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  1. If I misjudged the context of the post I edited, then I do indeed apologise.


    Maybe we should get back on topic, and see if we can figure out who the new victim reviewer is


    I'm getting the feeling that no one really cares...


    Reviewers used to have celebrity status, now they are just people doing a job that no one else wants to do....




  2. ..recording a smiley as a day visitor seems such an insignificant "crime" compared to claiming a 5/5 cache for just watching someone else do the hard mental and physical work.


    I think there is a parallel actually

    Whether you set Multi, a Puzzle or an Event surely it's not too much to ask others to participate as CO intended?





  3. how about someone who turns up after most people have left and theres only 2 tents from the event left and claims a attend, thts about the equivilent of turning up to a flash event 3 hours late


    This is a gripe of mine as well!

    There were cachers who 'attended' Piratemania last year by just turning up on the Sunday


    Their numbers didn't count towards Mega Status because that was strictly 'Saturday only' but they did still get the relatively rare Mega Icon to which they contributed nothing!




  4. Moving from "UK & Ireland" forum to "Travel bug" forum




    A UK cacher asking a question to the UK caching community about a TB picked up in the UK


    Protocol might be different in different parts of the world...

  5. Hi All,


    What are the best walking boots you have had and were they really waterproof ?

    I have had several pairs of Karrimor KSB boots that seem to keep leaking and have had to return them on several occasions to Sports direct.

    Please List the boots you have and the price you paid.


    Thanks in Advance




    I had Meindl boots a few years ago, seem to remember they were over £100 and I couldn't get on with them, they weren't right for my feet but were waterproof. Next pair were Merrell and they were so comfortable and ideal for my over-pronation problem. The only problem with them is that they never seem to be 100% waterproof as they claim to be. I took the first pair back and they were happy to exhange them, then the next pair did the same, exchanged them again and they were ok for a while but then started letting in water again. I've just had another pair and managed to get some online for £60 (Black price £120) as my old ones wore out. My daughter is on her second pair of Berghaus boots and has never had a problem with the leaking and the cost was around £80 I think. I was tempted to go for some Berghaus but as I find Merrell so comfortable I'm reluctant to change. The way I get round the problem is to make sure I keep them very clean and use conditioning cleaner and proofing spray regularly. Mark has had Karrimor boots from Blacks for the last couple of pairs and as far as I know hasn't had a problem with them leaking.


  6. My guess is that it won't ever happen


    If it was removed there would be no end of complaints and threats to cancel Premium Membership and/or perform Flaming Geocide etc :)


    In the meantime, you might as well just add yet another ABP filter





  7. I just tried mine. It's better but "Nothing available" is still happening


    I've got two items which become visible OnProximity to the zone

    Proximity is set at 50 feet

    Zone is 50 feet square (ish)


    With the Oregon and the Pocket PC players, the commands on the items work as soon as the items become visible.

    On the iPhone (3G) the commands only work once I'm inside the zone


    It seems to detect the zones better with version 316 but it still doesn't work as well as the Oregon or the Pocket PC :(


    Why don't I have bigger zones? I hear you ask. Well, each of the zones contains a physical cache as well so I want to keep the zones small in order to maintain accuracy for finding the actual cache.

    The OnProximty commands are to show a hint etc on approach to each cache





  8. (I don't subscribe to any of the ad filters. I use Adblock Plus just for hiding annoying site features like this.)


    Same here!

    There must be something seriously wrong with a website where the adverts are less annoying than the site's own features!


    :blink: :blink:

  9. Update: Recently Viewed Caches list (Bye bye confidentiality)


    My girlfriend and I, we both use our GC team account. As a present for her birthday next week, I had prepared a one day surprise trip to our favourite vacation resort in the highlands. In preparation, I have also been looking for cool and promising cache listings at the planned destination. Now, after the recent site update, this morning she was able to foresee the whole thing, thanks to the new Recently Viewed Caches list. In almost six years of Geocaching, we have not been affronted with such an insensitive and indiscretionary functional extension. This situation is unbearable for both of us. So our request is to


    • retract that shady memory feature or at least
    • make it optional within the users' account preferences

    Kind regards from Germany,


    Gero & Jutta (Team drkurt)


    This certainly wasn't one of our use case scenarios. :sad:


    I had very similar thoughts myself - my wife can see that I haven't been working as hard as I claim to have been! :unsure:


    I don't like the feature one bit (and have ABPed it) but I'd have thought it would have made more sense to use cookies or something to maintain a list



  10. I suggested an improvement to the Events page back in November and is sank like a lead balloon




    I don't care anymore

    I use my GreaseMoneky Script and it does what I want (usually)


    Very few suggestions get implemented or 'enhancements' reversed so I have have given up suggesting any and I use a load GM Script, Adblock filters and Stylish thingys to make the site usable :huh:



  11. Why do mystery caches have to involve puzzle solving? Why can't mystery caches be at the posted coordinates?


    They can be at the posted co-ordinates!

    The Unknown/Mystery aspect could be because something else required to access the cache eg find a key which is on a travel bug in order to unlock the cache


    Requiring special equipment to reach an other wise traditional cache wouldn't make it an Unknown/Mystery though...




  12. The two best Multis of this type we have ever done have been adopted over to other cachers who have totally ruined them by adding power trails round them 'to encourage more cachers to do the Multi'


    I'd rather see a cache archived - no matter how good it was - than receive that sort of treatment!



  13. I think it would be a good idea if the challenge caches had their own icons. They aren't puzzles, and they ARE at the posted coords.


    Are they?


    According to the guidelines they don't have to be at the posted co-ordinates:

    The challenge cache must be findable without needing to email the owner, either by posting the true coordinates or by posting instructions for a puzzle or multi-cache.


    Paragraph 10:



    So you could have a nasty puzzle with a tough qualifying criteria. :unsure:




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