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  1. There was not really any need to start a 'quality of logs debate' was there? The OP was just saying that they've had 10,000 finds on their caches! Mark
  2. Thus was actually implemented in the 17th January update Release notes Mark
  3. Not really a bug or a suggestion. Just wondered why notification emails sometimes come from: "Groundspeak" <noreply@geocaching.com> and sometimes "Geocaching" <noreply@geocaching.com> I'm presuming that there is more than one mail server and they are set up differently... Mark
  4. It would look something like this: Which looks like 52 to me! Mark
  5. This cache was apparently placed in 1972 According to the UK reviewers there is nothing they can do about it. So, if someone wanted to set a load of drive-bys dated May 2000,June 2000 etc so their mates can complete the Jasmer challenge with minimal effort, that's fine! Mark
  6. You can still have comments in your html but you can't have html tags inside the comments! Mark
  7. I'm not a fan of setting caches specifically for stats but I'd have thought you'd want a Wherigo to be a pretty simple one to allow plenty of time for the rest of the day's activities Mark
  8. I've just skimmed through this thread and I can't see any mention of this Greasemonkey script which adds Google Maps back in http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/125891 Problem solved! Mark
  9. *Sigh* I might want to find a cache (any cache) with a particular placed date or D/T rating. If I create a PQ to list all caches with 5D/3.5T I can preview the list on the map. UP UNTIL LAST WEEK I would also be able to see AT A GLANCE how many other caches there are near to each of the caches on the list. Forgive me if this is not using a PQ properly but you kinda get used to something working one way and then get miffed when it no longer works that way!! M
  10. I used to be able to show a PQ on the map and see what other caches there are in the surrounding area. This was very handy for planning caching trips I suspect I'm wasting my time even asking this but... Please bring back this facility! Mark
  11. Look OK to me! (Using Firefox 3.6.13) Mark
  12. Just this one: Severn Virtual Reward It will take you all day but you'll have fun doing it! Mark
  13. OK, Lydford Locators have set quite few along those lines including: 100 events attended and 3000 trads found We qualify for most of their challenges apart from the 100 events and the 50 Church Micros one. Church Micros are predominantly in the South so it's somewhat tougher for us in the Midlands to qualify but hey-ho, not a problem Also, some Challenge Caches require potential finders to register an interest first so, for example, find caches to fill the D/T grid AFTER registering an interest. This sort of cache discriminates against cachers who already have a high number of finds eg The Somerset Well Rounded Cacher where previous finds don't qualify Mark
  14. According to the Guidelines for Challenge Caches the very first rule is: However, this is NOT enforced by the reviewers so it makes identifying them somewhat harder when searching. The easiest way of finding other Challenge Caches is to locate a listing eg this one (a random non-pmo cache) and it is more than likely on a bookmark list with numerous others. Mark
  15. In reply to Simply Paul's post on another thread ALRs were NOT Grandfathered in because a lot of them were just silly The only ALRs which ARE are allowed are 'Challenge Caches'* where the finder has to have fulfilled a Geocaching related criteria beforehand Pretty in Pink does not INSIST that finders wear the wig and I'm not aware of any logs being deleted due to non-compliance *not to be confused with kiss-a-frog-challenges
  16. The moral is to always find any Multis or Unknowns in the area before placing a new cache! How close is too close? I wrote a Wherigo which I knew the final was too close to the final of a Multi (it was our Multi as well) It got rejected by the reviewer but I appealed and it got published. Although the finals were just under 0.1m apart, you would have had to clamber through a hawthorn hedge and over a barbed fence to get there Back to the original question; I don't think anyone would be too chuffed if they completed a Wherigo and then had to travel five miles to find the final Mark
  17. Just when logging with the iPhone I think. We don't normally log finds with the iPhone but I remember a few years ago we were FTF at about 07:00 on a cache near Chorley so we logged the find (as it would be a few days later if we waited until getting home) and the log showed up as being the day before the cache was published! I thought that problem has been resolved with later updates though.. Mark
  18. The easiest way to fill that grid is just go and change the date on a few 'Found It' logs. You've already got five events logged as attended on the wrong dates Mark
  19. I suspect that Groundspeak think that 'placed caches' stats would encourage people to place caches and that is frowned upon Much the same as Curse of the FTF caches are not allowed because they encourage people to place caches... and you can't set a Challenge Cache which requires people to place caches... Alternatively, the reason could be because the stats are a direct port from mygeocacherstats (or whatever it was called) and they only used MyFinds PQ Mark
  20. You should be able to set up two identical notifications and have one send email to one email address and the other one send email to a second email address If this is what you have set up and it's not working then it looks like a bug to me. Mark
  21. This makes sense in one respect but not in another. If you are going to visit an area it helps to know where the caches are and you don't want to spend hours solving a puzzle only to find it's 50 miles away A Mutli should already be starting at the listed co-ordinates. The difference in the 'guidelines' doesn't make sense when they say it's to keep mileage accurate on trackables. Can't help thinking that reason was just was tacked on afterwards... Mark
  22. The Guidelines say 'yes' but it's up to the reviewer really. (or Groundspeak if you decide to appeal) There are some older Multis which have stages spanning the world Mark
  23. Back to the OP's original question. Is this the sort of cache that you personally would like to do? I suspect that once it's been found by a few local cachers no one else would bother attempting it Mark [Edited for spelling]
  24. The Guidelines state: However, I know from experience that just because the Guidelines say something it's not necessarily what they mean Mark
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