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    Inventory bug

    Have a look at this: Yes I really CAN move the trackable Euro@Heinz into my collection even though it's not ours! I just did; see for yourself here! Mark
  2. It's fairly unique (if that's not an oxymoron ) The owner of Ye Olde Survey Monuments GC45CC also has Brass Cap Cache which is the Canadian equivalent - although it might only move around Alberta Mark
  3. I think the best idea would be to have a new set of attributes where the cache owner can show what language(s) the cache page is written in. Visitors could then run PQs to select only those caches which have details in their chosen languages Mark
  4. You're wasting your time even suggesting it I'm a fan of Virtuals and some were great but some are rubbish It's their rarity which makes them appealing Challenges are NOT rare which is why they are not very appealing Virtuals have gone and they are not going to come back! We have 419 favourite points on our caches so by your suggestion I would be able to flood the place with 41 Virtuals. Cor! imagine that! No proximity rules either! It would be as stupid as Munzees Mark
  5. I'll ask my question again: How many people actually look at the GAGB Events Calendar? What is the point of it? Thanks Mark
  6. I think I see what you are saying. Someone has your TB and is dipping it in every cache they visit whether they find it or not and you think this should not be possible. It does seem a bit silly doesn't it. Personally, I've dipped a TB (my own) in DNFs a couple of times If I wasn't able to I wouldn't be too upset Thanks Mark Edited to make sense
  7. So it looks like it might simply mean: 'Czech Wood Geocoin' A friend who (who is a new cacher) currently lives in Czech Republic had picked one and wondered what it was. A previous maintenance log on the cache said: Vymenen logbook za nový a pridal jsem 1x CWG. Which Google tells me means: Exchanged for a new logbook and I added 1 CWG Thanks Mark
  8. What are those non-trackable wooden coin signature item things called? In Czech they appear to known by the abbreviation CWG. Any idea what the full name in Czech is? Thanks Mark
  9. Just out of interest, how many people actually look at the GAGB Events Calendar? I see the notes on events saying they've been added but I've never looked at it or even felt the need to... Mark
  10. 200 finds and they are ALL Tradaitionals! No wonder you're getting bored I think you ought to try and find some other cache types Multis can be a bit more interesting as they take more effort to place Puzzles can give a great sense of achievement in solving the puzzle as well as finding the cache Oxford has some great Virtuals Mark
  11. New CSP looks good! Shame there's no built in proximity alert though Mark
  12. ... Assuming that the puzzle cache's final location was correctly input as an "Additional Waypoint." If it was an old puzzle that predated the waypoint feature, or if the owner updated the puzzle location but forgot to edit their waypoint, or if the owner provided incorrect information in the waypoint, then there would be no way of detecting the conflict you describe. It was not an old puzzle. CO says that it has a correct final location waypoint and cache has not moved since being placed It appears to be reviewer error exacerbated by duff co-ords However, this thread isn't about reviewers making mistakes; just saying that a proximity alert would have flagged it as soon as cache the listing was submitted Mark
  13. The GSAK API interface will do this. No need for macros as such Mark
  14. A cache was published over the weekend which was about 200 feet from the final location of a puzzle. It was set by someone with zero finds and the co-ords were later corrected. It is now ONE METRE from the existing puzzle A proximity checker would have blocked this sort of thing before it got published I suspect proximity checker would prevent a lot more problems than it would cause Mark
  15. As soon as you change it to a DNF, your favourite point will be removed from that cache, since you haven't found it. Really? Have you tried it? I have a favourite point on one of our own caches which I put there ages ago. I transferred the cache to my daughter's ID logged a find, gave it a favourite, transferred it back and deleted the find. The favourite point is still there! (I only did this to see if it could be done)
  16. log the cache as a find click add to Favorites Edit log to change it to a DNF or if you are concerned about the cache owner getting a Fount It email Log the cache as a DNF Edit log to change it to a Found It Click add to Favorites Edit log to change it back to DNF
  17. Read? You mean you've never had first hand experience of an LDN? Mark
  18. Seems OK now at the moment
  19. Find your own cache name! Yes, please don't use the same name as an existing iconic cache. Although there is nothing to stop you from doing so it would overshadow it so to speak. If your cache is going to be a unique 'must do' cache it ought to have a unique name. Mark
  20. Would misjudging the tides mean certain DEATH or would it just mean being stranded for a few hours until the sea goes out again? If the latter, then it's not a problem If then former then you would want to make it VERY clear about the risks Mark
  21. The 21st April has a pretty high number of events: 185 These other dates with fairly high numbers are all OK 14th April: 154 28th April: 148 9th June: 147 I wonder if 29th Feb had problems as there must have been hundreds of events that day. Many of them are archived now of course Mark
  22. If I go to http://www.geocaching.com/calendar/default.aspx and click on the 21st April it has a 500 - Server Error All other days seem OK though Thanks Mark
  23. Is it on the 'things to do before you are 11 3/4' list because teenagers think it's naff? Mark
  24. Looks like it was a interesting cache and everyone who found it really seemed to like it! Good stuff! Shame it's gone Mark
  25. It DOES go off with an 'Owner Maintenance' log! I presume you manually cleared the attribute on your cache 'Bridge to Nowhere'. It was there because it has an outstanding Needs Maintenance log on it Mark
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