series which is virtually identical to one which allowed by Lindinus just a few months ago.


    I solved a series of puzzles but didn't make it out to collect the caches for about 18 months. In the meantime a couple of them had changed, complete with a nice new puzzle to show where the new coordinates were.


    Which would explain why I hunted and couldn't find anything even remotely resembling the clue at the coordinates I'd worked out.


    It seems daft that there is no requirement on cache owners to post a note or anything on a Multi or Puzzle if they move the final location


    There ought to at least be an Updated Co-Ordinates marker if the final location gets moved



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